Friday, June 8, 2018

Baja Fish Tacos

Missy Tippens

We've inherited a grill! My son and his wife are moving soon to an apartment that doesn't allow a grill. So they're giving us their baby for safe keeping...temporarily.

Last week, when my son brought the smoker grill to us, he also brought groceries and a couple of great recipes. I, of course, took photos. :)

The main recipe is found here. It's on the Traeger site and turned out YUMMY. I'll just share a few photos and comments on the recipe.

I marinated the fish (see recipe for ingredients) and then seasoned it well before grilling. Nick had brought the Traeger Cajun Rub. But when I made this again later, I didn't have that. I just used some Penzey's Northwoods seasoning and added some ground ancho pepper seasoning.

Once cooked, I chopped up the fish.

We also grilled some corn. Once done, we buttered it, then sprinkled on the Cajun rub mixed with fresh lime zest, followed by crumbled queso fresco. Oh, and I also sprinkled on a pinch of Maldon sea salt flakes that I recently bought. It added a really nice touch!

Here are the toppings for the tacos... Limes to squeeze, avocado and cilantro. We also had salsa, chopped red onions and more queso fresco. Oh, and we quickly grilled the corn tortillas.

Here is my plate. I had mine in a lower carb version with no taco shell. Just fish with cilantro and some avocado on the side.

Here are other plates. Theirs look better!

If you give this a try, I hope you enjoy it! Obviously, we loved it. We made it again the next week. :)


  1. I've been enjoying all the barbecue smells on my evening walks around the neighbourhood. Isn't that an awful confession for a vegetarian?! But there's something about the smell of sizzling flesh....bwahahaha! Tofu burgers just don't smell the same. But they taste mighty fine! Glad you get to babysit the grill for a while. Great way to keep the kitchen cool in the summertime.

    1. LOL, Kav! You can come stand near my grill and enjoy any time. :)

  2. Missy, I love fish tacos. This looks great and is so perfect for summer.

  3. Oh now I want fish tacos with a lime cucumber sour cream! We got an electric smoker we can have at our apt and I bet we could smoke some kind of taco style fish.

    1. You should try it, Katie! They're quick and easy.