Thursday, May 31, 2018

Farm Crazy... and slightly forgetful!

Monday holidays should be outlawed.

Am I the only one who can almost guarantee I'll mess up something on a week following a Monday holiday...

And for a week following a time change in spring or fall.

And I even wrote myself a note on Facebook on Tuesday, reminding myself that it was Tuesday... and that Wednesday was sure to follow!

While that's no excuse, I'm running with it because youse are all kindly folks and understand.

Planting time is clutch time here. To take advantage of every good moment to plant the pumpkins and seeds and plants that Seth has nurtured from seeds or tiny plants and will become the fall extravaganza come Labor Day....

So cooking is minimized. But we're doing homemade PIZZA (RECIPE HERE!) this afternoon (with bottled sauce, of course!) and I'm going to try broccoli salad this weekend because I love it... and our grandkids are coming up from North Carolina for a four or five day holiday to see planting on the farm!

There will be crepes tomorrow for Nathan (RECIPE HERE!!!)

And we'll be watching Dave and Eli play baseball on opposite sides of the city.... and Emma and Anna play soccer....

And planting in between!

Plus a trip to Abbott's Frozen Custard of Hilton (my favorite ice cream/custard place!)

And Sullivan's Char Broil on Ridge Road.


We will have a wonderful time and a lot of work and that might be part of my absent-mindedness.

So forgive me!

I'm just a scatterbrained author who really needs to pay attention to the calendar better!

But I love youse! 


  1. Ruthy, I've always said that the only thing worse than Monday is Monday on Tuesday. It really does mess with us.

    Oh, and I am so going to check out this crepe recipe. Mmm...

    1. Nathan's first request last week when I was in NC was "Will you make crepes when we come to your house?" :)

      And he's cute so I said yes!!!

  2. What day is it??? It's Monday at our house!

    It sounds like you have an action packed week going on. I'm definitely going to check out those recipes!

    1. Well, it's always magnified during planting time and that's mostly the men and Lacey... I'm on kid/food duty. But how fun to have the NC grandkids see how old-fashioned it all is, and what their mother used to have to do! They'll be like "WHAT????" :)

  3. Ruthy, I've been thrown off as well.

    I'm glad Abbott's is open again!

    1. Abbott's opening is like my Spring Hoorah!!!! It's like THE BEST and every now and again it will be on a Lenten fast day and that's sad... but Jesus and the cross is more sad, so I wait!

      So yes, I can't wait to take the kids down there and see what they think. The ordinary becomes extraordinary when the Grammy is involved!

  4. A Mondy holiday always messes up my work week, too. But then other weeks even without a holiday we jump a day because of the business.

    Love all the exciting times coming your way with NC grandkids. What fun. Talk about planting on your farm brings back the memories of setting plants out in our childhood garden which had almost every vegetable to can or freeze.

    Blessings and enjoy every adventure to the fullest, Ruthy!

    1. Marilyn! My newly retired friend! I love that you're stopping in here. You and your sister are totally adorable and thank you for being such a wonderful supporter of Christian fiction. You rock!

  5. Monday holidays throw me off every single time! This week my husband and I ended up in a debate about whether it was Wednesday or Thursday. I was right. (This time!) Loved your photos--green growing things and good food AND a cutie pie. Perfect combo!