Friday, April 20, 2018

High Tea with the Ladies

Missy Tippens

I had the most wonderful day this past Saturday. Our United Methodist Women sponsored high tea at the church for the ladies. And several men along with a teen daughter came to serve us. Such a nice treat! I thought I'd share the photos that I took (lots!). We used china that several of the women brought. So fun to hear stories of the dishes and teapots!

First, our table. Below is a photo of me (on the right) with two of the ladies.

These (below) are the dishes at our table. They belonged to the mother of one of the women I sat with.

The teapots full of hot water. They must've refilled them dozens of times!

Our first course, cucumber sandwiches and raisin bread with cream cheese sandwiches.

The gorgeous centerpieces were made by two of the women, mostly from flowers out of their yards. 

Many wore hats!

Each table had honey, lemon, varieties of teabags, cream, sugar, clotted cream and homemade jam.

Our wonderful servers at work.

One of my favorite teapots.

Some amazing pastries made by volunteers. Not pictured were scones and biscuits as well as egg salad and ham salad sandwiches.

 I just loved this cute teapot that was on display!

We recognized the servers at the end of the afternoon to thank them. They were wonderful (and probably worn out!).

I took this last shot right before I left. I wish I had used my flash to show the detail. It was made of gorgeous plum colored feathers that had been swirled into this stunning hat. The young woman wearing it said it had belonged to her great-great-aunt, who had made the hat herself. And the young woman's grandmother told her that the great-great-aunt had been a model for Coco Chanel in France! An amazing piece of history.

We had a lovely day. I'm so glad I went. I have a feeling it'll become an annual event, because everyone raved about how much they enjoyed the day.

I left absolutely stuffed, yet full also on fellowship and friendship.


  1. Oh my stars, I need to be reborn Southern! This is so charming and sweet and I love it! And Missy, that feathered hat??? OH MYLANTA!!!! It's like a royal fascinator! Be still my Yankee heart!

    What a wonderful and fun event... and I love that the men waited tables.

    I'm just absolutely smiling, thinking of it!

    1. Ruthy, we'd love to have you come as an honorary southerner! Maybe next year. :)

      I really wish my photo had showed all the detail of that wonderful hat. And she made it herself! Amazing.

  2. Missy, honey, you are speaking my language. I love tea time and everything about it. The opportunity to take time out and chat with others. The varieties of tea. The food.

    Oh, I think I to check my calendar see when the next tea is at the little tea room in town, because now I have got to go.

    1. Mindy, I hope you'll go drink a cup for me! Sounds fun. :)

  3. What a great fellowship idea for the ladies of your church! And from the pictures, it was a lovely time.

    I started collecting tea cups/saucers when I first started writing - a new cup for each book. A good idea? It was until I got to book #4, and realized that my collection might take over the space I had for it!

    But one of the cups I collected is the same as in one of your pictures - the one with lilies of the valley on it. I love that beautiful tea cup.

    Maybe I should start collecting again...

    1. Jan, that's a wonderful idea! I wanted to collect charms for a charm bracelet...until I priced one charm with my first book! LOL Unfortunately, I prefer yellow gold over silver, which put it out of reach. :)

  4. What a fantastic idea for a ladies event! Love all those gorgeous tea cups! And the hats -- especially that last one!

    When I worked for the school board each school always did a volunteer appreciation party at the end of the school year. One of the schools I worked in -- my favourite, in fact -- held a volunteer tea and everyone brought in their own china and table linens. It was such a to-do -- a lot of work but so appreciated by the volunteers. Now I want to attend a tea social.

    1. That sounds like a wonderful way to honor volunteers, Kav!