Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bathroom Reveal and No Food in Sight

It has been a crazy week here, not much cooking going on, although I have to take pics of Seth's signature dish "Orange Pasta".

It's not orange, it's paprika red, and so delicious and an old family favorite, but Seth (father of Logan, MacKenzie and Morgan) has polished his "Chicken Paprika" skills to perfection. So of course we let him make it...

Which means I got to help unload big bags of chicken feed, but that's another story.

Back to food. Or lack thereof.

We've had the downstairs all awry with the bathroom. And the snow:

Do you love my tulips? :)

And the short spikes are my big irises.....

When the weather warms this big pig pot is filled with bright, friendly begonias....

Or snow. Either way!

My goal is that by next week I can move the last of the firewood off the porch, bring the rockers out of storage, hang the swing and THINK SPRING!!! :)

This is always a changeable month here... March and April can run the gamut, so we're used to it. It's just that by now, hope springs eternal!!! HOPE RISES.... a little faster than the temperatures!

This was a setting full moon on Holy Saturday.... It was so pretty! Peeking through the trees as the sun was rising on the other side of the house. 

I had three 8 oz. bags of my favorite milk chocolate foil-wrapped eggs from a local candy shop... 



While I was cleaning the attic and Grandpa was watching kids, he fed them my chocolate eggs to make them happy.

They were very happy.

I am less so.

But I did hide my box of chocolates far, far away so that I get my one piece per day... my reward for not doing bodily harm to any creature, great or small.

And having said that, if you've never read James Herriot/s books, you should. If you love animals, you should read those books. If you love sweet romance, you should read those books... Absolutely delightful, and you know I'll never steer you wrong.

I'm using that screen shot instead of nipping a cover off of Amazon... I have all the books in my office, but it's a little askew right now, possibly making a picture of my own copy of Jim's books IMPOSSIBLE to take. 

I've spent the first part of the week in New York City, seeing my sons there, so Starbucks has become my home away from home... and quiet writing in the hotel room.... and visits to Ground Zero/Freedom Tower.

You know the former mayor of NYC urged people to stop using the term "Ground Zero" for the site of the 2001 terror attacks, but I'm going to bet that those of us who live in New York and New Jersey and Connecticut... the people who go in and out of that city... the people who lost family members, who watched those towers fall...

That moniker sticks.

Not because we can't move on but because we don't want to forget... because when you put history into convenient little compartments, you endanger yourself to becoming jaded to it.

That meant no cooking for Ruthy this week... but bathroom painting, yes! And the pics!!!


  1. Ruthy, you are such a tease! Where are the bathroom reveal photos? Instead, you give me snow. Give me snow is July and August when I'm melting here in Texas. I want bathroom pix.

    I remember those long, lingering winters we'd sometimes get in Michigan. Like you said, March and April can run the gamut. And by April, everyone is so over the snow thing and ready for spring.

    Hang in there. Spring is on its way. It's just got hung up here in Texas. ;)

  2. I ended up in NYC so the upper walls aren't painted, Mindy! Surprise trip and a teasing non-reveal... what a dork I am! :)

    It's going into the 70's here in Manhattan... they say... so that will be a nice change for the city folk!

    Up by me I think 50's if we're lucky and right now, we'll take 50's and like it!

    I saw tulips in planters here yesterday, but I'm pretty sure they were "forced" because they were in a sheltered shaded entry way, so limited light in a maze of skyscrapers so limited sun even in the sun, and it's been storm after storm here... so I'm not buyin' what that entrance was sellin', LOL!

    The good news is the tub is in... Walls are in... Floor is in. And the electricians should be able to do their last bit of connecting this weekend (both are full-time workers) so then we can take pics with lights and fixtures in place!

    Strong coffee here....

    No diet Mt. Dew....

    But I'm adjusting temporarily. :) Taking it black to avoid the extra calories.

    Short women + carb-loving are a lethal mix!

  3. Ruthy said: Short women + carb-loving are a lethal mix!

    Mindy says: Don't I know it!

    1. I know... you get it. Says Ruthy who cringed at someone's facebook post this morning about a total fast from almost anything good to eat, which means they would not approve of my Diet Dew and Veggie Straw breakfasts! I must hide my head in shame!!!

    2. And then to make matters worse, we both love to bake. I don't now about you, but I also like to eat what I've baked.

      SIGH. How unfair is that?

    3. I am soooo missing cookies right now! There are no cookies in this apartment.

      It's positively un-American.

      Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

  4. Ruthy, I love veggie straws! (If they're the same thing you're talking about) :)

    I'm so sorry you're still buried under snow. It's been mostly beautiful here when it wasn't raining. It's gorgeous and sunny right now. About 70 degrees. You'll get there soon!

    1. I wrote a fun thing about tulips...


      Where did it go???

      No clue.

      The crux of it was that something is nibbling the tulip leaves in downtown Manhattan.... I wonder what it is???? A chupacabra, perhaps????

    2. And yes, veggie straws, those fun veggie flavored salty sticks... I am possibly addicted.

      I will never be a skinny person.

      But I do love crunchy things!

    3. Squirrels eat tulip leaves. And rabbits do, too.

      So the squirrels eat the tulips... and maybe rats? Because you don't see a lot of squirrels in this part of Manhattan, no trees. (I love my trees)...


      Poor tulips!

  5. Ruthy we had almost 70 yesterday and today isn't so bad, but tomorrow they just upped our blizzard WARNING to 10 to 15 inches! Even this pure bread South Dakotan doesn't like the sound of that. When it comes to our jobs they just assume everyone has 4wd. However we only have one so I would not complain about a snow day for both of us! Enjoy your nice weather!

    1. Katie, that's the blizzard my Beth is driving into for a wedding.... she's heading to the Upper Peninsula...

      Welcome to April in the north!!!! I saw the snow warnings had increased, and it's heavy, wet, spring snow... Be safe, pretty Drexler wife and daughter!!!

  6. I can't believe you had that much greenery out before the snow fell. We're not anything like that here. Though the snow is pretty much melted in most time for the big storm this weekend. Though that's just supposed to be days of freezing rain! This is getting old fast.

    Pilfered chocolate eggs??? That's just wrong! I think I need to swipe a few chocolate chips in sympathy. :-)