Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Buttercup Squash and Advent Calendars

And more squash~

The past two days, Mindy and Jan have fed you chocolate.

Here I am to be the spoilsport.  *grin*

I'm feeding you squash.

I can't quite promise it's as good as chocolate, but actually, these days I am craving it more.

Today's gem is a Buttercup Squash.  Isn't it adorable? I almost didn't want to cut it.

But I did.

And I tried 3 different ways of cooking it to see which I preferred.

The photo really doesn't show my versions too clearly. :(

Version 1 - just steamed - I sealed it in a foil packet with some water.
Result: delicious and rich tasting

Version 2 - cubed and steamed as in version 1.
Result: This was nice too. Version 1 was more of a mashed consistency, but this made nice chewy chunks.

Version 3 - Same as Version 1 but with a little pool of maple syrup instead of water.
Result: I can't lie. This was the hands down favorite. The syrup played really well with the rich squash flavor.

And now, because the shops are showcasing Christmas - I saw this exquisite Advent calendar wood carving in a store window tonight. I cropped it to try to show the detail. Imagine filling each of those drawers with treats each Advent.

It's a little hard to see in the photo, but the bottom half is a series of numbered boxes - one for each day of Advent.

Do you do an Advent calendar? We have the old Avon Advent calendar with a stuffed mouse (nicknamed Albert in our house). My girls still adore him 25+ years after the tradition began!


  1. I love squash, and squash with maple syrup is marvelous! On the farm we have people who are very selective about what kind of squash they love. Butternut is the huge favorite... then acorn... then buttercup... but now that we're selling so many other squash/pumpkins, folks are trying new and different squashes and they're loving them!!!

    1. Fenway is a HUGE fan of Butternut squash. He sat in the kitchen crying last night while he was waiting for mine to cool!

      I love all these varieties. They taste basically the same, but with slight nuances in taste.

  2. I love squash, too! But I'm the only one in my house that does. So I fix it for lunches, or for a side dish that I get to keep all to myself. ;) My favorite way to fix it is with plenty of butter and brown sugar...but then reality sets in. I fix it my second favorite way most often - seasoned with cumin, salt and pepper. It is divine!

    And advent calendars! We rarely have a place to display one, but I have a couple that have survived more than thirty years. They were made by Tasha Tudor and feature Corgis (of course!). You can buy new ones from the Tasha Tudor website, but I love the ones that have lasted through children and moves, and still share their delightful illustrations.

    1. My youngest daughter shares my squash love, Jan. My eldest and husband have no interest. That's fine. More for me.

  3. I bet maple syrup tasted divine with that squash! Must try that. I've heard of brown sugar on top, but have never done that.

    I adore advent calendars!!! We bought one every year (the kind with the scriptures and nativity scene pieces behind each window.) And always had a homemade one as well with little notes and a roaming gnome. The notes gave us something special to do each day leading up to Christmas. Fun. Fun. Fun. Oh and an advent has a tall Christmas tree painted on it and the numbers from 1-24 all the way up (or down since you're counting down) and each night you light the candle and read a story (Christmas of course) until the candle burns down to the next number. So, yes, we're adventy people.

    1. Oh, that sounds fun, Kav. My daughter loves gnomes. She has a little set of gnome dishes.

  4. This looks yummy! I usually do brown sugar and butter with my butternut squash. I'll have to try this new-to-me squash!

    1. I used to do mainly maple syrup and butter, but I'm trying to be healthier about it. :)

  5. Buttercup squash? I don’t think I’ve seen that before, Mary Cate. Looks tasty, but I might have to forego the maple. That’s one flavor I’m not a huge fan of. Not sure why.

    As for advent calendars, I alway get my kids and grandkids the German ones with the chocolate in them. I had never seen an advent calendar until we lived in Germany. Now my kids look forward to that countdown.