Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Painting, Painting and Other Random Thoughts

Tex here, and as you may or may not remember, we are planning to sell our house in the burbs next year and move to the ranch. That means getting our current house ready to put on the market. Not an easy task when said house has been well-lived-in for the past 13 years. It has endured kids (including two rambunctious boys), animals and all of the wear and tear those creatures can impart on a daily basis. 

So, we are gradually ticking things off our list. Hubby has been changing out ceiling fans and door knobs. Then there's paint. The doors and trim in the house have not been painted since it was built 26 years ago. The once pristine white semi-gloss is now scratched, chipped and just plain dull. And while I love to paint, I don't do trim, so we're leaving that up to the professionals. 

Before the trim could be painted, though, the walls needed a fresh coat. As I said, I love painting, so no big deal. Even if it's 4 rooms one weekend and 5 more the next. It's therapeutic. And I'm sure my body will recover eventually.
But painting also means a lot of jockeying of furniture and other stuff. STUFF! Sometimes you don't realize how much stuff you have until you have to move it. (Do you know what I'm talking about, Missy?)

That means various stages of disarray. From my office...
To the living room (you should have seen it before we moved most of the stuff back into my office)...
To the... Oh. Meet my lovely assistant, Dixie. She's not in disarray.
Even in the midst of chaos, though, there are always those little things to distract you.
Last week was homecoming. Our final one.
You remember the outlandish mums, right? Here's this year's couple.
Yes, those blips of color on her mum are lights. Crazy, I know.

Then there's this. We'll call it my happy place. 
I took this picture when we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart and few weeks ago. So many fun colors. Which one would you choose?

Mindy Obenhaus lives in Texas with her husband and kids. She's passionate about touching readers with Biblical truths in an entertaining, and sometimes adventurous, manner. When she’s not writing, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her grandchildren. Learn more at www.MindyObenhaus.com.


  1. Hi Mindy, I'm so chuckling about your comment about the "stuff" you find when you go to move. That happened to us last summer. I was getting rid of stuff and was horrified to find things in my closet that dated back to the seventies. Yikes. Pays to clear those closets once in awhile. That's the good thing about moving.

    1. Sandra, I'm cringing at the thought. No telling what I will unearth when we move. Although, I did find a hefty supply of cute notebooks, folders and plain spirals(that I picked up for 17 cents a piece at the back-to-school sale).

      Still, just trying to determine what's going to go into storage, what I'll need regularly and what needs to be where I can get to it in the event I do need it may be just enough to send me over the edge.

  2. Well, I don't have tons of stuff (don't look in my basement!) but I have tons of books. Just the thought of packing them all up makes me rethink the idea of moving. LOL

    It's got to be more than twenty years since I did any painting -- the perils of living in rentals. I can't imagine painting a whole house! Maybe you could sttach a paintbrush to the dogs' tails and get them to wag their way around a room. :-)

    1. LOL! It's funny you say that, Kav. Maddie did offer to help and how has nice little highlights in her black fur. Actually, she wasn't really helping. A thunderstorm moved in while I was painting one room and she was not satisfied to be anywhere but in the corner I was painting. Not next to me or behind me, just right between me and the wall. Silly puppy.

      We've weeded out a good many books. Unfortunately, we'll be inheriting practically an entire library when we move into my in-laws house. Anyone need some encyclopedias?

  3. Yes, Mindy, I can commiserate! My office doesn't look much better at this point. I still have loads of books in boxes. I need more shelving.

    Those mums are absolutely insane!! I expect her body to tip forward. :)

    I've heard of the Nebraska Furniture Mart! Mary told me about it when I was shopping for our new house. That looks amazing.

    1. Missy, NFM is definitely an event. No wonder they have a restaurant(only a Subway). You could literally spend all day there. Absolutely anything you might need for your house can be found under that one roof. Oh, and they carry Joanna Gaines Magnolia furniture, too. Chip and Joanna were there a month or so ago for the launch. As you can imagine, THOUSANDS of people showed up. No, I was not one of them. :P

  4. I keep trying to prepare in hopes of moving. In my case it's all the "paper stuff". Teachers and writers have a lot of paper in common.

    I've bought 3 of those mixers over the years, Mindy. I currently have the dark teal blue one, my oldest daughter has the bright red one, and my youngest has my favorite - the dark green.

    1. Mary Cate, it's all the paper stuff that gives me fits. So annoying.

      Ooo, I would love the dark teal. I currently have a red one, which I love also. I like the bright yellow one, I think they call it buttercup. It's just a happy color. Makes me wish I could have one of every color and then use the one that best suits my mood. But then, where would I store them?

  5. Mindy. Moving. EEEEEEEEK! I'm going through closets and rooms one by one, and I really just need a DUMPSTER.... And a heartless person like Rita the Clutter Counselor in St. Maybe... because I see so much good in things and then I don't get as much done as I should.

    SHAME ON ME!!!

    This is awesome, though, because winter is the time for doing this stuff up here. I WILL FINISH THE ATTIC.

    I promise.

    Mind-O, ask me in March and see what I report!!!!! I love to paint, too, I love the look of a freshly done room. BONUS!

    1. Rita the Clutter Counselor? I bet she's tough as nails, isn't she, Ruthy? If so, I don't think I'd want her around.

      But it is stressful trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Throw in all of the stuff that belonged to my mom that neither me nor my kids have any interest in, but know it was special to her (bridal doll collection), and I can really drive myself crazy.