Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Peach and Lentil Salad

It's the last day of August! Can you believe it?  I don't know where the summer ran off to.

I love my teaching vocation, but I have to admit, it's really hard to go back this year after having such a productive summer of writing.

It's hot and I've been working in my classroom, so I'm relying on a lot of salads this week.  I've really become addicted to adding peaches to my salads since that experiment a few weeks ago.

My daughter and I had a conversation about how we never would have thought that tomatoes and peaches would go well together, but they really do. I prefer the low acid yellow tomatoes, but my daughter claims the heirloom ones we've been getting at the farmer's market work just as well.

This week I made a lentil peach salad. So refreshing and so delicious. And SO simple.

I've mentioned my sprouted lentils before, but I'll repeat because I think they're so amazing.

They cook in 4 minutes! I made them a little in advance and chilled them in my brand new (keeps things cold) refrigerator.

I sliced the peaches and roasted them for about 5 - 10 minutes.

I used a wonderful medley of red and green lettuces.

Drizzled with some olive oil and red wine vinegar.

So refreshing and delicious on these still-oh-so-hot summer nights.

I think they'd make a great lunch as well.

One night I also sprinkled hemp seeds on top for some additional nutrition.

And here's the beautiful salad.


  1. Oh, darling, that has to be the best salad ever... I could jump through this screen and EAT THE WHOLE THING and die a happy woman!

    My friend Anna posted Mason Jar Salads on facebook, how you put the dressing in the bottom, then layer up with the greens on top.

    She had an entire week's worth of teacher lunch salads in the fridge! Five jars, lined up, of salads and because they're sealed and the dressing is on the bottom, they stay fresh.

    I was amazed!!!!

    I love a little fruit in my salad, and if there's a little bacon in there, too, I'm a happy woman! The mix of savory and sweet is a marvelous thing, isn't it???

    Thank you, Cate! This looks awesome!!!

  2. Yes, bacon would be a very good addition.

    It's amazing how the right addition makes all those lettuce leaves take on such flavor.

    There's probably some writing analogy there, but my brain isn't awake enough to make it.

  3. Yum!! I love the idea of cooked peaches. And I love adding this fiber and protein to the salad with the lentils. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Whoa...this sounds amazing!!! *bookmarks for later*

  5. Yes to the addition of bacon! Mary Cate, I keep forgetting about grilled/roasted peaches, but I can imagine how delicious they are. I must try this before the peaches are gone.

    Patti Jo Moore gave me and my roomie some Georgia peaches while we were at conference. They were so sweet and juicy. Now I wish I'd hung onto mine so I could grill it. Guess a trip to the store is in order.

  6. Okay -- my first reaction to a peaches and lentil combination was ewwwwwwww. But then I though like salads with strawberries. I like salads with blueberries. I like salads with oranges. So I'm second guessing my initial reaction. And I think adding slivered almonds would be yummy too. (instead of the bacon everybody's yammering about.)

    Enjoy your back to school prep! Have to admit I'm really missing the flurry of getting ready for the kidlets this week. And connecting with all the staff after being away for the summer. And I loved the big librarian PD day we always had. That`s going on today. I have informants who are going to share the gossip so I must go check on that now. :-)