Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Holding Down the Fort

So I guess I'm holding down the fort today while half the staff scurries off to Nashville.

As Jan and I were discussing, I had to replace my refrigerator which has made cooking anything unusual a bit of a challenge. Our food is divided between two neighbors.

So instead, I thought I'd share a few songs from one of my favorite TV shows - Nashville, and a few ideas for what to eat while you're in Nashville. That way the rest of us can pretend/dream we're there.

I really like this song. It inspired one of my characters. I Will Never Let You Know.

This one is full of angst, but it's great for getting into a dark character.

Then there's this one from the (almost) series finale.  Love You Home

When I first heard it, I wasn't overwhelmed with love, but it's grown to  be one of my favorites.

One last one - the song I play when writing Dylan and Grace's story. I Know How to Love You Now.

Okay, we've got the music background, let's talk food!

I've never been to ACFW, but my conference experience usually includes very little time outside the hotel. So we may find out more about Nashville food than the conference attendees.

On Nashville, the hot spot to spend time listening to music is The Bluebird Cafe. Apparently the show's success has meant a huge line waiting to get in to The Bluebird.

I thought this video was hilarious. Have any of you ever had to do online queuing?

Arnold's Country Kitchen is listed as favorite -  a real family restaurant.

Their website says: 
We've been serving up home-cooked "Meat & 3" here in Nashville for more than 30 years - and we look forward to serving you.
 You an actually watch a video about the history of the restaurant with lots of food.

"Sorry, grandma", the "memorable" mains and "down-home" sides at this "legendary" Gulch Southerner add up to the "best damn meat and three on the planet", and "cafeteria-style lines" "sneaking out...

here's no better place to sample a wide array of Southern fried goodness than at 34-year-old Nashville institution Arnold's Country Kitchen 

 If you'd prefer something more upscale, say for after the CAROL Awards, how about southern food from a James Beard award-winning restaurant in an old mansion?

According to Chef Brock, “If it doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door.”


Perhaps you'd like some Deviled Eggs with Pickled Okra?

They also serve lowcountry cuisine in a beautiful mansion in Charleston!

According to Eater Nashville, the hottest restaurant in Nashville is The Treehouse Restaurant. They have their own organic farm 50 miles from Nashville.

 The remaining nine are:
Butcher & Bee  - it started with sandwiches
Bajo Sexto Taco Lounge (Oaxacan dishes and Mexican with a twist)
Salt & Vine
Old Glory - this one is in a boiler room in an old industrial space
Five Daughters Bakery - can we say 100 layer donuts!!!!!
Vui's Kitchen - If you've had enough southern cooking, how about some Vietnamese?

If you ask Southern Living, Arnold's tops the list.

MacK & Kates Café & Wine Bar or Macke’s Restaurant (named for the owners' daughters)

How about a Speakeasy Hangout - Patterson  House. Southern Living says - "The 30-stool bar retains a hush-hush, Gatsby-and-Governor sophistication, and savvy bartenders stir and shake in Capone-era getups."

Supposedly a Legend - Prince's Hot Chicken - chicken cooked to order

I Dream of Weenie - come get your hotdogs from a vintage yellow Volkswagon bus!

And finally Margot/Marche´ - sunny eggs and sausage polenta with a pomegranate mimosa

So, by now, you're either feeling stuffed or you're drooling. I'm wishing more than ever that I was there.

But we saved a dog's life this year so no conference for me.

But he's worth it, don't you think?

Have you been to Nashville? Is there someplace that I've missed?



  1. I'm not in Nashville this week either. Feeling sorry for myself. LOL But my sister and BIL live there (plus I grew up an hour away), so I've enjoyed a lot of cool places to eat there. I love Nashville!

    1. I'd forgotten you came from there, Missy. If I ever do get to go, I'll have to remember to talk to you first.

  2. It figures! The one time I do my post in advance, I messed up something in the controls and scheduled it to go live late this afternoon. Which only goes to prove that I am a last-minute person for a reason. I get things done right at the last minute. Not an advance person.

    Hi Missy, Happy to join you here for a cup of morning coffee. I've never been to Nashville and I've always wanted to. Both ACFW and RWA are returning there in a few years, so maybe....

  3. A doggie's life is definitely worth missing the conference. And what a beautiful picture. Give him a kiss on his furry forehead from me. Sigh. I miss having a dog.

    Thanks for the highlights of Nashville eating. I expect most attendees won't roam far from the hotel where the conference is at. At least I wouldn't. I'd be afraid of missing out on something. Excited about the reader's retreat too. That's going on right now. Sob!

    Oh and thanks for the musical interlude...I haven't watched Nashville so it was educational and perfect mood setting for this absentees conference not-goer. :-)

    1. Absolutely worth it, Kav. And by Sunday I'll be glad I don't have to deal with airports.

  4. I couldn't swing conference this year either, with two long-distance family weddings to go to...when do we find out where next year's conference is going to be?

    1. Hi Laurie,

      The ACFW site lists upcoming conferences here -

      Next year it's in Grapevine, TX and the following year they're back in Nashville.

  5. Ohhhh, doggy's life definitely comes first!! That's a decision you'll nver regret. So happy he's doing okay!

    I love music videos and fan videos to different music. It's probably my "go to" inspiration. :)