Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fun with Bundt pans!

Hello, everybody! The Fresh Pioneer is back and I have some fun pans to share. I recently discovered one of our local libraries has bundt pans for borrowing. How fun is that? So, of course we had to borrow some right away.
We loved the sandcastle and the traditional castle, but my favorite is the Cathedral pan! I'd wanted this for a long time.. But I didn't want to to have to keep it in the cupboard. Mine are full!
 Before I made a cake in it, I tried making a delicious black cherry jello. It sort of worked...
 As in, some of it went all over the table. Ugh.
 But the part that was solid was downright delicious! I've never been good at making jigglers.

 The next thing I tried was a blueberry coffee cake.
(I can hear Ruthy laughing from Oregon!) It was still delicious, but not fit for company.
 So, this time I went for a very old fashioned, simple pound cake mix. Nothing fancy. Any pound cake recipe will do. Maybe there's a rule we can devise here: if your bundt pan is fancy, keep the cake simple!
 Pouring it in along with our hopes and prayers. :D
 Looks so perfect.
 And la voila! Coming out of the oven...
 I'd let it cool, loosened the sides... and now, the moment of truth!!
 I let it sit for a moment, just like this, the essence of hopes not yet realized. Or Schrodinger's cat (that famous theory of superposition in quantum theory)  in a bundt pan. It's simultaneously broken yet whole in this moment of possibility!
 *GASP* It worked!!
 Now, a little dusting of "snow" for our cathedral.
 It's winter in our cathedral wonderland, but it's 100F here in Oregon.  My little guys were absolutely taken by this cake. Maybe more than the sandcastle!

Here's to a wonderful weekend and I hope there is a slice of perfect cake in your future! Feel free to visit my facebook author pages at Mary Jane Hathaway or Virginia Carmichael, or visit my personal blog at The Things That Last. Until next time!!


  1. It turned out beautiful! But I'm still stunned that a library carries bundt pans!

    1. I'm with you. Who would guess you could get pans in a library.

    2. Isn't it great? The story is something about a woman who passed away and donated her bundt collection to the library to sell (some are very expensive). The library decided to keep them for the patron instead.

  2. Wow, I think I'll just claim that snowy slice as my birthday cake.

    Thanks Mary Jane. I love the photo with your boys.

    1. It just looks so perfect for a winter tea. *dreaming*

    2. Wait, birthday? Is it your birthday?? Have a very happy day and a wonderful year!

  3. Even though it didn't turn out, I'll take the blueberry coffee cake. It looks yummy and I know it has Oregon berries in it. yummm

    Adorable photos of the boys. smile

    1. The freshest, most delicious of Oregon blueberries! And I loved that cake, even though it was uglier than anything. LOL

  4. I'm impressed with the bundt pans at the library! What a great idea.

    And that cake! Beautiful!

    I love your rule of thumb: if your bundt pan is fancy, keep the cake simple! Sounds good to me!

    1. Haha! A fantastic rule found by trial and error.