Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pita Pizzas or Dinner in a New York Minute.

Yesterday Mindy gave you slow, southern gentility. Today I'm giving you Yank in-a-rush or Dinner in a New York Minute.

Given a choice, I'd much prefer teatime, but sometimes you have to eat and there just isn't time (or energy) for something fancy.

I don't know about you all, but sometimes just the act of deciding what to cook depresses me. Since it's just my husband and me alone now, cooking is pretty boring. He has a set menu that he eats every day. Most of it I don't eat. His, I could make in my sleep so it's not really a challenge. Coming up with something for me to eat at the end of the day when I'd rather be writing - that's a challenge.

Sometimes brilliance strikes. :)

The other day, dinner was ... um ...delayed.  You see, the New England Patriots were playing at 4. Hubby informed me he couldn't possibly eat until the game was over. (Oh those boys!) He expected the game to end somewhere around 8.

Since I would be making his dinner around then, I didn't really want to go to a whole lot of extra effort. You see, I knew he wouldn't care one way or the other. If they won, anything was good. If they lost, it would all taste like dirt.

So this time I figured what I would like to eat.  That's when this brainstorm hit.

Now, it may not look like a brainstorm to anyone but me, but this is just the kind of meal I love - messy and yummy.

I remembered that I had some meat sauce in the freezer (left over from Saturday). I also had a container of ricotta and an Italian Kale mix of greens, I grabbed some pita minis from the freezer, spread them with the ricotta, layered in the greens, dumped a lump of meat sauce on top, and covered in shredded cheese.

A few minutes in the oven to heat everything through and I was done. And oh so happy!

One didn't get greens - just for variety.

So what's your go-to meal when you need something in a hurry?


  1. I would have never thought of this! What a wonderful, quick, pizza like idea!

    My go-to is tuna sandwiches because there's no time and we both like them... or the hamburger beef stroganoff recipe I put here on Yankee Belle because DAVE LOVES IT. And he thinks I've cooked, and it's a ten minute fix.

    Cate, this looks marvelous! Thank you!

    1. Tuna sandwiches used to be a staple, but I think I ate too much of it and lost my taste for it.

      Ted's favorite is something like that hamburger beef stroganoff recipe but he calls it Sloppy Teds.

  2. I do this using mini flat bread...can't remember the proper name, because making a bigger pizza for just one isn't practical. I usually plan it out -- like the idea using leftover this and that though. I had some kale and scrambled tofu that would have been awesome as a pizza topping.

    And my go to fast meal is usually in the freezer in the form of single serving size stews or soups. Again, since I live alone I usually freeze a couple of helpings of everything I make -- especially when it's a pot of soup.

    1. I love when I have something like that in the freezer, Kav. I just haven't had time to stock up yet this fall. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. This looks like something I would love! Thanks for the great idea. I usually would use those ingredients over pasta. But making a pizza would be a nice change!

    I'm laughing about the football game. :) We're huge Atlanta Falcons fans. The game trumps all meals! LOL

    1. Yes, I normally use pasta as well, but I wasn't really in the mood for it that particular day. Believe it or not, this took less effort. :)

  4. Shaking my head over your husband and Missy's family missing a meal for the Patriots or the Falcons. Now, if the Broncos are playing, that's a different story!

    I love making mini-pizzas! You can use everything from a half bagel to a low-carb tortilla for the crust, and pile on anything you want.

    I'm like Kav for a quick meal. I like to keep single servings of soups in the freezer. Quick, delicious, and warming on a winter day.

    ...and now I'm craving pizza!

  5. Here's hoping we don't have a Yankee Belle Patriots/Falcons/Broncos rivalry breaking out here. :)