Saturday, August 8, 2015

Oreo Truffles and summer musings

Hello, everybody! The Fresh Pioneer is back and I've got a recipe that no one has ever done before! Oh, wait... I think I actually found it on Yankee Belle Cafe. 
 Mindy posted about To Die For Oreo Truffles last year sometime and we've made then several times since. My friend Christalee mentioned that sometimes she puts mint extract  in hers, and I got the idea to make a few different flavors as a treat for some visitors.
 But first... some of my kids found my old label maker. Anybody else have one of these from way back when? I couldn't believe it... my Christmas present from 6th grade. Oh, how I loved that thing! I don't think you can even buy the tape for it any more.
 On our porch, the morning glory is pulling down the sunflowers! A good lesson there. A small, thin vine can take down a seven foot sunflower given enough time. :)

                    Our summer reading program had the most awesome end-of-the-program cake! The "jewels" are broken up life savers. Great Job, Lacey!
The maker said that at the last minute, the poor dragon fell apart and they lost a whole top tier. But you'd never know it, righ?
Every year the end of the program is the "reptile man". I find him VERY entertaining. Not so much for the snakes and lizards and tortoises, but for his great delivery. The guy should have been a stand up comedian! 
So, my dad likes to go to Coscto. Anybody else go to Costco? I've been twice before in my life and I just remember it had EVERYTHING. And it was huge. Anyway, he likes to go and buy treats for my kids. (Some day I'll put in an order for avocados and fresh raspberries, lol.) This is what he brought back from this trip. An enormous box of Oreos. The kids were thrilled.
 What else could we do with Oreos than those delicious truffles? (Recipe is 40 Oreos, one pack of cream cheese. Soften the cream cheese and mix with crushed Oreos. Chill, roll, and cover with melted chocolate.) Don't just say "eat them" because my kids would LOVE to eat 100 Oreos with milk. It would probably take them less than two days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner!
 MMMMMM..... dark chocolate.
 We decided to make different flavors this time. But then how would we tell them apart?
We dipped the plain in white chocolate for a "cookies and cream". The raspberry we dipped in dark chocolate and white chocolate. The orange we dipped in milk chocolate. The mint we dipped in both dark and milk chocolate. The sprinkles and so the visitors and the kids could pick their favorite flavor.
 After appropriate chilling, their ready to be presented. I hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning to August. We alternate between running full speed and lazing around the house. Perfect summer activities!
Until next time, my friends!

New cover reveal coming soon but first... my latest release!  Only Through Love!


  1. I have an eighty-one year old neighbour who lives at Cosco. She can barely walk but she totters through that cavernous place and buys bulk food in humongous sizes that she can't eat before it goes bad and then she throws it out but she insists on shopping there because it's cheaper. Sigh.

    I'm not a Cosco fan -- object to having to pay a fee in order to buy a membership so I can shop. There are plenty of stores around that don't charge me to walk through their doors.

    Your finished truffles look divine. Thinking they'd make awesome gifts at Christmas.

    1. I definitely think you have to do the math. I think most people don't, but my nuclear engineer father does and for him, it's worth the yearly fee because he gets all his high end electronics and such there. Also, he loves the imported cheeses. LOL
      Your neighbors reminds me of an article I read in The Atlantic. Hilarious. The writer said she would see elderly people going into Coscto and she wanted to yell, "Go back! There's nothing in here you can finish!"

    2. So funny! I'm a Sam's Club gal, same idea, only different, and with a daycare and a humongous family it works... but yes, doing the math is clutch! They've started a credit card rewards program, too... which means I swipe my card, then I pay off the card and they pay me back a percentage... and a cash rewards deal on top of it. And that brought me in a significant sum of money last year between the two. So as long as you can avoid the urge to overspend, and pay off the card each month, it's an amazing program.

      I've done these truffles, and I've done cake balls like this, color coded so we could tell them apart, and they freeze beautifully. Now you're saying "Ruthy, we're going to eat them, not freeze them!" but here's the thing. If you freeze 8 of each kind when you make something like this, layer them in a freezer container (or 10 or 12) then at holiday time you have back-up deliciousness! THAT'S CLUTCH around here with so many people in and out at different times. We've kept them in the freezer for months with no sign of quality loss. Love these!!!

    3. Our Costco (like everything else in the city) is a madhouse. I think some people go there for meals - not to buy, I mean samples. There is always a long line of people for everything they sample.

      We go about once ever 2 -3 months and stock up on paper goods that are much cheaper as well as some other stuff like chicken, fish, etc.

      Now I want oreos!

  2. Oh my gosh, I had that exact label maker!! I labeled everything when I was a kid! LOL

    Those truffles are beautiful!! And I'm sure tasty.

    1. Isn't that funny? Brought back so many memories...

  3. Love the dragon. smile

    Truffles look yummy also.

    1. I love that cake! They did a wonderful "fairy tale" job!

  4. The Oreo truffles are amazing! I love the way you color coded the different flavors :)

    We do Sam's Club. There are some items (like my allergy medicine) where the price difference is enough to pay for our membership card. Other things are a little cheaper, and I'll buy them if I'm stopping there. Once in a while a purchase is made for the convenience factor - I can carry and store the big box of crackers more easily than several smaller boxes. And then there are the items I can only buy there - and those I'll spend a little more for, like the imported cheeses.

    But picking and choosing is a necessity, and knowing your prices is the key to successful shopping at one of those stores!

    And I LOVE the dragon cake!