Saturday, August 1, 2015

New members of the family

Hello, everybody!! The Fresh Pioneer is back and I was panicking a little because I haven't taken pictures of anything... not even the awesome cheesy-dill buns we made yesterday or the baked ham and swiss honey mustard roll ups or the fresh cherry smoothies with dark chocolate drizzle. Mostly because my camera needs to be charged and after the vacation the charger has gone missing... but also because I'm on another deadline and all my brain cells go there.

When a friend says they have a batch of abandoned kittens they couldn't care for and one had already passed away.
I mean, what is a person to do? We certainly have the man power for holding and snuggling.
We have the hands for gently cleaning them with a wet cloth.
Wait... there are FIVE??
But then again, I have six kids. We outnumber the kittens!
But what about the dog?? His breed is historically used to chase rats. He does seem overly interested in these small, squeaky things. But so far, he hasn't tried to snag one out of our hands.

But don't they need to eat every few hours? I'll take the night shift, since I'm up until the wee smalls but what about the day time?  I guess since we homeschool year round, we can adjust out schedule a little bit until they're not so needy. We'll call it an experiment in animal husbandry. LOL
So, that's my post! A snapshot of what's happening here in the land of "Sure We Can!" and "Why Not?"
I used to worry about getting blood clots so I set a timer to get up and walk every fifteen minutes. I'm happy to report that no timer was needed this week. I had these little guys to get me out of my chair.
I hope your week is filled with cuteness and snuggles! Until next time!!
My newest release: Only Through Love.


  1. Oh, how could anyone refuse the common sense of six kids and five needy kittens?????

    And the kittens are ALMOST as cute as the kids! Precious, both! (Well, kids more, because we can always find more kittens... kids are another thing entirely!)

    Thank you for sharing this with us, and how intriguing that you've got a cool new facebook page! Good for you! Experimentation is part of the strategy and I bet you have fun with it!

    For me today is a writing day and Mass day.... so I'm looking forward to working in "Grace Haven" and peace and quiet and gathering eggs and feeding chickens. Our heat broke last night so this week looks more breathable. Praying for those affected by the wildfires out there. When Dave and I were in Washington, we saw the after effects of the fires, the stripped mountainsides and hillsides... but there was baby green growth everywhere, reminding me of the Earth's amazing self-healing powers.

    God is good and the kittens are in good hands!

    1. They're getting fatter and fatter, louder and louder.

      The fire near us consumed about 8,000 acres before it was under control. I loved how the community came together to support firefights brought in from around the state and out of state. It's till burning now but it's blowing the other direction so we don't get much smoke.

  2. Oh, how precious! I mean the kids as well as the kittens. :)

    I'll say once again, how can you ever say no to those big brown eyes??? :)

  3. BTW, congrats on your new release!!

    1. Thank you! My first novella and it was a real stretch to write short. I don't know if I'll do it again, but I can say I wrote one now. At 130 pages, it's the shortest thing I've ever written that had an ending. But some readers really prefer a shorter read, so now there's something for everyone. :)

  4. Awwww so sweet. That is exactly why I have 7 ferals that live in my yard at home. They are just tooo cute. Bless you and your children for caring for them. And yes, it is a great science experience for homeschooling. smile

    1. We've always had indoor/outdoor cats but we don't usually let them have kittens, so this is the first time my kids have been in contact with tiny cats. We've had rabbit babies before, even nursed a few, but no other small creatures. They see how much work the mama cat does! Lots of wiping and cleaning and feeding and snuggling.

  5. Cute, cute, cute! And what a great homeschooling project!

    1. It could also be a health project with as much washing of the hands we've done. LOL