Friday, August 14, 2015

Homemade (sort of) Pizza

Missy, here. Last week when I shared Best Thing I Ever Ate show-honored pizza, I promised to share my recent pizza making with you. It's not anything fancy. I don't even make my own crust.

I buy the already prepared pizza crusts that I usually find in our luncheon meat and bacon area of the grocery store. I also buy jarred pizza sauce in the same place. (Sorry, forgot to take photos!)

I grabbed one of my favorite items, fresh mozzarella. This pack happened to come in little balls, which made it nice. I didn't have to slice it.

I brushed the crust with olive oil. Then I spread on sauce. Then I broke the balls of mozzarella into smaller chunks and spread evenly.

However, the next time I made it, I brushed on olive oil. Then placed chunks of mozzarella, and then drizzled on sauce (like I had seen on TV).

Since I'm such a cheese lover, I always add more cheeses. This time I sprinkled on a grated cheddar mix (I think it was the mexican mix).

Next, I added very thinly sliced prosciutto (Italian ham) that I had bought at the deli.

And finally, I topped it with grated parmesan.

Then I baked at 425 for about 10 minutes. See the yummy, melty cheese? And prosciutto is nice because it doesn't get greasy like pepperoni.

It was a quick, easy to make meal! I try to always keep crusts and a jar of sauce on hand in the pantry.


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  1. Hi Missy:

    These pictures look good enough to eat! I feel like making this pizza today. However, I have some questions before I do the food shopping:

    1. Is pizza sauce labeled as 'pizza sauce' or is it called something else that everyone but me knows is also used as pizza sauce.

    2. How long does a pizza crust last if you don't eat it right away? I think some are only sold in packages with two crusts in them.

    3. Is that a dedicated pizza pan in the photos? (The one with holes in it.) Do the holes make it cook better? I could buy one of those pans if you think it is worth it.

    4. Did you think of putting chopped fresh tomatoes and olives on the pizza or do you think that would destroy to taste of a prosciutto pizza. (I have not had prosciutto since I lived in Italy 50 years ago! But you know, it sounds really good.) I just don't think I could make a pizza without olives and fresh tomatoes.

    It's so nice that you're here today when they rollup the sidewalks in Seekerville. : )

    BTW I cut and pasted your post into a Word document and everything came out perfect -- photos and all. I even enlarged the type for easy reading in the kitchen.

    1. Vince, there are jars and cans of labeled pizza sauce. However, you can use any marinara sauce out there. I have in the past and it is no problem. And you can freeze the crust you don't use right away.

    2. Hey, Vince! It's nice to have you drop by the Cafe! :)
      1. Sandra answered that one. :)
      2. I do buy the crusts that are packaged in plastic. They usually have either one large crust (sometimes 2 for another brand). and I also buy the small, individual crusts that come 3 to a pack. Those were great for when I would be making lunch in the summers. Those are packaged so they last a good while without refrigeration or freezing. Just check the date.
      3. That is a dedicated pizza pan. However, with pre made crusts, it doesn't seem to make any difference. I sometimes use a regular cookie sheet for mine. I think that pan might make a difference if you were making homemade crust and wanted a crunchy pizza.
      4. I was making this pizza when my kids in mind. :) But when I make one for just me, I use red or green peppers, spinach, and olives. And sometimes chopped tomatoes. :)

      I'm glad pasting into Word works! We also have the "Printer Friendly" option that lets you print just the parts you want to print.

  2. Wow this is making me hungry for pizza and it is only 6:30 in the morning. But hey, who says you can't eat pizza for breakfast? Thanks for the recipe, Missy. However nothing beats having pizza delivered. smile

    1. Sandra, I'm not a pizza for breakfast person. Although I was known to eat it cold for breakfast on occasion in college! :)

  3. Missy, this looks so good! We're having dinner with my daughter tonight and one of the choices was a pizza place. I wanted that one, but she chose someplace else. :( The good part is the someplace else has a pulled pork sandwich on the menu. :)

    I used to make those personal pies all the time when my girls were small (though not with prosciutto). These days when I do it just for myself, I buy small flatbreads and load them with veggies and cheese.

    Vince, there's a pizza place near me that makes wonderful white pizzas with artichokes and olives. Yum!

    1. Mary, enjoy the barbecue!! We have a longstanding joke in my family about me whining when I wanted to go get barbecue and the others outvoted me. :) The quote they often give (in a VERY whiny voice) is…"But I want Shane's." (the name of the barbecue place). LOL Every now and then, I win and get to go. :)

    2. Well I got the pulled pork and it was delicious. They served it with some kind of spicy cole slaw on top. I had a side salad made with shredded beets and carrots. Delicious!

  4. I love making homemade pizza! I often make one for lunch - a taco sized flour tortilla makes a great pizza crust, too. I use the low carb ones and pile on the cheese :)

    One of our new restaurants in town is a chain called Blaze Pizza. I usually order a "build your own" and experiment with different toppings. Delicious!

    1. Jan, I eat those high fiber, low carb wraps for breakfast most days with melted cheese or peanut butter. I'll have to try using one for a pizza! Great idea.

  5. Yay -- pizza. When my daughter was growing up every Friday was pizza night. Makes me nostalgic...but I don't have any pizza in the house -- or the fixings!

    1. Kav, I have good memories of going to Pizza Hut with my family at special times like Christmas Eve. I also have good memories of doing carryout. They used to send the pizza on a slab of cardboard with paper tented over it. Do y'all remember that?? I can remember getting home, opening that paper, and then getting a rush of the yummy smell.

    2. That reminds me, Missy. One New Year's Eve things were kind of hectic so I picked up pizza for dinner. The guys at the shop yelled at me and said that was no way to celebrate Christmas Eve. I guess they wanted me to do the whole Italian 7 fishes thing, but I'm not Italian.

    3. at least you fed them, Mary! LOL I've gone out to drive through somewhere on Christmas Eve and found everything closed. :)