Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Weekend of Fun and Firsts

Well, school is officially back in session here in Texas and my baby actually drove himself to school for the very first time. Sniff, sniff. Now I can only pray he made it to class on time.

With school fixing to start, it seemed only logical that we have one last hurrah for summer. For us, that means escaping to the ranch for a couple of days. There was even a welcoming committee.
Honestly, I could have done without this particular visitor, but since banana spiders are harmless and their only desire is to eat other bugs, I allowed it to stay. 

Of course, there's always some sort of work waiting at the ranch. Remember Tropical Storm Bill back in June? There were no less than three trees that had fallen prey to Bill's strong winds. And when one's blocking the path or sitting on a fence, that usually takes top priority.

Fortunately, these beautiful Spanish-moss-laden Live Oaks have stood the test of time.

All that work means you're bound to get dirty.

Still, there's always time for fun. Like shooting tennis balls from a potato launcher.

So much fun and hard work wore my babies out, though.
They slept all the way home.

But the weekend wasn't quite over. Our oldest son had a privilege of playing Ultimate Frisbee at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.
Yep, the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Ryan is the one in the maroon shirt.
Gearing up for black team.
Let's play. 
My boy. On the field where the Cowboys play. Whoda thunk it.

The only thing more incredible than that, was the I got to be there, too.


  1. Great end of summer memories! Loved the worn out babies pic. Little Maddie taking full advantage of her boy's unconsciousness! LOL I think our weather is finally breaking -- and least it's getting cooler at night which has that fall feeling...and might just encourage more mice into my house. Ack!

    1. Well, Kav, the word is out about your place now. All the other mice have heard about how you leave crumbs for them and even give them a nice pool to relax in. They think it's a party place. A nice mouse resort. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Yes, Maddie likes to ride in someone's lap. And if there happens to be a pillow in their lap, that's even better. I'll tell you what, though, that puppy can get herself into some of the weirdest positions. I've seen her sleep with her head up or practically standing on her head. But she's so cute doing it.

    2. LOL - I'm definitely doing something right..er wrong. Maybe I should start charging the mice rent.

    3. I'd be charging those mice some kind of rent: D-Con Rent!!!!!

      Stinkin' vermin. Kav, I might cross the pond to help you, darling!!!!

    4. I thought Kav lived in Canada. Unless the pond you were referring to is Lake Erie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. A great way to end the summer! The live oak trees were my favorites when we lived in Texas. We didn't have as many in Abilene, but when we visited family in San Antonio, I just couldn't get enough of them. They are so interesting. I'm not surprised they survive the tropical storms that come their way!

    And what a treat, to be right there where the Cowboys play.

    But who won the ultimate frisbee game?

    1. You know, Jan, I'm not sure who won. We left before it was over and Ryan's team was leading.

      I love Live Oak trees. The gnarly trunks and limbs that twist and turn hither and yon. They just have such great character. Those were small ones in my pictures, but there are some huge ones in the area. Like hundreds of years old. Love em.

    2. Why are they called live oaks? It's such an odd name for something that's alive, right?

      I read about them in Southern and Southwestern novels all the time. And these pictures rock, Mindy!!!

    3. I can't say for certain, Ruthy. Hubby says it's because they don't lose their leaves. I think it's because they live so long. Post Oaks have very shallow root systems, which is why they got toppled by Bill, but, from what I've heard, what you see above ground on a Live Oak is duplicated in the root system. They're a majestic tree with loads of character. Funny thing is, in Michigan, oak trees were simply called oak trees. I don't remember any distinguishing.

  3. How fun!!! I bet it was so cool to be down on the field.

    Love the photos! Enjoy no more driving kids around. :)

    1. It was cool, Missy. I'd scoop up specks of turf and think, " I wonder if Tony Romo ever touched this."

      Yeah, I feel like I've bought myself an extra hour a day by not carting someone to or from school. First time I've my life.

  4. What a fun post, Mindy. I always love seeing glimpses of your ranch. How cool to be at the stadium and down on the field.

    1. And I love those glimpses of Maine, Mary Cate. Such a contrast. But always an appreciation.