Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Kitchen Tour: Last Stop… The Belle

Missy, here. I was sick last week so didn't pull together a post of my kitchen. Today I'm going to share a couple of photos and also a nice homey recipe.

For me, the kitchen is the heart of the home. And if you read my stories, you'll see that that's is true in most of my books. In fact, I have to make sure I don't do too many "sit down to eat" scenes! I tend to get carried away. :)

Way back when, I shared my coffee corner. Here's the old photo, but since it was taken, I've also added my latte machine thanks to Virginia and Ruthy.

In the corner, behind all the coffee paraphernalia, is a huge stack of recipes printed from the internet, jotted on note cards and on real recipe cards. Many are from church members in our previous churches. A lot of those smaller cards are stored in an old Keds shoe box from some of my oldest son's first shoes. It's the perfect size!

The recipes remind me of old friends. Favorite recipes shared among church members. And of all of you here who've shared your recipes and your life and have added to my recipe stack!

These days, I put all my K-cups in a pretty copper basket.

My favorite thing about my kitchen?? The view. You've seen a good many photos of food taken on my counter. And the bay window is behind the table. Outside, is a small screened in porch, and then the deck. Off the deck, is a gorgeous view of tall pines and hardwoods. I went digging and found one of the photos. You can see the table and windows behind the little egg cooking gadget.

To give the full effect, here's an outside view off the deck.

It's peaceful to sit at the table and look at the woods, especially in the different seasons. I went digging for a better photo and found this panorama, the first time I used the feature on my camera…

Now, on to the business of making a nice, homey… breakfast. I just watched this recipe on a video from Everyday Food with Sarah Carey (from the Martha Stewart website). I love all her videos. And this one made my mouth water.

from Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

Put on a pot of water to boil
Gently drop eggs into boiling water using a spoon
Let boil for 5 minutes (for soft boiled). Set a timer! :)

While eggs are cooking, put bread in toaster. Sarah recommended good ol' white bread. Which I don't normally allow in the house. :) But my husband bought some when I was sick last week. I figured while I'm supposed to be eating a low-fiber diet, I'd take advantage of doing the recipe like she says.

Slather with butter. The real thing. The only thing worth spreading on toast! Well, except for Jelly or apple butter. :)

Once your timer (you DID remember to set the timer, didn't you?) goes off, pour off the water and run cold water over the eggs to make them cool enough to touch.

Take a knife and tap a circle around the shell to crack it.

Then slice through the crack.

Tear toast to fit your bowl. Use a spoon to scoop the egg out on top of your buttered toast. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper.

Oh my goodness, this was a fantastic breakfast. Crunchy, buttery toast. Creamy, rich egg, salted and peppered just right. Just some down home cooking.

With a cup of coffee from my corner and a nice view, it's the perfect morning!


  1. I make these for Dave all the time. It's his quick meal when he comes home from work.... Missy, I love the view of the trees, and the window shot taken on a clean day!!! WELL DONE!!!! :) It's really beautiful, dear girl.

    I took the last three EASTER CHOCOLATE BUNNIES out of the freezer today. They need to be eaten. Celebratory Jeter chocolate!!!!!

    1. Ruthy, I actually found old photos so I didn't have to worry about the mess and taking new ones! LOL

      I love the idea of freezing Easter chocolate. Never would have thought to do that. Prevents throwing some away months later. :)

    2. Missy, the bunny goes CRAZY in the local chocolate store that I've known for decades... He knows I love their chocolate, and I'm afraid he grossly over-estimated my ability to BUY NEW CLOTHES. Sigh. It was a smart thing to do! I tucked a bunch away and now I can bribe small children into doing schoolwork by chopping up a bunny.... KAV!!!! IT'S CHOCOLATE!!!! :)

  2. This is like the poached egg on toast my mum used to make for us without the fuss of a poaching an egg. Cool!

    And love that view. So you back onto 'the wilderness'? As in you have no neighbours behind you?

    1. You know, Kav, my daughter said the same thing. She's been poaching eggs but decided this is much easier. Plus, I made them ahead of time. Then she just re-heated the egg.

      We actually live in a neighborhood, but it's heavily wooded. And there's actually a house behind us in all those trees. So in the summer when the trees are full, it makes for feeling really isolated in back yard. In the winter, we can see all our neighbors better.

  3. ok I was a happy camper til the raw egg :-( blech!
    I love the view though - except for the's beautiful!

    1. LOL, Susanna! I'm actually able to eat the yellow a little runny these days. But I totally understand!

    2. You know, most folks up here eat eggs over easy or basted with runny yolk. When they had that salmonella hysteria years ago, restaurants were warned to fully cook eggs. My Greek boss said when the government starts paying the checks, he'll start taking advice from them. Until then... people got their burgers and eggs cooked however they wanted! And he was right, folks like things the way they like 'em. I've never forgotten the common sense of his remark.

  4. Missy.....glad you are feeling better! What a great kitchen view. I'll try your method for eggs. I agree that REAL butter is just right on toast.....mmmmm!