Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cherry blackberry jelly and a flashback!

Hi everybody! The Fresh Pioneer is back and we've been having some wonderful fall fun! 
Here's a shot of my little guy (five years old!) on the dirt bike track. I brought a book, but I did more praying that reading. It was SCARY. But everyone survived and had a wonderful time! *whew*
This is a random picture of the super moon. I didn't even use the zoom. It was JUST THAT BIG.
Here's Mr. Edward at my desk back in 2010. My sister had given me a computer and I spent every nap time writing. I didn't have an office chair so I sat on an old toy box. The desk we got at a yard sale for $10. A steal, even if the drawers didn't really work!  I was finishing up Pride, Prejudice and Cheese Grits while my sixth baby nursed or slept in my arms and the older kids rested in the afternoons. Sometimes I think, "Why did it take me two years to write my first book?" Huh. This is why...
Anyway, I found my then 20 month old "talking" on my mouse. HAHAHA! Kids are hilarious.
Anyway, this post is really about blackberry jelly. If you've ever made it, then you know it's pretty straightforward. Cooking the blackberries with sugar, strain them, add the pectin, maybe boil again if it didn't dissolve enough. Well, my friend in Texas said she always adds about a cup of Bing cherries! She said it adds zip and zing.

I am here to tell you... I have never had jelly disappear so fast. I think there's only one of these little jars left. I'm going to have to make a much bigger batch next time!
  So, if you're a jelly/jam maker, consider adding some Bing cherries to the mix of your fruit. It's a winning combination!

  Take care and I'll see you all in October!!


  1. Oh my goodness -- baby talking on the mouse is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That picture made my day!

    Haven't made jam or jelly in forever but adding cherries to anything sounds good to me!

  2. You know, we love our sour cherry jam here, and Virginia, I can totally see that the cherry "bounce" would add something extra to the berry component! I might try this (don't hate me!) with frozen berries because of course I was not out berry picking this summer.... but it's fun to try things in the fall when my outside work load lessens. That's a huge plus around here!

    A landscaper friend stopped by last night and reminded me that most of my yard is a mess. :)

    Oh my stars, WEED CENTRAL in the pretty English Ivy that has been infiltrated by poison ivy from the woods. Which is why I'm not out there weeding and doing yard work, shoot we're luck the lawn gets mowed!

    I love baby on mouse!!!! #happypictureoftheday

    And I can picture you there, on the toybox, changing lives forever. And that's an image I love Mary Virginia Carmichael Munoz. That's a story worth telling right there.

    Smiling with love.

    1. What is this landscaper you speak of?

      Our yard is mostly jungle. In fact, someone just stopped by a few days ago and said, "oooh, I just love what you've done. You just (waves hands) let everything (waves hands) go all over like (waves hands) a jungle!"

  3. Bing cherries. God's natural laxative. This sounds deeeelicious.

    1. Really??? I never get enough of them to tell. That's the good thing about a house with 8 people. You never get to OD on anything tasty.


    2. YES! Hello Ms. Carol Winner!!! Congrats!!

  4. Yummm. I was watching Grandboy today get it done on the soccer field. Falls, kicks, and his first goal. But I was still holding my breath. Can't image doing that all the times you have!

    1. And at speed!

      I always think I'm going to relax but what's fun for them is a nail biter for me...

  5. Looking at that desk, it occurs to me to mention that all the veneer is scraped off there. It's not dirty. It looks dirty, though. But I promise it's not!
    I should post a picture of my newer desk. Nice and clean.

    Not tidy. CLEAN. There's a difference.

    1. I didn't even notice that. Was too taken by the sweet blond. :)

  6. Virginia, I LOVE that photo of your son "talking" on the mouse. LOLOL

    Man, I wish I could come up there and snatch one of those jars. Sounds amazing! Would you believe I've never made jelly in my adult life? When I was a kid, I helped my mom make freezer jam. But I've never made regular jelly. I sure eat my share, though!