Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Honesty is the Best Policy

So I'm just going to say it. 


With a minimum of two more weeks to go before I can eat REAL food, I'm getting a little on the testy side. You have no idea how badly I'd like to sink my teeth into one of these (recipe here).

Or these (recipe here).

And I'm drooling over the thought of this (recipe here).

The question I keep getting from people is this - What are you going to want for you first REAL meal?

Truthfully, I have no idea.

You all now I've been on a quest to lose weight for a few months now. And while the surgery definitely propelled the weight loss (clear liquids will do that), I've still tried to adhere to the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle I adopted before my surgery. Weaning myself off of sugar was H.A.R.D. So even though I can afford an indulgence like Blue Bell ice cream, I don't want to go there. Unfortunately, no sugar also means no mashed potatoes, no cheese grits...

So what am I eating? Oatmeal, smoothies, scrambled eggs, egg salad (which was heavenly), baked sweet potatoes (insides only), tuna with mayo only, finely chopped dark-meat chicken, soup (had about enough of that), over-cooked pasta...

You get the picture. Not a whole lot of variety and not necessarily a lot of flavor. Or at least not complex flavors. I believe that's what I miss the most. 

Wanna know a secret?

My biggest craving these past several weeks has been pizza. A supreme deluxe, to be exact. 
Onions, bell peppers, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, ham, olives, etc. 
Now those are some complex flavors.

I miss salad. 

I miss steak.

I really miss corn on the cob.

Before my surgery, I told you about my "last supper" and asked what you would choose for your last meal.

Today, we're going to flip that. If you were limited to liquids and soft foods for six-plus weeks, what would be your FIRST real meal? 

Here's what I'm thinking. Y'all should come up with your favorite dishes. Your signature dish. The dish that describes you. Then, on that glorious day when I can eat real again, we'll all meet at my house. You and your favorite dish. Talk about a par-tay!

I'm in. How about you?


  1. Well, totally missed that last supper post and I rarely miss a day at the café. No wonder I was in the dark. Sorry about that.

    Yay to a full recovery. Personally, I don't think you should overdo the first supper though. I think your tummy might protest! I'd make a my yummy black bean burritos. Pretty simple really, I think it's the seasonings that leave me drooling. And the dollop of sour cream and guacamole. Blissful sigh. But that's just my weird vegetarian taste buds talking.

  2. Kav, guacamole is another thing I've been craving. The avocado I could do, but the chunks of tomato, cilantro, onion and garlic will have to wait.
    And no over doing anything. Whatever I have will be in very small portions because my stomach has shrunk so much. You wouldn't believe how long it takes me just to eat a single-serving container of yogurt. I'm forced to slow down and chew, chew, chew. Not that yogurt needs chewing, mind you, but I can no longer eat fast like I used to.

  3. Chicken pot pie or Shepherd's pie. Gotta go with one of those or both..... But I agree with Kav, I'd make those my fourth and fifth suppers, and go light the first 48 hours....

    So put me down for those for the 3rd and 4th supper and Abbott's ice cream (which is my favorite ice cream/custard on the planet) and I'd be happy.... And they'd have to tie me down and tell me "You're DYING" before I'd be able to do your surgery, yes, I am that much of a wuss....

    Love your strength and commitment!!!!

    1. Ruthy, it could be worse. I ran into an old friend last night who had the same surgery back in November. She had to do the liquid diet for two weeks PRIOR to the surgery, then clear liquids for two weeks after, then full liquids, then soft foods... Oh. My. Gosh. Seems I don't have it so bad after all.

      So you'd be reaching for the comfort foods. There is a reason they call them comfort foods, because they definitely comfort. I learned that after Richard's chaos back in 2011. Which is where my weight gain began. So not fair. Comfort food should be savored and enjoyed without the fear of retribution. Sigh.

      BTW, the stomach is not a problem. The liquid and soft foods are to allow the surgical site to heal. The repair is where the esophagus and the stomach come together. Since it was made smaller, the diet restrictions are necessary for it to heal. All it takes is a couple of forgetful moments to remind you WHY you have to takes small bites. Ouch.

      Ruthy, you are the antithesis of a wuss. Anyone who spends their days corralling a bunch of munchkins canNOT be classified as a wuss!

    2. Aw, you're sweet... so you don't think the stomach will have a hard time with solids after so many weeks of soft? Because I was worried for you.

      Not as worried as MISSY gets, because that's just ridiculous, you know what I mean.... :)

      But I didn't want you to enjoy great food and then... well... cause more grief!!!

    3. Ruthy, I will definitely not be causing any grief for myself. No matter how good at it I might be. :P

      So you give Missy the worrier award, too, huh?

  4. I'm with Ruthy - I couldn't do this unless the only choice was dying :-( and I can't come up with one sinle meal - I like too many! but I don't think I'd jump in full throttle the first meal - even after one day of fasting for my colonoscopies I was told to take it easy the first couple of meals.

    I'm not into cold soups but they did this for a quilt thingy last month- like a liquid salsa and liquid guacamole - you could even blend up the onion and stuff so you have the taste but not the lumps. same with pizza flavored stuff - like v8 in a bowl...dunno but at least you're almost there!

    1. Excellent point, Susanna! I could puree my guac! Bet the tortilla chips wouldn't do so well though. ;) Wonder if I could get a corn flavored spoon? Hmm...I might be on to something.

      Pizza, on the other hand, I refuse to go there. Some things just can't be duplicated.

      Like I told Ruthy, you'd do it if you had to, Susanna. The acid that was running rampant up my esophagus and into my throat posed a threat for cancer if left untreated. Not to mention the osteoporosis that could have come from perpetually taking the acid reducers. Sometimes we never know what we can do until we're plopped right in the thick of 'em. :)

    2. I'm dealing with acid reflux myself - but it seems to be better once the dr prescribed something - forgot what it's called though - but I don't even take it every day - so long as I do some exercise and eat better it does't seem to flare up but when I was doing al that endless overtime it was bad - I'd wake up with acid in my mouth it felt like. and yes I'd do it if I had to but I'd really seriously have to :-(
      the women at the quilt thing were just eating their guacamole 'soup' with spoons. I didn't try it since I like chunky (and chips sorry!) but they said it had the taste of guacamole and the other one they said tasted like salsa.

  5. Steak salad (romaine or fresh greens) with feta cheese, and glazed pecans an homemade croutons. You are killing me.

  6. Probably would have crunchy tacos. :) Or steak and salad with the amazing bread from Longhorn. :)

    I'd also have some kettle chips! That's one of my recent weaknesses. LOL

    1. I was trying to decide between steak/baked potato loaded or Mexican/tex-mex myself...then remembered olive garden...

    2. I LOVE kettle chips. Love the crunch. And bread is always enticing, as is steak. But tacos? Really, Missy?

    3. I think you hit the nail on the head, Susanna--Mexican food. Shoot, cheese enchiladas might even be considered soft food, wouldn't you say? If at a restaurant, though, I'd really have to control myself on the chips. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to eat anything else. However, if they were topped with guacamole, it would be worth it. :D

    4. LOL after my colonoscopy last fall the nurse was telling me to eat light the first meal then asked what was I thinking because I had 'that look' and I said I was trying to figure out if lopez's cheese enchiladas were considered light and she said NO! I said my usual was fajita chicken enchiladas so in comparison they were light. Sigh my friend told her I'd gat a peanut butter sandwich...and that's what I got then woke up with her dog sleeping on top of me!

      And Missy's right sometimes a good taco just totally hits the spot st Lopez reatayrant my dad ordered those a lot


  7. I'd go with the pizza. One small slice with the works.

    Or steak. Since we bought our 1/2 steer back in February, we've been having steak every week - and I still can't get enough (sorry Kav!). This stuff is so much better than what you can buy in the grocery store...I'm already saving up for next year's beef!

    And congrats for sticking to the THM lifestyle through all this!!! Bravo!

    1. You're right about the one slice, Jan. Don't think I could eat more than that. And it'd have to be thin crust.

      Steak is something I will always love, so we'll see how long I can hold out for that. So glad we can enjoy steak on THM.

    2. I want to add that I'm super proud of you too... this is not an easy recovery.... and dieting, ooops.... LIFE STYLE CHANGING!!!! isn't easy either, so maybe combining the two makes perfect sense, right???
      But I'm proud of you. You soldiered on, and that's awesome, kid.