Thursday, June 5, 2014

Amish Cauliflower Salad, Baby Chicks and Life at Ruthy's Place!!!!

First, the Amish Salad: Easy, Delicious, Crowd-pleasing! I made this on a dare from my friend Sherrie who was conveniently out-of-town when I made it but she left me this:

Her beautiful and wonderful daughter Casey who helps me with urchins during the week.... Love this kid!!!! So I think I got the better end of the deal, right????  :)

Casey's learning how to help on the farm, too. I warned her against it (ah, the faith of youth!!!!) but she likes the idea of making money while getting a tan!  FREE SUN!!!!!

 These are new asparagus holes... 300 new asparagus roots went into the ground.... And this is Seth, our second son, using the new BCS "tractor" with the tiller attachment. Yeah, that's our version of a Father's Day present: A NEW COOL TOOL!!!!!!  :)  With work attached, LOL!

Okay, back to food!!!! (But isn't he so stinkin' cute?????)

First, fry bacon. Everyone will love you. Make extra. Bacon is carb-free, by the way:


Broccoli/Cauliflower Salad:

1 head broccoli, chopped
1 head cauliflower, chopped
1/2 pound bacon, fried and crumbled
1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese

Now chopped....

Shred that cheese!!!

Mix those together.

 Add dressing:

1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup sour cream
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt

Mix these together, add to veggies and cheese, mix and refrigerate.

This is a wonderful crunchy salad! So stinkin' good!!!!!

And of course I forgot to take mixed final picture.  SIGH..... but I did well up until that point!  And here's a glimpse of newest additions:

Two farm boys, on a mission:

One postal clerk, very relieved to SEE US!!!!!

And in that magical NOISY BOX!!!!!!  50 Shades of Chick!!!!!!

Hello, babies!!!! Welcome to upstate!!!!! Watch out for owls, okay? And um... cats. And um... a lot of little kids. Good luck on that, by the way, babies!!!!!

Adorable, right????  So far 49 of the original 53 are doing well.....

(Hey, mini-funerals are God's way of preparing us for the REAL DEAL, a very teachable moment way of thinking!)

And here's a nod to Tina's weather although 108 degrees would make me homicidal.... The kids, on a nice sunny day around 84 degrees:

THEY'RE CRUISIN'!!!!!!!  How stinkin' cute is this??????

And the next day??????

Running in the house to get hats and mittens to go with their shorts because it was C-O-L-D outside! Love it!!!!

I suggested pants but they looked at me like I was crazy because it's SUMMER.... They just need hats and gloves, thank you very much.


June in upstate!!!!


  1. Hmm I wonder if Casey's interest in farming had anything to do with the scrumptious eye candy with the tiller?!f Casey does housework she can come live with me..I don't have any hunky eye candy unfortunately,

    Hmm this salas actually sounds good! I've had a broccoli one but the dressing was sweet don't think it has sour cream in it.


    1. Susanna, this one was a little sweet, too. I cut the sugar to 1/3 cup from 1/2 cup because it was a little too sweet even for me! But the salad as a whole was MARVELOUS!!!!! The bacon... Oh mylanta, the bacon!!!! :)

      Isn't Seth cute????? He's married to Lacey, they've got two adorable kids you've seen here but having a few cute guys around is never a bad thing, right???? :) And I've explained to Casey that boys have COOTIES. Of course she listens to everything I say, just like my own kids did, LOL!

  2. Wait -- you can mail chickens?????? Seriously??? Who knew?! This has been an eye opening post, Ruthy! Mailing chickens???? I'm gobsmacked. There's a children's picture book in there somewhere.

    I'll skip on the bacon salad...but loved the glimpse of farm life. Really laughed at the mitts, hats thing because our weather took the same dive. Sweltered on Tuesday as I boxed books in my library. Thought I'd die from the heat and humidity. Prepared for more the next day so I wore light clothes and no coat and froze all the way to work and back. Mind you, I appreciated the cooler could stay that way all summer and i'd be happy. It just took me by surprise after our two day scorcher. LOL

    1. Kav, this would fine without the bacon! You could add another veggie, or just add celery seed: Think of it as a cole slaw chopped, not shredded or grated. That's what it tastes like. And we tried adding nuts to part of it and that was AMAZING. I should have put that in the post, huh??? (Points up....)

      But I forgot!!!!

      Yes, they mail chicks and there were 53 to start and now there are 48.... so they'll credit me for five but that's not a bad loss considering.

      They mail them the day of hatching because chicks are born with a full tummy of yolk.

      And they're so stinkin' cute that my naughty school kids MISSED THE BUS this morning!!!! But how mad could I be when they were admiring God's little baby beauties!!!! 50 Shades of Chicks!!!!

  3. Precious and yummy!! (That was kids first and food second.) :)

    I can't wait to make this!!

    1. Missy, it was so good! And everyone loved it. And you can add nuts to it. And you can make it without the bacon, but with the bacon AND nuts???

      Oh my stars, so good!!!!

  4. We raised chicks one spring. We couldn't keep them, but I had a friend who wanted new chickens, but didn't have time to care for the chicks. So it was a win/win for both of us, and my children had the most fun science unit ever :)

    And that salad... Whenever I go to an Amish restaurant (my favorite REAL Amish restaurant is Tiffany's in Topeka, Indiana), I always order the salad bar. Tons of yummy salads like this one! Who says you have to always chop up lettuce to make a good salad?

    Cute kids. Cute, cute kids. I love the farmer boys at the post office!

    1. Jan, yes our version of "salad" needs revamping!!!!! The chicks are so cute, and they're starting to get accustomed to us... And about that time, we'll throw 'em a curve!!!

  5. Okay, Ruthy, you got me. I am officially craving vegetables. With bacon. I can't tell you how much I want this salad RIGHT NOW! Oh, I can't wait to make it. Along with a bazillion other things. Can you imagine all the cooking that will be going on once I'm cleared to eat REAL food? Better send your friends and relatives because there will likely be enough to feed a small army.

    Oh, wait. I have teenage boys. That is a small army. Not that they will touch this salad. Except for the bacon. Like you said, make extra. And they will love me. :)

    1. Love the chicks, BTW. And the cute kiddos. :D

    2. Mindy, first, you have a 15 pound weight loss that is AWESOME.....

      So don't go too stinkin' crazy, because even though that's a rough way to diet, oooo la la, I'm thinking REALLY CUTE CLOTHING!!!!!!

      And teenage boys Never Stop Eating.

      It's like non-stop perpetual hand to mouth.

      And I love the chicks too!!!! All are well so far, I keep checking them to make sure! Red warming light, sugar water, chick food and wood shavings... that they kick into their water. Silly babies!!!

  6. 1/2 pound of bacon and 50 noisy baby chicks. How would this NOT be a Ruthy post.

    1. You've got that right, Tina!

    2. And I bought Wright's Bacon at Sam's Club. It's our favorite. It was made in Texas and it's amazing thick bacon. LOVE IT!!!! And bacon has no carbs. ♥♥♥♥♥

      You'd love these chick babies!!!!! EVERY COLOR AROUND!!!!

  7. did anyone notice the boy wearing pink hello kitty rainboots?! ;-) too cute! I thnk it's Brodie..gosh so many kids can't keep them all straight!

    1. Susanna, yes!!! Both boys love those pink "kitty" boots. And they have "fireman" boots, too, but for this trip they wanted "farm" boots. I'm not sure if it's the pink or the kitty that makes them more "farm" than the others, but aren't they the funniest things?????? I'm so glad you noticed! And you'd be happy to see the chicks, they're thriving. PHEW!!!!