Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Salad

What a doozy of a winter this has been!

First we had this:

And then this:

Some more of this:

And plenty of this:

But now we're finally ready for some of this:

Sunshine and visiting the "boys on the hill." Now, this is what I call spring!

And spring means salads galore. Fruit, veggies, more veggies, more fruit....

Here's a simple salad I made for Easter dinner.

Spring Salad


Spring lettuce mix, or spinach, or a combination
Feta Cheese
Slivered almonds
Raspberry Vinaigrette salad dressing

Throw everything together in a big bowl (amounts according to your taste), and toss well.

Is that easy-peasy, or what?

I used this Maple Grove Farms Sugar Free Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing I buy from Walmart, but any brand would do.

Or you can make your own with a tablespoon of minced onion, 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon raspberry flavoring and a few frozen raspberries thrown in for color. Refrigerate for several hours before using.

The salad was scrumptious, and since we were eating with some folks from church at our pastor's home, the company was delightful.

Enjoy your spring days, everyone!


  1. Oh, I love this salad, except with Spinach, Kens Walnut Raspberry Vinaigrette -Lite and pecans instead of almonds and dried cranberries instead of strawberries. LOVE IT. At office parties it just disappears.

    1. Isn't this just the best, easy spring salad?

      We can change up everything involved - the greens, the fruits, the nuts, the dressing - the endless salad!

    2. I'm totally in on the salad, too!!!! Although I would add a bed of crunchy broccoli slaw.... And on a SAD NOTE I bought a bottle of pomegranate berry vinaigrette dressing and it tasted like DEATH IN A BOTTLE..... I've never tasted anything so awful, but they didn't have my usual Marie's Raspberry dressing..... I was so disappointed. :( Sad face in upstate!!!! I love a good, crunchy, fun mixed salad!!!

  2. Love this, Jan! I'm so glad you're finally getting some spring!

    Tina, I love Ken's too!

    1. Spring is on it's way! Today is rainy and cold. That's spring, right? :)

    2. March winds, April showers bring May flowers. It's still April, so that rain fits the bill. :)

  3. Loved the puppy pics even if they were snow-filled. (guess what it did last night up here?) Spring temps today though so it's all melted away. What a yoyo spring it's been.

    I am going to make this salad. I am probably the most uncreative salad maker in the world which is really shameful for a vegetarian. I need to start thinking outside the salad box. :-)

    1. Thatcher loved the snow! I wonder if he'll go through withdrawal as the weather gets warmer?

      The strawberries really add a lot to this salad. I love the dried cranberries, too, but the strawberries were super juicy and sweet!

  4. Ooo, Jan, I love this kind of salad. A little bit of sweet, a little savory.... It all equals one big YUM! And I love a raspberry vinaigrette. Will have to look for a sugar free variety. Maybe if they have it at your Walmart, they'll have it at mine. 'Cept I might try some blue cheese crumbles instead of the feta. Nothing against feta, I just happen to HAVE blue cheese crumbles. Besides, it's all about the tang.

    After your long winter, I know you're thrilled spring is back. Summer is trying to makes itself known around here, but it's supposed to back of this week and let spring take center stage for a while. Fine by me. I can do without the heat.

    1. It IS all about the tang! Feta and blue cheese both have that crumbly texture and sour tang. They're perfect for salads.

  5. The "and this" photos made me laugh!
    And this salad has all the things I love. I'm a feta fan, believe it! I've never put all these things together and I'll definitely try it!

  6. Oh, the snow.... the snow.... the snow.....

    I am loving daffodils big time!!!!