Thursday, April 17, 2014

Peanut Butter Sauce for Ice Cream or... well... Whatever? Like You Need A Reason????

Let's start simple:

Peanut butter rocks.

Peanut butter and chocolate = Marriage Made in Heaven

Peanut butter sauce on ice cream?


I was making Elijah's ice cream cake for his 4th birthday, and Elijah's mother (who is related to me but shall remain nameless) requested peanut butter chocolate ice cream cake.....

Layered with vanilla.

At that point I thought of how wonderful, how marvelous, peanut butter sauce would be. And that brings us to this!

Okay, this is easy-peasy, no lie:

Peanut Butter Sauce

3/4 cup whipping cream
1/2 stick butter
1/4 cup corn syrup
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1 cup peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
3/4 teaspoon of salt

Put all in 2 quart or larger saucepan.

Heat over low. Whisk when peanut butter and butter melt. I forgot the powdered sugar and added it at the end.... and got a kind of grainy looking sauce....

So I added a splash of cream and whisked:  PERFECTLY SMOOTH AGAIN!!!!!


I have a fun fudge sauce I'll share too.... It's very similar because the basics of sauce are butter, cream (or milk) and flavor....  The flavor being the peanut butter/chocolate/chicken/artichoke, whatever sauce you're making, the basics are the same.

Remember Missy doing her saffron-burning dance a few weeks back? Well, that's the only thing with sauces, the milk/sugar gets hot QUICKLY or milk/flour gets hot QUICKLY and you have to be patient.

Missy and I walk away and do other things and then we burn stuff and we should really learn from that but we don't.

Hey, anything for a laugh!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I would just eat that with a spoon. Peanut butter sauce soup. Call it dinner.

    1. VIRGINIA!!!! Exactly, peanut butter soup!!!! And did you know that you can turn regular delicious butter icing into peanut butter icing by just adding a bunch of peanut butter..... and it's so stinkin' good on brownies!!!!! Guess who just took a double batch of brownies out of the oven????

  2. So -- this one doesn't totally appeal to me though I'm sure it's delish -- especially over a scoop of chocolate fudge ice's just peanut butter sauce doesn't sound right to me. Maybe I've been traumatized by too many peanut butter allergy kids at school...I think of this recipe has a lethal weapon. LOL.

    1. You know, Friendly's has a famous one, so I went looking for that recipe, but then I changed it, Kav.... but I figured if the restaurants could use it on Peanut Butter and Chocolate sundaes, oh, yum!!!!!

  3. I bet that would be delicious over my oatmeal this morning.

    1. Or just licked off a spoon..... I wonder if it would work well in oatmeal brownies or cookies? I can totally see that! And as a cupcake filler. Go with a thick version and fill chocolate cupcakes with the peanut butter filling and top with chocolate icing. Oh, yum!!!!

  4. Mmmm.... Peanut Butter sauce.

    I'm with Virginia, though. I'm afraid this would never make it to the ice cream.

    Oooh! I just had a thought! Wouldn't this make a fabulous topping for a brownie sundae? Vanilla ice cream, fresh hot fudge brownies, and peanut butter sauce!

    1. I just had another thought. My brownie sundae sounds a lot like Elijah's cake.

      Great minds think alike, right?

    2. Hahahahaha! Yes, it does, Jan and Elijah's cake was wonderful. Oh my stars, the family in from Minnesota loved it.... and this week I made one with chocolate and mint (no peanut butter sauce) for Mandy's birthday. WE HAVE SO MANY SPRING BIRTHDAYS!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!! That's when the weight thing becomes tough, because it's like 4 weeks of 2-3 birthdays/week.


    3. We're that way in the summer. Starting in April, we have 5 birthdays by August. What can I say? Winters are boring. :)

  5. I was just thinking about this post... realizing we've become the food bloggers that don't eat... and I came back here and everybody is talking cake! HOORAY! It's virtual, people. Just enjoy the recipe and don't count the carbs or get out the measuring tape!
    For everything there is a season, and although right now I'm having something disgustingly healthy for lunch, I WILL enjoy this recipe.... someday sooooon.

  6. I mixed a couple handfuls of chocolate chips into melted peanut butter and thought that tasted delish over ice cream, but of course the cold ice cream quickly turns the sauce into a hard shell. I'm loving the sound of your recipe. Spoon-lickin' good!