Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Missy, here. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Today, I'm re-sharing a post from 2 years ago. This is still a leftover favorite of mine!

Last year [this was now 3 years ago!], I chaperoned a trip with my son's AP U.S. History class. We visited Boston and surrounding areas. At one stop in Concord, we let the kids go do lunch on their own. Several of the teachers and I hit a fantastic restaurant called Main Streets Market and Cafe. I had what I think may have been the best sandwich of my life. The Turkey Cranberry Wrap. I was in heaven. Recently, I decided to recreate this sandwich on my own. (I can't believe I didn't think to do it sooner.)

So, here we go! Pull out those leftovers and get to wrapping!

Get some of those low carb wraps I mentioned a few weeks ago. Spread on cranberry sauce. Your choice of type. My daughter chose jellied, "the kind that's shaped like a can."  :) Layer with baby spinach.

Add dressing. I heated mine.

Then layer on the turkey. Again, I heated mine.

Wrap up and serve with a side of sweet potato fries just for fun. :)

How easy is that?! And it's an amazing sandwich. I ate it leftover on three days last week! And didn't even get sick of it.

What's your favorite thing to make with Thanksgiving leftovers?


  1. Oh, that is amazing and I love the surprise of sweet potato fries!

  2. wraps are popular here! can wrap just about anything LOL! this actually looks better than eating it 'regular'

  3. This is brilliance!!!!

  4. I hope you all give it a try. It's amazing, especially considering it's leftovers! I actually make it sometimes just because I want it. Not as leftovers. I make a pack of Stovetop Stuffing and use turkey sandwich meat. :)

  5. What a great time to remind us of this post! We have all the leftovers languishing in our fridge :)

    And Missy, I made my first ever pecan pie for yesterday's dinner. It turned out perfectly! Thanks for the recipe :)

  6. Jan, I'm so glad!! Believe it or not, we have some leftover. I may need to have a piece tonight. :)