Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Resurrecting corn, allelujah! Taste a bit of summer in your Thanksgiving.

Helllooooo, everybody! The Fresh Pioneer is back and I have something that will do you no good at all this Thanksgiving. (You're welcome.) But this coming summer, if you harken back to this post, you can follow the directions to make sure you have fresh corn for Thanksgiving 2015! You can't say I'm not a forward thinker.

So, my friend Stacey (of the secret recipe fame) recently sent me this e-mail about what they're having for Thanksgiving. Because I can't be there and good friends always want to know what the other one is eating, right?? Right.

(This is a random picture if sugar cookies I made last year. It's me, handing my sombrero-wearing hubby my heart. Awwwwwww..... He looks like a pirate! So dashing.)

(This is our good things jar. Around New Year's Day, we'll open it and read all the good things that have happened this year. It's STUFFED and it's only November!!!)
(Another random photo, this time of the birdcage this sits above my desk. It helps me think. I believe in the power of twinkle lights...)

Now that we've gotten the pretty pictures out of the way, I'm just going to cut and paste from her e-mail because I'm lazy and I don't think she'll sue me for plagiarism. I mean, I'm pretty sure she won't. I am but a poor author! 

     "First ,way back in September, we gleaned come corn from a farmer friend. We processed some for the freezer to enjoy at Thanksgiving.  
Need: 3-4 TBS of sugar, 6 ears if corn, ice, LOTS of ice, water, large bowl and big pot, also gallon size zip lock type freezer bags.


  1. Have all the cobs of corn shucked and silks removed before starting this.
  2. Pour ice into a big bowl, then fill a third of the way with very cold water; set aside on the counter near your stove.
  3. Now, over to the stove, fill the large pot less then half way with water and add in the sugar; bring to a full boil.
  4. Add in as many cobs of corn that will fit into the pot without over crowding
  5. Bring the water up to a FULL boil again; cook the corn JUST until the cobs turn a darker yellow which will not take long (about 3 minutes) turning the cobs over in the water, if necessary, using long tongs to guarantee  even cooking.
  6. Just when the corn takes on a darker shade of yellow, use long tongs to grab out one ear and immediately plunge it into the bowl of ice water and allow to sit until completely cooled. Keep adding corn and ice as needed.
  7. Place the cobs onto a clean tea towel to drain slightly.
  8. Gather around 6 cobs in a large bag, then freeze
TaDa.. Now it is November: 
  1. WHEN READY TO USE; remove as many cobs as you wish from the freezer place on the counter to thaw slightly (the corn does not have to be completely thawed)

 To heat the corn; place 1 cob into a microwave-safe plate and cook on high for 3-4 minutes or until completely heated through, turning the cob halfway through cooking time-Very important
 or for a more even heating place 1 cob of corn into a Glad Simply Cooking Microwave Steaming bag, seal and microwave for 3 minutes.
(Your hostess here. I think Stacey staged this shot in her local big box store. I mean, nobody has a microwave THAT CLEAN.)
There will be hot liquid on the plate so be careful! Get rid of it before you serve.
The corn is now ready to eat and enjoy!
It can be done in the oven in larger quantities with more rotating. It is a bit chewy yet it is wonderful to bring out a plate during gatherings in the winter!

(Me, again!) So, thank you for sharing your tips and tricks for bringing corn back from the freezer, Stacey! And I must say, I do love your red butter dish. And your corn holders. And your absolutely gorgeous counters. I'm still planning on taking a writing retreat to your house some day. I'll be no trouble at all. I'll be very quiet... except for when I ring my little bell to let you know when to bring me sandwiches and warm up my coffee.
Oh, and here's Stacey's e-mail signature. HILARIOUS!
Surviving Savage, Montana with the help of lots of coffee.

 Until next time, everyone and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. I love this because I've butchered corn from the freezer so often that Webster's dictionary classifies it in the "Meat" group when I thumb through....

    Stacy, thanks for the tips. And I didn't know Glad sold microwave bags!!!! How wonderful is that for easy-peasy!

    Happy Thanksgiving to youse all! Time to bake some squash!

    1. I mis-read that as 'God sold microwave bags'. I was thinking, "uhhh, pretty sure God has nothing to do with that."

  2. I didn't know you could freeze the whole cob -- how cool is that???????

    And I love your romantical cookies. You've inspired me to make sugar cookies today. It's a snow day so I'm going to start some Christmas baking. Yahoo!!!!

  3. I'm impressed with the microwave too!
    working today through Friday- overtime pay though at least PLUS they're bringing in Hungry Farmer catering to feed us (though planning on feeding 20 people when there are 13-15 and most are big eating men (and I ain't no lightweight in the eating department either!)) dunno might be interesting LOL!

    Hey Virginia have you ever made/drank atole? someone on facebook mentioned it and someone said it was mexican hot chocolate..guy at work says he likes the pecan - sounds thick to me..


    1. Hm. If I remember right, atole is sort of a thick, warm mush. At least, that's what my husband makes. It usually comes in a pouch, like hot chocolate and you pour hot water or hot milk in a cup and add the atole. I wasn't a fan...

    2. thanks don't think I'll seek it out LOL!

  4. I love it! Still laughing about the staged microwave shot! hahahaha But I do agree. It must be brand new! :)

    I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

  5. Savage, Montana??? A real place. I had to look it up. I smell a story!!!

    1. Isn't that great? I actually didn't know that was the name of the town for a long time. I thought she was being funny. Then I tried to send her something... and it was the actual address.

  6. Does anyone digest corn well?

  7. I am most interested in your birdcage. I love it. Want one.

    1. I was on a barter and trade site for a while. I traded... Can't remember what for it. Oh! Some old picture frames and some fabric! I'm all about the trading/ recycling/ upcycling.

  8. I used to freeze corn like this, back in the old days when we lived in corn-growing country! I still love that bit of summer pulled out of the freezer in the midst of a snowy winter.

    And with all of you on that microwave. Makes me want to head over to my local big box store.....

    1. She's very tidy. She would even clean my kitchen when I invited her over. She's that cool.

  9. I know, right Jan? Go to the big box store whenever you need a clean microwave! LOL!

    1. We had the same microwave for five years and it died. We got a new one and have had it about 2 weeks. Ours is definitely dirtier than that! My point is made.