Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Edna's retirement party and another kitchen fail!

Helloooo, everybody! The Fresh Pioneer is back and we wanted to share some very exciting news! Last week, we had Edna's retirement party. Here she is, the center of attention, surrounded by all her old friends.
Hats were made by my ten year old because... well, Edna has no thumbs. She's good, but she's not 'party hat and hot glue gun' good.
Walter the alarm clock, Goldy the tea cup, Minty the Fireking mug, Pierre the French Press, and Master Chen, the Ninja cooker all came and partied hardy.
My sweet blue Pyrex and the ice blue Fireking dessert plate carried the cupcake to Edna. (Imagine humming and whirring. It sounded like the wedding march crossed with 'happy birthday'.)
Polly the vintage mixing bowl, Sassy the hobnail milk glass teacup, Rudolf the vintage cookie press and Francine the Fireking flowered teacup crowded around. Folgers coffee had to come because they share counter space and I hear them giggling long into the night. That Folgers... he never sleeps. Tom the vintage toaster and Perky the percolater coffee maker were there.
Vintage blue glass Ball jars made an appearance but one refused to wear the party hat. It didn't fit right. She's used to those fancy zinc lids.
Everyone had a wonderful time and many cupcakes were consumed. After a few hours, it was time to tuck everyone back into their spots. We needed to get ready. We were expecting someone....
While I waited, I took some old tea containers someone gave me and started painting.

Ooooh, pretty! With my red kitchen, I'm thinking this will be very cheery! I found a site that had some great downloads for decals. I'm thinking red will be fun. Decals from 'Just Something I Made'. I really love that site, she is SOOOOO crafty! I love repurposing materials and we get given a LOT of materials because people know we homeschool.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door! Our package had arrived!
AHHHHH! This one is occupied! Wrong box!
Seriously, this is the box.
Hey, my painted thumb sort of matches this sticker...
Oooh, first peek! And I'm thinking I might have ordered the wrong size.
Oh... WOW. Umm.... This mixer is a monster! (Ignore the legos. It's a constant state in this house.)
It's a Captain Hook mixer!
So, we got him out of the box and set him up on the counter. Edna was there to inspect. She looked him up and down and all around. *low whistle* "My goodness. He's definitely got the brawn, but does he have the brains?"
There was no response. I was wondering if he really was 'just a mixer'. I mean, not everything can have a sparkling personality.
 I tried to set him under the cabinet. No go. He was far too large.
Then I heard a light sniff. I think he was noticing the fresh garlic. And avocados.

Hm. It was time to test him out. He still wasn't really talking. I found this awesome Norwegian Krumkake press at a thrift shop. COOL!!! I want to make some of those yummy crisp cookies that are shaped like cones and smell like Christmas!
 So, we started.
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup sugar
3 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp cardamom
1 cup flour
6 TBS cold water

I asked Mr. Strong and Silent what his name was but he seemed far too intent on his work. And boy, did he go fast!
 In seconds, everything was mixed. We hardly got to know each other.

 I got out my potato masher, ready to roll the cookies on the handle as soon as they came off the press.
Directions say to grease the press, add a dollop of batter, squeeze together, and cook 30 seconds on each side. Ummmmm.... That is hubby's tortilla warmer. I set it on there because I was afraid of getting hot sugar batter on the ceramic top stove. He walked by and rolled his eyes toward heaven. I told him, "Just you wait! They're going to be delicious!"
Hm. I tried. I really did. Over and over and over until all the batter was gone. I never did figure out how to get the crispy cookies. I'm wondering if the recipe called for too many eggs? I thinned the batter and tried again. Nope. The scraps were incredibly tasty, but this is all we every got: scraps.

Anyway, Mr. Tough and Reticent and I got to spend a bit of time together. It was just a mere introduction. I think he enjoyed himself. At least, I'm pretty sure. Maybe we need to try something else. Cinnamon rolls? He can use that pirate hook. Edna thought that was quite intriguing. And maybe after that, he'll tell us his name. The kids have already decided they're married, but I don't know if Edna is the marrying type.

Only time will tell!
Until next time!


  1. Hey, I LOVE THIS BIG GUY!!!!!! But do not toss Edna aside as yet. Big guys are gorgeous and I love mine, but I keep my back-up because most of the big guys don't last for years and years and years if used. And yet, I love 'em to pieces!

    So the whole pizzelle type cookie, oy, I had one of those cute irons, too. It's still here, someplace. But I bought myself an electric pizzelle maker and oh my stars, Virginia-of-many-names, it's the bomb!!!! It works. I get beautiful pizzelles or "cone cookies" every time except when I forget to open it and burn the. It's a wipe down clean, they're crispy and fresh and I keep them in an old-fashioned tin to stay that way, my nod toward the past while working in the present toward a fun future!!!!

    (I said all that in ONE BREATH. I'm impressed)

    Love this! Congratulations on a new friend!

    "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold"... That's my song for Edna.

    She may be silver but she is truly GOLD!!!

  2. So, pizzelle is like the Krumkake? And they're electric? Do they make a pretty pattern? You know, I'd never heard of any of this before a friend talked about them on facebook. She was a foreign exchange student in Germany and LOVED those cookies, so she ordered herself one of these. When I saw this one I thought it would be fun. (HAHAHAHAHAHA.)
    Anyway, the house smells good. And the scraps are tasty.

  3. Oooh, look at the picture! Pizzelle are so pretty!

  4. How ever do you remember the names of all those party guests?

    Love they'd new guy. That's the color I wanted but the family chose bayberry. I do like that one too.

    1. Bayberry is gorgeous!! And the kids remember all the names. I know Walter and Goldy...

    2. You'll have to make name tags to go with the party hats!

  5. Edna's better than the shiny new guy! though he is pretty impressive...
    don't even know what one of those krumcakes are but sure wouldn't know the thingy that makes them if it smacked me upside the pizelles I've heard of...


    1. I think I might love a pizzelle maker since the usually have a snowflake pattern. How cool is that??

  6. Congratulations!!! Edna Dear! Good luck. What are you going to name this beast.

    Susanna, I thought of pizelles as well. I have a pizelle maker.

    Yep. I want a Kitchen Aide too!! Actually I won one four years ago at the company Christmas party. I gave it away to an employee was REALLY wanted it. Come on, it was a good choice. I only bake once a year.

    1. Wow. You truly are a generous person, Tina. I want to be nearby when you win something again.

    2. Lol. Missy!!
      And Tina that is just beautiful. And I can honestly say that I hardly ever baked until about 3 years ago. It shows! But I just didn't know any good recipes so I let other people bring me the goodies!

  7. LOL...teehee...ROFL...Oh my stars, I'm hiccupping from laughing so hard. What a delightful party you threw for Edna (it's the hats I'm laughing over-- so festive!) And the kid in the box. LOL. Oh dear, my stomach can't take any more laughter.

    As to Mr. Strong and Silent type -- I'm thinking he's just shy and a little in awe of Edna's loveliness. Marriage might be on his mind but I'm guessing that Edna is going to make him work for it.

    So, is Edna going to start writing picture books for children now that she's retired? I'm sure there's lots of inspiration around your house.

    1. Kav, those got me laughing too!! Virginia, I loved that photo of your son! So cute!

    2. He was sort of scary popping up like that. And they wanted me to stand there and let him scare me over and over!! Nooooo.... As for Edna, I think she's more of a memoire kind of girl!

  8. Congratulations to Edna!! I'm sure the blue brawny guy will come around since Edna's so smokin' hot (pun intended). :)

    I LOVE that color of blue!! Enjoy your new mixer.

    1. Lol! She certainly is smoking hot... but only when she's working. :p

  9. Edna, you will always be queen! Even Mr. Strong and Silent will bow to your prowess and wealth of knowledge. Not so sure about a romance, though. I mean, Edna is, well, shall we say slightly older than this fella. Not that she's not a looker. She just doesn't seem the type to go after some young hunk. But Edna, dear, should this strapping young lad capture your heart, go for it babe. And more power to ya. ;)

    1. I do have a question, Virginia. Who made Edna's cupcake?

    2. I just can't see them together. But then I've never been good at predicting romance!

    3. On and we had to be so sneaky while we made those cupcakes! It was a surprise and all...

  10. I love that new mixer. Think of the possibilities! And he's big enough to get the job done.

    Double batches of cookies? Piece of cake. Four loaves of whole wheat bread? Easy-peasy. Whipped potatoes for a crowd? No problem.

    Delicate meringue? Move over buddy - it's Edna's turn. :)

    You should have naming contest for the new guy. I vote for Bruno.

    1. Exactly! For 8 people, Edna was overwhelmed. Like having grandma do all the dishes all the time when you can put in a dishwasher.

  11. All I know is I bet you tell great bedtime stories!

  12. Copying Dana's recipe here so I can find it later. She had great success with hers after putting the dough in the fridge several hours.
    "Here's the recipe that came with my iron: 2 eggs, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup butter, softened, 1 tsp cardamom or anise (cardamom is definitely the flavor I remember), 1 1/2 cups flour, 1 scant cup milk. Beat eggs, add sugar, butter and spice. Add flour and milk alternately, beat until smoothe. Heat iron until water dances on it. 1 teaspoon batter in center (I used an actual spoon, not measuring spoon), close iron and gently squeeze five to ten seconds before flipping. Looking for a light golden brown."

    Going to try it this way!