Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reminiscing Roman's Benefit!!!!

How stinkin' cute are they???
From left to right are my little friends Brody, Roman, Joslyn, Mary Ruth and Megan...

This was in May, taken on our side porch swing. You can see the protective boards are still against the porch wall, protecting the wall from the stack of firewood we keep there through the winter.
All is calm. All is bright.

This is Roman building a castle tower from my cupboard. Because blocks are clearly mundane!
Fast forward two months....
We started noticing changes in Roman. He was bruising easily. Then bruising for no apparent reason at all.
Mom and Dad took him into the doctor who then sent him right on to Golisano Children's Hospital, a wonderful facility here in Rochester.

And that's when the story begins. The new story, that is. The story of one little boy's unknowing fight to live.

No one should go broke trying to save their kid's life. That's my theory and I'm sticking with it. With the help of the amazing "Daycare Moms" (past and present!) we asked permission to have a fundraiser to help Kevin and Darcy battle this disease. While they have insurance for the next few months, Darcy can't work and be with Roman. On top of that, well... there's this:

Darcy and Kevin are expecting a baby boy in January.... A baby who may or may not be a donor for his big brother. Darcy was about three months along when Roman was diagnosed, so she's dealing with Roman's ongoing quest for wellness.... and the miracle of birth within.

We met and planned and ate good food and talked and chatted and ate more good food...

"Confession Time: We ate and talked a LOT during the planning meetings."

And with all that eating, managed to plan a delightful Pasta and Meatball Dinner Benefit with great food...

Wonderful donations and prizes for baskets!!!!


This is a patchwork "quilt" of love messages and get well cards from Roman's friends here.

Setting up the Silent Auction table....
And cute little kids getting their faces painted and balloon animals while bigger kids performed on stage for an evening of entertainment.  An amazing baked food table as has never been seen before, I think.... An Eichas Family Extravaganza of Homemade Goodness!!!!

Casey and McKenna, wearing the leukemia "orange" tee-shirts to show they're "FUNDRAISER STAFF". :)

Kids Helping a Kid.

Families joining together.

Many hands making light work.

We raised a lot of money. We had fun. We had people coming in from all over and it was wonderful.

We ran out of food at 223 dinners served... TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE DINNERS SERVED!!!!!

And while we felt bad to starve folks, we were so happy to have had such a wonderful turnout that it felt kind of GOOD to run low on food!

People smiled. Hugged. Prayed. Sandy Eichas (Roman's aunt and little Joslyn's mother) made an amazing video showcasing Roman's life... she ended it with this song:

Complete with pictures like this:

It was a great night, for a great cause...

And how I wish we didn't have to do it.


We'll do it again, as needed.

Because that's what friends are for.



  1. Bless you! Praying for sweet Roman and his family!

    1. And that's the best thing ever. Long road... lots of prayers. And I know how well you understand that!

  2. I was already teary but was really choked up at "we ran out of food." And Mandisa's Overcomer? God blessed that woman with a gift of inspirational song.

    God bless all who love Roman. And God bless you Ruthy for the good you do out of your generous heart.

    1. Oh, no, no, no.... it was such a team effort, there were so many helping hands. I just provided the snark. That's my duty. Snarks R Us. :)

      But yeah, the food thing.... Having so many people come and want to have fun and donate to the cause. So blessed, right???? And isn't he stinkin' adorable?????

  3. RUTHY!! You made me cry. On a Thursday morning, no less. I have the whole day ahead of me. Sheesh.

    I love what you all did for little Roman, though. Praying for that little cutie, as well as his mom and dad. Love the kids helping a kid.

    Okay, I gotta go get a tissue.

    1. Awesome!!! Now you put his cute little face on your heart and soul as you pray. From your gentle-hearted lips to God's ears!!! :) Bless you, Mindy!

  4. wish I could have been there! bless that little guy and his family. I don't know what's going on - bad enough adults get cancer but little guys and babies having to deal with it?!
    one of my 2nd cousins posted on facebook a few days ago - a friend of hers has a 4 yr old son just diagnosed with leukemia :-( the good thing is that now it's a good prognosis - great even - for a lot. a coworker's son went through this probably 8 yrs ago give or take - he's fine now.

    hoping Roman kicks butt and flies through this a happy camper!

    223 - that's a lot of sketti!


    1. Susanna, it was a lot of pasta, LOL! I'll add your little guy to our prayer list.... what's his name? We can kick cancer's butt together!

    2. I'll have to find out his name- she didn't post that info nor her friend's name.
      how's Lisa doing? think that's her name...the one with the pink party.

  5. Ruthy! I was following the progress of the fund-raiser on Facebook - but thought of a donation to the silent auction MUCH too late to help. If you have another one, let me know, okay?

    So happy that this one was a success! It sounds like Roman's family and friends are warriors, and that's what that little guy needs....that and a lot of prayers from other folks.

    And for Roman's parents to be expecting another little boy? At just the right time? It wouldn't surprise me if that baby boy turns out to be the donor Roman if Someone planned it all along :)

    Will be praying - for Roman's health, his parent's strength, for money to roll in, and for that new baby boy.

    1. Jan, thank you! And I suspect there will be more. Roman's particular cancer is a rugged individualistic cancer, it comes on board both fists flying and often takes multiple attempts to tame and conquer. But we know God is bigger than cancer and if we need to gather again, yes! I'd love your help!!!!! Happy dancing in upstate!

  6. Very cool! Thanks for sharing. He is on my prayer list.

    1. Tina, I know he is! Your prayers have blessed so many people, even people in my family, my personal life. You are such a blessing to me.

      Dagnabbit, I'm getting emotional.

  7. Sniffle. Adding my prayers too. And thank you for the link to that song. I hadn't heard it before. It should definitely be little Roman's anthem.