Thursday, October 31, 2013

Filled Cupcakes with my Friend: The Cupcake Corer!!!!

We had a triple birthday celebration on Friday... Delightful young ladies, two with summer birthdays and one from October, so we did a "Birthday Extravaganza" at Ruthy's Place!!!

Which meant...

Baking Party in the Kitchen!!!!  (cue the dance music!!!!)

Some like yellow cake. Some like chocolate. And everyone likes cupcakes! So I used two of my fave mixes, Duncan Hines yellow and Dark Chocolate (oh, that just SOUNDS wonderful, doesn't it???)

I baked the cupcakes exactly like you'd do normally, only this time I DIDN'T BURN THEM.

Not one.

So then there's this:

Recognize it? No?

It's a Cupcake Corer... Who knew???? This little bad boy takes the core out of the cake, allowing me to STUFF IT with some kind of amazingly wonderful goodness.


Today I used this:

I used to make all my own jams and jellies and maybe I will again, but right now, McCutcheon's products rank right up there with my homemade. And I buy them at my friend Kim's farm store, she's a woman farmer and baker very much like Piper McKinney in "Falling for the Lawman"!!!!

Oh, you don't know what "Falling for the Lawman" is??? It was my fall release with Love Inspired (huge shameless plug grin here!!!) and yes, you can still buy it HERE!!!!!  I love Farm Lit books, I love country/rural/small town settings. It's so much fun! (and youse know I'll be saying the same thing about cities next week when I'm plugging "Love Finds You in the City at Christmas" right????)  :)

Half will be filled with frosting or raspberry filling.... 

And here is a shot showing the amazing Cupcake Corer device in action!!!! You simply twist it in and pull and out comes:


The kids gobbled these up for dessert after lunch, when I cleverly put them all down for nappy-naps...

Pretending it was for THEIR OWN GOOD, of course!!!

(Insert fiendish laugh!)

And then I filled the cupcakes:

Frosted them: using the Hershey's Chocolate Frosting recipe I talk about all the time!!!

The only thing I do differently with the chocolate frosting is to add 1/2 teaspoon of salt per batch. I love the background taste of salt-to-sugar and it adds a zest that is just plain fun.
My Mama always did that back in the day. I kind of hate that they forgot about the blend for so long, and now???

Guess what's hot at every chocolate selling store in the world????

Chocolate Salted Everything.

:)  Funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

(This logic should NOT be applied to 70's or 80's fashions. For the love of all that's good and holy in this world, please. Stop yourself before re-creating a dreadful faux pas AGAIN.)

The cupcakes filled with raspberry have a dot of raspberry on the top. The ones with a white buttercream center have a ... Yes, you guessed it!!! A white buttercream star on top.

Oh, happy day! 

Oh, glorious day!

Fun and frolic was had by all!!!!

Happy birthday, Skylaar!!! And Happy Un-birthday Dianna and Aubree!

We love you, girls!

Here is that link again:


  1. A cupcake corer??? Who knew???!!!! Of course, Ruthy did. I need to go check and see if I can find one. How cool is that???? I can taste all the different possibilities. Drool!

    Naptime, sigh, I miss naptime. :-) Isn't it ironic how toddlers fight it and adults envy it?

    1. Toddlers know nothing!!!! :) These babies are about 4 or 5 dollars at Amazon.... So worth it. LOVE MY CORER!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Absolutely! Sharing and caring go hand in hand!!!

  3. Hello? We need a link for the cupcake corer. ASAP!!! Wonderful.

  4. Ruthy, I think I just died and went to heaven. I love, Love, LOVE cupcakes. Making and eating. You have to tell me where you got that corer, because I really think I need to add one to my collection of cool kitchen gadgets. You know, the ones I actually use. :) And I'm checking out this frosting recipe too. You're just full of good stuff today. :D

  5. When we used to make filled cupcakes (yes, USED to :'( one of the downsides to losing weight is seriously giving up my baked goods that I love so much lol anyway....), we just used like a frosting decorator. You know? Just poke it down in and squeeze some in Vermonters don't remove any of our cake :P LOL otherwise I think the corer thing is a cool idea! Would've never thought of actually removing the center HA!

  6. I see there is a link now. Just put it in my cart!

    I've watched Cupcake Wars forever but never thought coring and filling was something I could do. But you've inspired me try! Thanks for sharing, Ruthy.

  7. My mom had a recipe long ago where we cored the cupcake, put the delicious filling in, then put the core back on like a hat.

    Of course, we did all the coring by hand.

    Which meant that recipe got made...oh...maybe twice.

    I wonder if it's still in her stash of recipe cards......

  8. My daughter has that cupcake corer. Last week she made some kind of green matcha tea cupcakes and filled them with a vegan pumpkin "cheese" filling. Apparently they were quite the hit at the market where she was selling them.