Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Got Nothin'....

To cook, that is.

I've been BUSY.


Youse know that I've got the second amazingly sweet and wonderful Kirkwood Lake book releasing in just a few weeks:


Where's the LOVE button when you need it?

And then there's this:

Try, Try Again is available on Kindle now and I L-O-V-E this story... I love breaking into big city mode every now and again and imagining life with subways, taxis, Starbucks that deliver to the office megaplexes above them and oh, just how different it is to eke an existence out of life in a big city...

As opposed to the sweet rural setting of Piper McKinney's farm in Chautauqua County New York!!!

I love both.

And then there's this:

Fifteen month old Joslyn is helping Dave check the baseball scores... Yep. The Yankees are still losing... sigh....

But how cute is she??????

And there's always this:

 This is my buddy Roman... How stinkin' adorable is he????? And if running around after these two adorable toddlers isn't enough, well, Jeter adds his own fun to the mix:

Notice anything different with this pair of shoes???? The very pair I wore to church on Sunday and set down on the side porch as I was carrying things in????  HMMMMM??????


So there's been NO COOKING.

I had ice cream for supper. Dave took me to Abbott's Frozen Custard in Hilton and I had ice cream...

And it was amazing!!!!

We made quesadillas last night and I forgot to take pictures....

And Monday night?????

I don't remember eating a stinkin' thing because I was working on my independent books!!!!  Unless I was being nice to someone....?????

Naw, most likely working, LOL!

So that's how lame I am right now. But am I happy????


Who could ask for more??????

Well, and Abbott's Ice cream on top of it????

I will miss the shoes. They were comfortable and great with sundresses.

But I'm so excited about how my mid-life crisis career is going that I won't miss the shoes all THAT MUCH....

I'd miss Jeter more.



  1. YAY. Except for the puppie. Now take a bit of that midlife crisis career money and treat yourself to end of the season sandals!

    Peace, Julie

    1. Hahahahahaha! So true, Julie!!! How's that for funny, though?????

      He's so cute... and I always remember a line from a Nora Roberts' book... where the hero buys the heroine a puppy... and he eats her shoe, but they agree not to talk about it.

      Her and the puppy, that is. ;)

      Once the new room is done, dogs will have their backyard space back... and my porch will once again be a safe repository for footwear!!!

  2. Oh, Julie has a good point -- the sandal chewing is timed just right to replace them at a good price. L-) Jeter must have known that. Lucky he has a cute fuzzy puppy face with big brown eyes that I'm sure he used to advantage. He just loves his mom sooooo much he had to snuffle up a bit of her scent to take with him always. Or maybe he was just ticked you didn't take him to church.

    Congrats on all your new releases...happy days for this reader. Just ran over to Harlequin and ordered yours and Mindy's and Glynna's and Debby's and a few others. Can't wait until that box appears on my doorstep!!!!

    1. KAV!!! Do you know how you bless us with your reading, writing and enthusiasm????

      I thank God for you all the time. You guys are such good friends, even if I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you face to face as yet... (you may run screaming, it has happened before!!!) ... I know we'd just sit and laugh and talk and laugh some more...

      Thanking God for all of my writing and reading friends. I am so blessed!

  3. Sigh. Shoes AND the Yankees losing? Both Jeters are letting you down.

    But I love that you've been busy!!! Busy Ruthy means more books on my TBR pile!!! Try, Try Again is next up on that list, by the way - can hardly wait!

    I've been VBSing this week. I've been spending every evening with children and volunteers, and what a blessing! But I also spend every day recovering...trying to get at least a load of laundry in between naps.... I think maybe I'm getting too old for this out every night thing - not too old to spend time with the kiddoes - just going out. I'm too much of a homebody.

    1. Jan, more books = more fun, right?????

      Laughing in upstate where it's raining today... and that means Dave will willingly paint new room because it's too wet to work outside.

      And I'm okay with that!!!!

  4. got it! not sure when I'll be able to read it but I got it! :-) I cooked yesterday and I'm not sure who I'm more ticked off at - Betty Crocker or myself..Betty Crocker for the crummy recipe or myself for thinking 2 cans of corn, hashbrowns and a can of fat free evaporated milk would become a miracle in the crockpot :-( to be fair Betty C just said 'evaporated milk' but what's the difference other than a couple grams of fat and the real deal is blah anyways...even the bacon topping didn't work a miracle...
    luckily my dogs didnt eat shoes or books- the lab did eat my doll collection, $50 wooden hammers I'd just bought for hammered dulcimer, and couch...and dug holes in 2 carpets to bury a cow hoofie...that I stepped on and nearly cut my foot...but no shoes. the shepherd will sometimes collect one shoe from each pair and pile up where she's sleeping..weird she knows one from each pair but oh well at least I can always find one shoe - the one she took!


    1. Susanna, I just love your tales of the dogs and the crazy things that happen!!!!

      The Betty Crocker recipe????

      OH, ULTIMATE FAIL!!!!!

      I hate when that happens, and then I wonder 'did they leave something out??? No one in their right mind could have thought this was GOOD, right????'

      I have a great recipe for Tres Leches Cake in my Christmas Love Inspired book... We had so much fun (and by fun I mean we GAINED WEIGHT AND THEN HAD TO DIET!!!!) developing an easy sponge cake... and the homemade milk sauce... Oh my stars, I am a milk cake lover now!!!!

      Susanna, when that book comes out this December, you'll have to tell me what you think, okay??? And thank you for buying the book!!!! I always love to hear what you think!

    2. this was her 'heart' did say to use some bacon but then said if I wanted it non-ooggy to add it at the end..sigh...this wasn't good.if I'd wanted creamed corn I could've just heated the I gotta clean out the crockpot and wasted hashbrowns!

      I'mnot a fan of tres leches though I think coworker did it wrong in spite of being a native :-( I love flan and Lopez is right around the corner..well a street over and around a few corners...

      can't wait for the next book - Matt is still my fave and the guy in the book before last - cant remember his name but the one who owned the store and the heroine had 2 nephews she'd just gotten - thought it was Christmas but think it was Thanksgiving dinner they showed up at... anyways will read happily!

    3. Oooh, Susanna, I loved that hero, too. In fact, I love all of Ruthy's heroes. I'd have a hard time picking my favorite.

    4. Brett! That was the hero's name in His Mistletoe Family!

    5. thanks! yep Brett sounds right. they're my 2 faves though like you said all have been pretty neat-o

    6. oops there IS one hero I didn't like too much - the one who wanted his daughters to be athletic and tomboy like his dead wife..he was a bit overboard I think..of course she straightened him out but still...he got in last place because of that and just because there are too many better ones! the one in Winter's End almost did but he was going through a lot and DID get her a heater so that kinda made up for making fun of her socks...though hmm the hero in the candy store who kept it a secret he was gonna be competition sorta bummed me but he was too fine for me to hold a grudge!

  5. This is a huge book year for you, Ruthy!! I'm so excited about your releases!

    But I'm sorry for your shoes. Still, that sweet little puppy is so cute, I imagine I could forgive him anything. :)

  6. So glad for you that you got to go to Abbotts! It's such fun to eat at favorite places, isn't it. If we ever make a trip north, Abbotts is on the 'must visit' list. Judy Sheridan Smith

  7. No food in the cafe??? How can that be? Good thing I've had my morning orange juice already. But I get how some days are just too full of the important things to worry about the mundane ones. I've never had ice cream for supper, but I admit to a meal of popcorn on more than one occasion. I'd probably hit the ice cream as solace if my dog chewed on my shoes, though. :)

  8. Oh, goodness! Almost forgot to give a fist bump over your upcoming releases, too! That's so great! I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on them.

  9. Ruthy, with all those books coming out, you'll be able to afford a whole closet full of new shoes. Okay, maybe that's a bit excessive, so we'll say two pairs. One sensible pair, one fun pair.

    I can just imagine how crazy busy you are these days. I've just got the one coming out and I hardly know what to do with myself. But oh what fun it is:D

  10. HAHAHAHAHA! Those shoes!!! That totally made me laugh. I thought, "Now she's showing us shoes. We want food. Not shoes!" And then I saw the toe... HA!

    And yes... More Ruthy books mean more for me to READ.

  11. Abbott's...I haven't had their ice cream in years upon years...and now I'm not eating ice cream, so I will enjoy it vicariously through you, Ruthy. *lick lick* *sigh*

    Poor Derek came back during a slump for NYY, so puppy Jeter is taking his Yankees depression out on your shoes. I don't think the puppies we had back in the '90s ever ate any shoes. The first pup (part Lab so she loved wood) used to chew on the bottom of the kitchen's huge built-in cupboard (please understand that we don't have normal cupboards in our kitchen, and we definitely have no hanging cabinets...hate my kitchen!).

    BTW, congrats on winning the Cat5 Amazon prize! I checked the results today and saw where you had won the judge's drawing--I was wondering how Cat5 got you your Kindle. LOL

    Looking forward to your books coming out. I will enter all places possible for winning them, too! *grin*

    Can I just say that I'm glad you didn't post some yummy-delicious recipe on here today? Going no-added-sugar (which actually started July 1st) and gluten-free (started on Monday) are causing some minor cravings, but when I see pics of yummy-looking snacks and desserts, I have to scroll past them really really FAST. Should be interesting on Saturday going to our oldest grandson's 6th birthday party... But our daughter has gone gluten-free, too, because she was having some problems. The family that goes gluten-free together drools over everyone else's food together! LOL

    After raining earlier this afternoon, the sky cleared up to a beautiful blue, so hope yours did, too!