Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Foodie Field Trip - Yes It's Research

Greetings from beautiful Ouray, Colorado. Not only is this place one of the most gorgeous on earth, it's also the setting of The Doctor's Family Reunion.
In addition to that, this place has some great eats.
My writing bud, Becky Yauger, and I flew to Colorado yesterday and with our flight arriving at lunchtime, you know what was on our mind.
Our first stop was the True Grit Café in Ridgway.
This place has some awesome food and everything is homemade. Unfortunately, we both devoured our meals before I even thought of taking pictures. But there was still dessert. The Grit has some of the best blueberry pie I've ever had, so I was delighted to see it on the menu.
Yes, we each snagged a bite before I remembered to take the pic.
Then it was on to Ouray. We settled into our hotel, did some visiting with old friends, talked to local folk about my upcoming release, and explored Main Street. An exhausting afternoon for sure. Especially when you consider that we started the day at 500 ft. elevation and ended up somewhere around 7800 ft.
Ouray is full of great eating establishments. So many that we almost had to do rock, paper, scissors to decide. Ultimately, we ended up at the Western Hotel.
Yes, this is one old building, built during the gold rush.
 They have some unique items on their menu, and the appetizers were what really appealed to us.
Hmm...decisions, decisions...
You know, sometimes you just have to go for the gusto. And that's exactly what we did.
We had some smoked trout...
Then added in this delicious Mediterranean Medley, with cheese and salami...
But there was one more thing that sounded too good to turn down.
Sweet potato fries with an ancho chili mayo.
Oh, my. These were the best sweet potato fries I've ever tasted. And the dip was the perfect compliment. Not spicy at all, just a wonderful flavor.
All of this food meant more walking needed to be done, despite the rain. Of course, no meal is complete without something sweet. So we just happened to walk right into Mouse's Chocolates.
More decisions.
Tonight, the sea salt encrusted caramel and a dark chocolate truffle fit the bill.
Be still my heart. But, oh, what a delightful day we had. Which leaves only one question...
What adventures will tomorrow bring?


  1. Don't you love experiencing food on the road? I think food on trips always tastes better. Or sometimes worse. But I focus on the finds!

    Can't wait for your book.

    Peace, Julie

    1. Julie, I think Becky and I would both have to agree. So far, we've been nothing but pleased. So much food, so little time. Sigh. :)


    Oh my stars, that's just beyond wonderful, first, I "PINNED" the hotel, I think we might be going steady now, and I just love that white, Western facade!!!! Oh my land o' goshen, it's marvelous!

    But you had me at "hello" with Mouse's chocolates.

    Savoring the very thought, and I love that research takes you to such a delightful place as Colorado!!! And yes, while broccoli slaw is my new main squeeze... I do delight in the occasional chocolate expedition, Mindy! Good job!

    1. That True Grit Cafe caught my attention, Ruthy!

      But the chocolate. It looks fabulous. I hope Mindy brought enough for everybody!

    2. Isn't that the coolest, Ruthy? So authentic. And with some very wonderful food to boot.

      Today we visited Ironton, an abandoned mining town. Some of the buildings are still standing, including the boarding house. Very cool. Great place to brainstorm.

  3. I love this kind of research! And Ouray looks like a beautiful town. It makes me want to visit...

    ...which, of course, I will when I get a copy of your book!

    Our Walmart was getting ready to stock the Love Inspired racks yesterday when I was there...boxes lined up in the aisle...no workers around.... It was VERY hard not to peek in and grab a couple books!

    But I'll be back again...maybe tonight :)

    1. Jan, I noticed our Walmart was late getting the August books out. No telling when they'll get the September books on the shelf. Of course, I know a couple of the ladies there who are anticipating my book, so they might just light a fire under whoever is responsible. :)

      Wish all y'all were here. I know where we'd pow-wow.

  4. Wonderful research! =) I love old towns like this..and the pie looks delicious!

    1. It was delicious, Melissa. I don't care how many calories there were. :)

  5. Mindy, what a fun trip!! I'm sure you and Becky will have a blast.

    Now I'm craving salted caramels!! One of my very favorite things!