Thursday, August 29, 2013

Broccoli Slaw Omelette, Broccoli Slaw World Domination!!!


You've seen me extol the virtue of broccoli slaw in SALAD DAYS-RUTHY-STYLE

You've seen me make Lo Mein that was to die for!!!!

I use it for a base instead of bread for sandwiches.... If there's chicken salad, I toss it on broccoli slaw and throw on grapes or chopped almonds if I want to.


On celery or broccoli slaw. Or BOTH!!!!!

This bit of ingenuity came from eating at the Pearl Diner in Manhattan two weeks back.

I knew I'd be eating deliciousness all weekend, but I didn't see any sense in undermining my "New Normal Healthy" diet completely.... so I ordered a veggie omelette... broccoli, cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes.

LOVELY!!!! And don't you love how this diner nestles between SKYSCRAPERS IN LOWER MANHATTAN??????  It's stinkin' quaint and old-time and has great food... If you're in lower Manhattan, it is worth the walk for your waistline (The Pearl Diner is close to the harbor) and for your wallet (the prices are the same as you'd pay at home, no kidding!) to stop in at the Pearl and eat. Who says you can't eat on a bargain budget in NYC????

So here I am the other day, Jonesing over leftover carrot cake from my birthday and a thought hit:


(I get that most normal folk wouldn't jump from Carrot Cake....

To omelette, but there's this cute pair of capris that I fit into now...
And I'd like to fit into them next week. We all get how easily that can be undermined... so work with me here.)

In less than five minutes I could have a hot meal, get rid of the carrot cake urgings (which I fed to Angie Bourret, one of my young buddies who stopped by on her birthday right after mine!!!!)

Wait, I fed her the cake, not the urgings, I really didn't have to urge her at all, she's 14 and gorgeous and tall and eating a piece of cake looks GOOD ON HER.... The stinkin' brat.

Anyway, back to the omelette!!!

I mixed up three eggs in a bowl...

And my helper made a little special "dish" of her own on the floor...

How stinkin' cute is she?????

Okay, three eggs, bowl, whisk....

You do not need a pic for that, really???? REALLY???? Grab a fork or a whisk and beat those eggs silly.

This removes some traces of latent aggression.

Heat pan. Put splash of olive oil in pan.

Have broccoli slaw bag out and poised, ready to strike!

And I opened a can of mushrooms, too.

Pour eggs into hot pan. Throw in a handful of broccoli slaw, a generous handful.  Add mushrooms. Stir. Scrape bottom gently on reduced heat, cooking eggs while leaving the broccoli slaw crisp.

When just about done, flip with spatula, finish cooking over low heat or no-heat, top with a bunch of cheese (I used Mexican blend) and cover while cheese melts.


No carbs.

Did you see that??? A delicious healthy meal in five minutes with no carbs.

I am singing that right now!!!!!!  Because it was that delicious. And you KNOW it was that good because I:

A. Didn't throw it out
B. Didn't surreptitiously sneak the carrot cake into the back room and cram it into my mouth \
C. All of the above.

Yes. "C" is the correct answer, my friends!!!!!

And clearly I'm surrounded by really smart toddlers:

Note the heightened intelligence levels as proclaimed by the eyeglasses.

How stinkin' cute are they????  Love You "Zee Zee" and Joslyn!!!!

It's no wonder I get so much done with all the help I get!!!



  1. not sure I'm up for trying this! spinach has been my most recent experiment with a perfectly good(but non veggie) omelet..does the broccoli stuff soften? I might could try it if it didn't stay crunchy or have a strong taste..had chopped up brocooli in quiche before and that was ok with small pieces and being softer.
    I haven't gotten broccoli slaw in a while- used to use it in taco salads instead of lettuce or with lettuce if I had some on hand.

  2. You're a genius, Ruthy!

    I've been looking for a replacement for shredded zucchini, broccoli, and spinach, because they aren't always available when I need them. Yes, they have them in the stores here, but when it's 40 below and the plow hasn't been down our road, I'm not about to jump into my van and drive to town. Mainly because by the time I've made the 10 mile trip there and the same back home, the van is barely warmed up. Not good for the engine. And by that time, I'm so cold I just want soup!

    But the recipe this slaw will be perfect for is a Crustless Quiche I got from my mom which is good the second day, too. And you mentioned using it in salads, stir fry, etc. It's all good.

    I think I'll pick up a bag next time I see it, especially in this heat wave we're having. Without air conditioning, we're trying not to use the stove at all.


  3. I really need to buy some broccoli slaw. I've had it and liked it, just never bought it. Then again, Ruthy, I think you've bought enough for all of us:) Still, I need to give this a try. It looks like one of those things you could use a million ways. Oh wait, you already have. Like Anita said, you are a genius. :)

  4. I know what I'm having for lunch today! All the ingredients are in the fridge, just waiting for me :)

    Your trip to NYC is totally different from what mine would be. Lower Manhattan? The harbor? I don't even know where Central Park is.... If you plunk me down in the middle of Wyoming, I could find my way home just fine, though.

    But that diner is fabulous! It looks like something from an old movie (which is where I've learned everything I know about NYC!).

    And the toddlers are cute. And obviously highly intelligent. It must come from who they hang around with all day :)

  5. Thanks for the new-to-me recipe. All summer I've used stir fried yellow squash in my omelet of the day. Must run to the kitchen and add broccoli slaw to the shopping list; the squash plant just gave up the ghost. Judy Smith

    1. Also like Anita Draper's idea for a crustless quiche. That would go well in this household and, if there was any, we'd do leftovers too. Judy Smith

  6. I snuck broccoli slaw into our spaghetti sauce this week. Broccoli slaw rules!!!

    peace, Julie

  7. What a great idea, Ruthy! I put spinach in my omelets but have never tried broccoli slaw. Will buy some next week!

    Love the photos. :)