Friday, August 16, 2013

Always in August and German Potato Salad

I don't remember much about this book, except I loved it.

I thought I could go to Amazon and tweak my memory, but no. Nothing available. On this Goodreads site, the one woman mentioned loving the story... and the second review hated Gloria for forgiving her husband...

So then I wonder WHAT DID I SEE IN THIS BOOK?????

Remember I was a teenager at the time.

But I do remember loving it....

Of course back then I loved THIS, too...

Yup. Major crush on Davy Jones of the Monkees. How stinkin' cute was he????

Now my tastes have changed... My reading still favors romance, but I also like books like this:

Lewis's books tweak my "what if" mind... and set the wheels spinning in the cause and effect of big players on the world, country, state, town, family....

And we know I'm a sucker for this:

Our second annual Cousin-Palooza!!!! Grammy and Grandpa rent a bounce house and the rest is up to the kids!  Don't you love, love, love a bounce house??????

This recipe... My mother-in-law's German Potato Salad... has withstood the test of time, cross-generations.

People love it. They flock to it. She taught me how to make it decades ago, when I was that silly, romance-loving teen (not to be confused with a romance-loving middle-aged woman!!!) and one of the GREAT COMPLIMENTS IN OUR FAMILY is to hear the words, "That tastes as good as Theresa's!!!"

So here it is, Mom's German Potato Salad, a classic among the Eichas and Blodgett clans. And in typical family style, measurements are approximated according to taste... but I'll guide you along!

For this party I did an eight-pound batch:

You'll need:

8 lbs. potatoes (russet or Idaho give a firmer salad!), cooked but still firm
12 Slices bacon, cooked and broken into pieces
One medium onion chopped small and then lightly cooked in bacon grease

So here's the trick. Don't overcook the spuds.

 Grab out a casserole dish or slow cooker. Cut up a full layer of potatoes into bottom of casserole. Sprinkle about 1/4 of the bacon over it. Sprinkle liberally with parsley. Then spoon-drizzle about a tablespoon of the lovely bacon grease/onion mix...


and then drizzle the same amount of cider vinegar, sprinkling it over potatoes.

Repeat, and repeat and repeat until it's all used up.

If slow cooker, put into heater and leave on low for 4-6 hours. Don't stir until at least halfway done...

If in oven, use slow oven, about 250 degrees, same way.... heat on slow, low heat, and then stir around about 2-3 hours in.

Make it the day before, giving the flavors time to B-L-E-N-D. I forgot to take a finished picture because there were all these PEOPLE around!!! So fun!!!!

But as it cooks the potatoes take on a golden tinge... and the taste is amazing.

Mom never used sugar in her German potato salad. She didn't like that sweet/sour mix, and I'll tell you, this is an awesome dish to pass anywhere. Simple... good.... honest food.

It's a Blodgett and Eichas favorite... and now a Herne favorite!!! In upstate New York!


  1. don't think I've ever had this kind of tater salad - just the kind with eggs and mayo and mustard and pickles...well the regular stuff that's fattening. bacon grease fat sounds better! and seems easy enough...better than that nasty soup I made a few weeks ago courtesy of betty crocker...blech.

  2. Susanna, I remember the soup! Mark that recipe with a big "LOSER" sign, and try the potatoes... The trick is in the layering... and not getting the potatoes overdone when you boil them.

    It's so good!!!!!

  3. Kitchen fails are great! We all share them and know what NOT to try.

    I'm a total sucker for potatoes. And I've never hear of this, ever!

    I also just bought a pressure cooker. Um, it's actually some sort of ninja cooker. You put in a chicken and in ten minutes it's done. It's SO COOL.

    I did a roast in 15 minutes, with potatoes and everything. Hubby just made a pot of beans (you know, we always have to have beans available) and instead of 4 hours on the stove, it took 30 minutes. Crazy!

    The noise of the steam escaping at the end is a little scary, but I'm gathering my courage because... it saves a huge amount of time. And I'm all about time right now.

    I have to make these!!

    1. You will love it. So simple.... and so wonderful! The bacon grease/vinegar dressing... with the parsley.... that makes it!

      I love pressure cookers. I don't use mine often now, but they're an amazing invention!

    2. I saw one of those Ninjas at Target the other day but wan't sure what it was. That's amazing, Virginia!

  4. I almost stopped at Davy. Be still my heart. And I too love Michael Lewis and his subjects.

    German Potato Salad. I remember the first time I had it and thought, this isn't my Grandmother Hattie's potato salad.

    But then interesting thing about hers is it starts off with cooked potatos and carrots marinated in vinegar and mustard. Then she added mayo, onions, and hardboiled eggs. I always wondered if it started out as a German potato salad and then made Southern.

    Peace, Julie

    1. Julie, that's exactly what that sounds like! I have an aunt who makes a similar one... And I have one I like with red potatoes, polish sausage, corn, onions and a vinegar style dressing. It's so good!!!!

  5. Oh, I do love me a good German potato salad. And this one sounds like a winner. Like you said, it's stood the test of time. Those are usually the best kind. :)

    And yes, bounce houses are great. I actually found a toddler-size one at a garage sale for $20 when our granddaughter was living with us. We still have it and break it out when the smaller grands come. The big kids just use the trampoline. A bouncy, trouncy time for all. It's like having a yard full of Tiggers!

    1. I love that a bounce house is actually exercise for FUN!!!! No training involved, just silly, silly, bouncing fun! And yes, I get in it and bounce around too.


      I'm as silly as the rest.

  6. Oh, wow!! I've never thought to try to make a warm German potato salad. But you had me at onions cooked in bacon grease. That's my type of cooking! :)

    Love the idea of the bouncy house. Y'all sure do spoil the grand-younguns! I'm sure I"ll be the same way. Goodness, I even spoil the grand-dog!

    1. They love that bounce house so much!!!! Missy, you'll do it and bounce with them, just like I do! It's wicked cool!!!!

      And yeah, onions and bacon grease with no liver attached????



  7. I love a good German Potato Salad, but I'm with your mother-in-law - that sweet/sour taste is okay, but I'd rather leave out the sugar!

    I'm going to have to make this. I just won't tell my gang it's a salad (that makes them think they have to eat cold potatoes!), and it'll be good to go!

    1. Tell 'em it's a baked potato dish.

      They'll never know!!!!

  8. Love this. AND NO SUGAR, THANK YOU!!! I go nuts trying to find Italian sauce (don't tell my father I buy it) with no sugar.

    1. Tina, your secret is safe with us.... and yeah, it's tough to find one without sugar...

      And this salad is so much better than the sweet-and-sour ones... in my most humble Ruthy opinion. ;)

  9. You put bacon is your potato salad? Gasp!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kav's world as she knows it just tilted on its axis!

    Guess what I'm reading right now????? :-)

    1. Falling for the Lawman??????

      Piper and Zach's story?????? Cows, Beansy-the-goat, Marty, Julia, the snip-faced brothers Chas and Colin.... and of course, DORRIE AND SONYA!!!!

      SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!!!!

      I just love farm stories, and that town supervisor??? Oh, I'm planning his downfall as we speak!!!! And do you love the ROOSTERS?????

      Laughing out loud for real!!!!

      Kav, I hope you love it! It was so fun to do!

      And you can add soy bacon to your salad, honey.... and use olive oil. Different, but still yummy, right????

    2. Wait...what...Falling for the Lawman is available? (runs to Amazon) YES!!!

      But what about Mindy's The Doctor's Family Reunion... (runs back to Amazon)...WOO HOO!

      My cart is filling up!

  10. Yes!!!! Falling for the Lawman and it's driving me crazy -- I'm only on page 66 and I don't know how one earth you'll resolve the whole farm lovin' vs not so farm lovin' issue. In fact it's driving me so crazy that I am sorely tempted to sneak a peek at the last few pages. I won't of course, but the temptation is dreadful!!!!!

    Soy bacon??? Hmmmm... there's a creative thought.