Friday, July 26, 2013

Time Marches On...

Okay, some Friday fun to transition into Saturday joy!!!!

There is this:

This was a wedding cake I did for a military couple being stationed in Alaska... Nice and cool on a hot summer day, right????

And then there's this:

A bouquet of flowers for my first book signing.... How amazingly beautiful are they??? Now if I have a book signing my family says, "Yeah, well, good, what's for supper?"


What a difference three years makes?

Casey when she was younger.... first learning to sew.

Casey now, getting ready for 8th Grade Night!!!

Of course there are big changes here because this:

Is now this:

And this:

Has morphed to the twins on this:

Falling for the Lawman, on sale in one month... the next Kirkwood Lake book... 4 Stars by Romantic Times Review and I have to admit that I'm okay with how time has been marching on lately!

Hey, I've got cheesecake here, cold and fresh and fresh berries to go with!!!!


Coffee's on!


  1. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake... I am having a restless, want to shop, want to eat sweets kind of day, and I don't like it. So hubby is frying up some frozen burgers and we have fries in the oven. Won't make up for no sweets, but... *shrug*

    Can't wait for "Falling for the Lawman"! :)

    Wait...did you say cheesecake? CHEESECAKE???


    Okay, instead of being on the computer, checking out FB and YB and free e-books, you'd think I'd be working (AKA writing). Yeah, uh-huh. I need a personal slavedriver, one who isn't mean but who can motivate me. And NOT with cake or cheesecake either. ;-)


    1. Melanie, I'm just the opposite.... I long for a few minutes to write. I do everything else quickly so I can gain writing time. I feel like I've waited FOREVER for this chance, so I can't believe it's finally happened!!!!

      We're all so stinkin' different.

      Burgers... Love burgers!

      And you know I'm not really eating cheesecake, right? Although I did eat 3 cake balls this week....

      BAD RUTHY!!!!!

      But I'm being good too, trying to take better habits into the second half (LOL, QUARTER!!!!) of my life.


  2. I was so craving chocolate that I tried gnawing on some baking chocolate. Bah!!!!!!!!!!!!! So please pass the cheesecake!

    Love to see how gracefully time is passing in your neck of the woods. And too funny on the second set of pictures -- baby to wee girlie. The expressions are identical. How did you do that?!

    I already have my calendar marked -- August 1 I do my online shopping at Harlequin. Looking forward to reading Falling for the Lawman in a couple of weeks. Yeehaw!!!!

  3. Kav, I hope you love it!!!! I love it, but then I'm kinda Ruthy-biased.... So I hope you love it the same way.

    I love farm stories. And animals. And families that go the distance for each other.

    That pic is MacKenzie... Isn't she a hoot?

    And the little girl featured on the cover of this book is another granddaughter, Katie.


  4. Oh, this is great! I love looking back at kid pictures! Every year on their birthday, we open their special baby album and have ourselves a good laugh at the frog-legged, beer-bellied, wide-eyed newborns that turned into real kids.

    1. I'm shocked and uber impressed.

      You have baby albums.

      We had one for Sarah.

      Part of one for Matt.

      By the time Seth came along, I couldn't afford film for the camera.

      Beth has a few.

      Zach???? We're pretty sure he was a baby but there is little evidence to substantiate that.

      And Luke?


      Poor Luke. Luckily I had a couple of family members with cameras by that time so we have like two pics.... Maybe three.

      I'm so impressed, Virginia.

  5. Pass the cheesecake!

    Time passes so quickly, doesn't it? And even faster when we're talking about children. Remember the song, "Turn Around?" Grab some tissues and watch this old Kodak commercial....

    And Ruthy, I'm so happy you're such a quick writer - we don't have to wait too long between Ruthy books!

    1. I love you, Jan!!!!

      And it's more steady than quick, but I just stinkin' love it. And these two independent books have been written for three years, so I'm cheating on those...

      But that's okay, because they'll be so much happier in the world, than hidden.

      I just love this cover for Falling for the Lawman.

      LOVE IT!!!

      The hot state trooper... the farmer gal who cleans up well.... an important attribute for country girls!!!! and those stinkin' cute twins. They're in the Christmas book as well, so I'm all over LOVIN' THE TWINS!!!

  6. What a fun cover! And fun photos. Although they grow up WAY TOO FAST!

    1. Missy, they do!!! But how fun that Grammy can "lock" them in time on a book cover????? LOVE IT!

      And it's something fun to show their kids some day. Of course I have to make sure they ALL GET ON THE COVER OF SOMETHING!!! Yikes!

  7. I JUST THIS MINUTE REALIZED TODAY IS FRIDAY AND I WAS SUPPOSED TO POST!! Ruthy, thank you for covering for me. I can't believe I was off a day!!

    Oh, well. I'll save the post I just was trying to put up for next week.

    1. I wondered what had happened...I thought it was just the Rita glow and jet lag from your trip to Atlanta :)

      Although I don't know how you can have jet lag from a trip down the road.

    2. Jan, it's just mush brain I guess. Oh! It just hit me what probably happened. I ate lunch with my Bible study group today. And we usually meet on Thursdays. :)

  8. Of course that doesn't excuse not putting the blog up last night! LOL

    1. Missy, LOL, it gave me a chance to show off this cover and my cute kids.... I'm always up for a chance to show off cute kids!!!!

  9. ok had to go check - I've got that one pre-ordered - over a month ago! thank goodness amazon tells you when you already have something! :-)

    1. Susanna, I love that about Amazon although I'm always ordering extras of friends' books and LI books to give away. Gotta SPREAD THE LOVE!!!!!

      Have I thanked you lately for being such a wonderful person and reader? If not, then thank you, thank you, thank you! You bless us!

  10. I think RT needs to let ME do some reviews! I have great taste :-) well except for historical -takes me a bit to get into those but I do read that genre sometimes. :-)


    1. Hey, apply to them! I'd trust you to do a wonderful review.... Go for it, chickie!!!