Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Post-Wedding Wrap Up

Well, it's finally over and I've lived to tell about it. THE wedding. That thing that has consumed all of my waking, and sleeping, moments for the last few months. Honestly, would you believe I'm still dreaming about it? Crazy.

Yes, it was a DIY wedding. But that didn't negate the dream. The dream of a wistful young woman who'd been waiting for her prince.

Luckily everything went off with nary a hitch. The ceremony was beautiful. And no one (except the bridesmaids) even noticed the bumble bees nesting in the tulle around the altar:-)

With the stress behind us, it was time to party. The bride and groom--not to mention the rest of us--danced their little hearts out under a firework-filled sky. Yes, we actually had fireworks. My son built the dance floor, painted it, and even used white duck tape to cover all the seams in case anyone decided to kick out of their heels, so they wouldn't get any splinters. Smart boy:-)
Even our youngest grandson, aka the ring bearer, was ready to get his groove on.
Oh, and did I mention that it was 107 the day of the wedding? Just a bit on the toasty side. But once the sun went down (and my brother-in-law fired up those industrial-size fans with the misters), no one seemed to care.
But this is what I really wanted to show you.
Earlier in the day, a special treat was delivered for the bridal party.
Aren't these gorgeous?
My friend's daughter makes these fabulous, custom-decorated cookies. (You can see more of Jenny's work here) Would you believe that all those decorations are done by hand. And she incorporated each one of Danielle's wedding colors.
Something this pretty should not be eaten. But apparently I was the only one with that thought, because they were gone long before the wedding started.
Now that the bride and groom have ridden off into the sunset, I'm looking forward to plotting someone else's happily-ever-after. Except this one only requires me to keep my butt in the chair and type!


  1. Oh, Mindy, I'm sniffling away here. What a beautiful wedding! So romantic...so lovely...so....

    WHAT? It was 107???!!!???

    That's the second reason I don't live in Texas anymore!

    Sigh. I'll just pretend it was a lovely 72 degrees and swoon over your daughter's perfect day :)

  2. Jan, I would have given most anything for a lovely 72 degrees. Shoot, I still would. But I guess it's the price we pay for not having to shovel snow in the winter. :)

  3. So, so, sooooo beautiful! I love her dress! And the veil! And the dance floor!! Oh, this is just lovely!

    My wedding: thousands of miles from home. I packed the dress and showed up with the maid of honor and other relatives.

    maybe some day I'll get to plan one for one of my girls! That wedding didn't look DIY, it looked GORGEOUS!!

  4. Aww, thanks Virginia. And I can see you as wedding planner for one of your daughters. Luckily, you have lots of time to plan.

    Thousands of miles? Wow! I want to hear more.

  5. 107 degrees???? And you opted out of an air conditioned venue?! Thud. I'm in awe.

    The wedding looks exquisite, Mindy. You did an amazing job! Enjoy the peace and quiet...for awhile anyway.

    1. Thanks, Kav. I have a plentiful dose of peace and quiet on order and expect delivery soon. Can't wait!

  6. Just beautiful. And now you can focus on the release of your literary baby!

    What a great job you did!

    Peace, Julie

    1. Julie, that's exactly where my focus has shifted. That and getting the next story finished. To everything there is a season...right?

  7. I'm late checking in, but thank you so much for sharing, Mindy. Everything looks so lovely and that bottom picture is soooo romantic. I loved it when you posted it on FB. I think it's my favorite wedding pic ever.

    1. Mary, I love that photo too. Can't you just see the love between them? The essence of romance. I can't wait for the photographer to send the rest of the pix. They really have a great story. Like a romance novel come to life.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!!!

  9. Loved the bees-eye view :) Beautiful wedding and loved the cookie idea!
    Congratulations to you all on your new family addition.

  10. Mindy, I love this!!!!! Weddings are glorious, fun and exhausting... and there's a let-down afterwards that can be lethal to creative minds so darling girl...

    This is your good buddy Ruthy talking, the one who's done 6 weddings so far with two to go if her youngest ever get married... but they're boys and their brides might have their own slave labor....

    Jump into a story now. Like yesterday now. Better yet Tuesday now, because wedding letdown is a real thing.

    So we conquer it with writing and joy and angst and conflict and we fill our heads with character stuff! Her dress?????

    TO DIE FOR!!!!!

    And what a cool thing to build a dance floor. I'm just so proud o' youse!!!!

    107° .... GULP