Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cinnamon Crust Cheesecake

I don't have a clue why this came to me...

Wait. Yes I do.


These were open on my counter.... OPEN... which means the humidity made them stale. My bad for letting someone open them and then tuck them away, but...

From this error of our ways!!!!

Has sprung forth a great invention:

Cinnamon Cookie Crust:

Rated: Easy Peasy

Take one package of Cinnamon Roll cookies.

Crush in blender.

Add 3 Tablespoons melted butter.

Press into glass pan. (I used a pretty red ceramic pie pan because it looked CHEERFUL!!!)

Cheesy Goodness Filling:

3 8 ounce packages of Cream Cheese
1 1/3 cup sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla
3 egg yolks
1 whole egg (minus the shell, let's not get too crazy here!)
1/4 cup flour

Mix softened cream cheese with sugar. Blend lightly on low. Add vanilla, egg yolks, egg and flour. Blend lightly again. You don't want to whip or beat too much air into cheesecake batter.

Pour into pan with cinnamony-marvelous crust.  Bake at 450° for ten minutes. (The high temp sets the filling and crust together.) Then reduce oven temp to 250 degrees for about an hour. When done, cheesecake should look golden around edges and pale gold and "set" (not jiggly) in center.

(Okay, had to show you where future eggs will be coming from! These are the baby chicks in their new outdoor bi-level apartment!!!! Air conditioning provided by wind... Rain protection courtesy of old dog airline kennel... Heat and light? God!!! )

We now return you to our regularly scheduled cheesecake blog.

The crust will look dark because the cinnamon cookies are dark, they're Cinnabon cookies... but oh, so delicious!

You will thank me for this. You might sing my praises. You will smile happily when contemplating and consuming.

And one Jeter pic before we call it a day here at the Cafe!!!

He needs a Yankees bandana!!!


  1. I have tons of Penzey's cinnamon in my pantry. I never thought of cinnamon cheesecake. Can't wait to try this one with an almond meal and cinnamon crust.

    I want chickens and a doodle. That is all.

    Peace, Julie

    1. I want the Doodle. Not so sure about chickens, although fresh eggs would sure be nice. :)

      Ruthy, will you let me borrow Jeter sometime? :)

    2. Missy, you'd love Jeter! He's like a dream puppy.... and he's such a big, shaggy mess of a dog! I can't wait to see how his tail feathers or curls!!!!

  2. The chickens are so cute! They're getting all big and feathery and roaming around their new pen. They'll outgrow it soon, but it's a perfect go-between and it got them out of my garage...


    The almond meal and cinnamon would be amazingly good. I can taste how good it would be! And you can leave out the flour in the recipe. Cheesecake sets a little softer without that smidge of flour, but it's not an essential.


    Don't we just love puppies?????? Jan's baby could probably walk under Jeter and maybe not even have his cute, pointy ears hit Jeter's tummy. He's growing like crazy and so fun.

    And he loves me!!!!

    Right there that makes me smile!

  3. You're right - Jeter is getting so big! But I doubt Thatcher would walk under him. He's a bouncer. He either runs, bounces, leaps, chews or sleeps. I'm just glad he takes a nice long nap during the day so I can get some writing done!

    I love this idea for a cheesecake crust. With the cinnamon flavor, you don't need to add anything else, do you?

    And you stuck to the old proverb - use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without :)

    1. I forgot to mention my chicken envy.

      Our anti-chicken ordinance was debated again this summer. No chickens.

      But at least I have a rancher/supplier. I get beef and eggs from him...I wonder if I can talk him into expanding?

    2. Jan, they're so funny about anti-chickens!!! You can have hens in the city of Rochester... no roosters of course. But a backyard pen was the norm for the longest time. And fresh eggs???

      Oh mylanta, I love it!

      Okay, Jeter and Thatcher would bounce together. They'd be a hoot!

  4. Love them chickens! And love, love, love that cheesecake. Oh, my. Ruthy, I'm coming to your house.

    1. Mindy, I missed your day the other day so I'm going back to get a post-wedding FIX!!!!!

      Come north anytime, dear girl! I will make a fresh one for youse if you dare trek to NY.

      AND you can even have seconds!!!

  5. Oh, I just learned about the dangers of backyard chickens, and I found I'm on the brink of a slippery slope! You have to watch this video :)

  6. *droooooooooooooooooooooooool*

    Between this and all the luscious-looking desserts and snacks people are sharing on Facebook, I am feeling extremely deprived these days. I absolutely need to stay away from sugary and fattening treats, yet I envy (forgive me for my sin, Lord, please...) people who can eat the stuff, even having just a taste and being satisfied with that.

    And now hubby is thinking we should perhaps try gluten-free because I have a lot of the symptoms indicating a gluten intolerance. Okay, so just one more thing to add to the list... Julie, I may be hitting you up for ideas! (Run for your life!)

    Sorry, didn't mean to whine or ramble...

    Have a slice or three for me, please, Ruthy! *slurp* ;-)

    1. Melanie, I'll tell you honestly, it is so much easier to deal with my body without the regular influx of white flour (bread/pasta/cakes/cookies) and sugar I love to eat.

      And as the weight slips off... and you're NEVER HUNGRY because there's always low or no-carb food to eat.... you feel good about yourself.

      It's a natural "high" that beats donuts... much as I LOVE THEM!!!... all to pieces!

  7. OH, wow! I never do cheescake because I always think it's going to be complicated. But I could do this! :) Now springform pan to worry about or anything.

    1. Missy, I used to fall for that silly springform pan nonsense, but you know what? The aluminum makes the cheesecake taste "tinny".... It ruins it for me. So now I use glass or ceramic pans for cheesecakes, ice cream cakes, anything that needs to be in contact with the pan for a bit. You can buy the paper baking "rounds" for the springforms (and I've even made them from double parchment paper) but the pie pan works great. And glass leaves no flavor on delicate foods!

  8. Jeter is adorable! I want me a puppy but don't tell Simba. Poor guy is going to get his teeth cleaned tomorrow. Da da da da dummmmm!

    I haven't seen those cookies but what a clever idea to turn them into pie crust!!!!

    And your chickens. How fast they grow! Our grade ones hatched chickens this spring and the farmer brought them in at the end of the year so they kids could see how fast they grow. I thought they were the hens who birthed the chickens. LOL. Farmer Joe had a grand chuckle over that...especially since one of them was a rooster. Oops.

  9. Kav, LOL!!!! We only have one rooster in the bunch of new babies that I can tell so far, but the more colorful chickens might not "comb" up as early. We'll see. I miss my rooster crowing!!!! I'm hoping for two roosters, but if there's only one we'll have to baby the heck out of him.


    Dave trimmed the trees over the chicken pen today. Too shady and constant rain meant their area was more like pig-friendly muck. YUCK.

    Now they've got sun on one side to help it dry out. If the rain abates a little.

    And Kav, I have all kinds of folks get confused about birds... Cats... Our Scottish Highland cattle back in the day. They thought anything with a horn was a bull.


    Oops! So you're allowed to learn as you go!

  10. Tina, it is almost too good to be true! :)