Friday, April 19, 2013

Another Epic Fail

Missy, here. I was glad Virginia shared her failures earlier this week so I don't feel so bad. I kind of hate to show recipes that I blow, because Ruthy will be sure to make fun. :) But I WILL share it, because I learned a lesson. And also because it looked so darn good! (And will be the next time I make it.)

I had a package of boneless pork chops thawed out. And my daughter groaned, saying she can't stand the texture of pork. Nothing I suggested appealed to her--not barbecued or apricot glazed. So I had a brainstorm. I pictured the meat finely sliced in Asian food and decided to go digging in my pantry. Maybe I could find some Thai seasoning.

And I did! I had pad Thai sauce and also a peanut sauce. I knew I loved the pad Thai sauce because I'd made it before, so I decided to try the peanut sauce mix. I couldn't remember when I bought it, so I checked the package for an expiration date. Didn't have any. After learning a lesson with tuna (found out by calling the 800 number that the packet I had was 6 years old! LOL), I searched for a manufacturing date. I couldn't find any numbers stamped anywhere so assumed it should be fine.

Well, DO NOT ASSUME. Once the meal was cooked, I tasted it, and it was HORRIBLE. Tasted like rancid peanuts. I was so upset. I'd spent all that time slicing the meat very thin so my daughter would like it. Not to mention the cost of the pork and a perfectly gorgeous pack of frozen green beans.

We had to throw it out and eat the noodles with a jar of spaghetti sauce and cheese. My son, who would normally good-naturedly make fun of me about it, even gave me a hug. Very disappointing.

So anyway, I still want to share the recipe. I'm sure the sauce will be good if I buy a new pack. :)

Thinly slice 4-6 boneless pork chops (hint, they slice easier if you freeze them for about 10 minutes)
Lightly brown the pork in a little canola oil
Add 1/2 bag frozen thin green beans (Aren't these gorgeous! I got them on my first trip to Aldi.)

In a separate pan, make the sauce according to package direction (this called for a can of coconut milk and a little fish sauce). Add to the pork and beans.
Top with chopped peanuts and serve over Thai noodles.

I hope you make this successfully! I'm sure you'll do better than I did. :)


  1. Well, I've already had to delete a spam comment about dental implants! We have so many of those. Y'all please don't click on any links that get posted unless they're from someone you know.

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  3. well the pic looks good - but I promised myself never again trying anything with coconut milk - I've tried the light coconut milk 3x now and even my doggies wouldn't eat one of the results. I like seeing the boo boos though- I don't feel so bad now!
    I'm still trying to figure out how Ruthy cut that cake in half crossway(the snickerdoodle thingy) - why not just bake 4 without filling the pans? seems easier since I can't cut straight to save my life- mine would be sloping!
    I feel for your daughter- I'm not wild about pork either- other than bacon that is - and sometimes ham. I eat it but it's just not a fave - I'm more beef and chicken!

  4. Failure aside, it definitely LOOKS good!

    My husband also has a texture thing with pork. I've started buying thin cut pork chops, or else slicing it thin for a stir fry like you did.

    And you have an Aldi's!!! I miss that store so much! When the children were little, I did a cost comparison. I figured I saved 30% by shopping at Aldi's instead of Walmart. Yes, Walmart!

    But now I'm stuck with Walmart's prices (which aren't bad), but I sure miss those Aldi deals!