Saturday, November 17, 2012

His Mistletoe Family Simply Saturday!

Delightful Book Recipe!!!!

Yes, this is a shameless plug Simply Saturday!

"His Mistletoe Family" is now on sale here at AMAZON.COM

And it's being stocked this week in Wal-marts and K-marts and book stores and grocery stores...

Oh my stars, anywhere Love Inspired and Harlequin books are sold! 

And yes, it's sweet. And soulful. And gentle. With a high "aww..." factor.

And my wish for every returning soldier... man or woman....

Is a family to come home to.

And peace on Earth.

Take one hot hero.... Wounded, soulful, questioning, faithful... a man blinded to his own goodness and worth...

Add a delightful heroine, the kind of gal who can't be bought at any cost...

Toss in two orphaned boys, ages 3 and 5, wanting a home. Needing to be loved, cherished and protected... Needing to be someone's special child. Someone's beloved son...

Feel free to go to book trailer here...

Mix in an array of friends.... Good folk, gentle folk, Race-that-knows-Joseph types...

Toss with humor, hope and holly! And we'd be remiss to forget the mistletoe... Right???  ;)

Bake slowly over a month-long season of anticipation.

When nearly done, add a big ol' red dog, faithful to a fault...

A Christmas tree:

And the grace of a newborn child, a child of the poor....

"What Child is This/A Child of the Poor, Ruthy's very favorite Christmas hymn and carol... a true blessing of grace..."

Christmas has so much joy, grace, gratitude and warmth.... so much to be shared.

So for this Simply Saturday I wish you a Simple Christmas as we start the week that ends with the season of anticipation... Advent... Sweet, Light-filled and Prayerful...

And if you go bell-ringing for charity where it's cold, dress warm and wear a bright smile.

God so loves a bright smile!

Happiest of Thanksgivings to all o' youse. You are, each one, beloved.


  1. Amen! And I checked at my walmart and it's not there yet. Arg! Don't they know I need to read this RIGHT NOW????

  2. I was so delighted that I found yours, and bought them ALL to make room for mine, LOL!



    Laughing and looking forward to reading your debut novel once I have a cozy winter's night.

    If you believe Al Gore, that's not likely to happen EVER AGAIN.... I wonder how he explains the Dust Bowl of the 1930's... Just thinking out loud.


    1. You said that before, about making room for yours. I told that line to my kids and they thought it was HEELARIOUS.


      When we were in Walmart taking pics of my book, I kept having to drag them back from the aisle they actualy wanted to be in, which had all the great YA and MG books.

      *sigh* I'm way ahead of my time where they're concerned.

  3. Another book to add to my order when I get round to it. need 3 of the texas twin books and this one and there is Jillian hart book and i forget what else!

    I was really dreading christmas in many ways but not anymore. I realised mum didn't really enjoy Christmas for so long and I do so I can celebrate like I want. I know I will still have some sad times but on a whole looking forward to it. started a small village christmas village.

    1. Jenny, I'm sure it will be bittersweet. Hugs for you and prayers for your continued peace!

    2. Jenny, I love the Christmas villages! So stinkin' sweet! And what a great attitude you have. It's so hard to say goodbye, even in those long illness situations... and memories just kind of swamp over you from time to time... that's normal and good. I would cry in the weirdest places, and just hoped people wouldn't think I was totally whacked... Kinda fun to feel like you can do what you want to, though, right? Enjoy your village? Do you do snow with it even though it's summer there?

    3. Ruthy, WELL I went to the Mount on Wed for an appointment and found 4 small houses. they are american cos most are 2 stories. but they all have snow on them. then went to another shop and they had 3 so my village has 7 houses. I really want the church but at $20 it was a little dear just now. (can get about 4 LI books for that!) I have a friend who quilts with lots of wadding so will get some of that to put the houses on. I rally want to get some more (these ones are basic). I hope I can find some more in the city this week. I would love a church actually one house is a gift shop. a school would be nice too and maybe a cafe.

    4. Oh, Jenny, that sounds so nice!!! We added to ours year by year, but I can't get them out now because the little ones here would think they're a neat playset! :) And mine aren't fancy, they're Wal-Mart, but I love them because my kids bought them for me.

      How sweet is that?

      I love that you do a "New England Village" type Christmas scene, and yes: A CAFE IS A MUST!!! Lol!

  4. Got it on pre-order for my Kindle, Ruthy.The hardest part of switching to ebooks so I can enlarge the font to exactly what I need is the wait.

    Ah, but I am so glad for the Season of Anticipation, Advent. Let em get all that popXmas stuff out in October. In December I can focus on the real thing.

    Virginia, you are taking after the toddler in your house. ;-)

    Prayers for you this season, Jenny. May you make Christmas your own.

    Peace, Julie

    1. Thank you, Julie! I've got a couple of "kindle" prizes to send out after December 1st.... But I'm so glad to be "out" on e-readers. What a difference that makes to category romance authors. Our books don't automatically "die" in six months or so... Folks can order/download them for years.

      Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! That way when a new reader discovers you, he/she doesn't automatically have to buy used books.

      Mind you, I've bought plenty of used books in my time and I'm a champion of the used book store, because if I found an author I loved, I just mosied on over to the bookstore and bought the other books.

    2. same problem here - ordered the ebook and have to wait. :-( but I like changing it to bigger print.

  5. Just loved His Mistletoe Family, Ruthy! And love your recipe for success -- especially that soulful dog. Adds just the right spice to perfection. :-)

    1. Thank you, Kav! I smile every time I think of that story... That soldier.

      He just touched my heart.

      Derringer... such a good dog! I love a good ol' dog!

  6. Hmm...when is this supposed to hit the shelves--next week? Darn...and I'm going to Wal-Mart this weekend sometime and I actually have some money I can spend on books (I think)...

    Shameless plug indeed! LOL If I can ever straighten things out around here, I would love to do a shameless plug of my own; I'm just so overwhelmed with a lot right now... Ugh.

    A blessed Happy Thanksgiving back to you, Ruthy! Hope you're feeling better, too.


    1. Melanie, it can be stocked any time now... which is why we're buying up all of VIRGINIA'S books to make room for mine.


      Kick her off the shelves... Mia Ross and I want our place in the Wal-Mart "sun", LOL!

  7. I picked up His Mistletoe Family on Thursday! I know with this recipe, the book is going to be delicious.

    Now I'm working to get the necessary weekend stuff out of the way so I can spend all Sunday afternoon reading - around the Broncos game.

    And Ruthy? Don't wait for a cozy winter's night to read Virginia's book - it's just delightful. You don't want to put it off :)

    1. Jan, I won't. I promise. And thank you THIS MUCH TIMES TEN for grabbing His Mistletoe Family! That means so much to me!!!!

      Happy dancing in upstate! :)

      Now daughter #2 and I are thinking ahead to what pics we need for future book trailers... I know they're simple slide shows, but it gives the essence of the book... and I think that will work for the readers.

  8. Another wonderful read to acquire for my cosy pre-Christmas evenings! Yours and Virginia's... as soon as I can find them.

    Thanksgiving blessings to everyone, and a special prayer for Jenny.

    (Ruthy, did you realize Advent begins this year on December 2nd?)

    1. Carol, oops, yes, because Thanksgiving is early.... But even though the official Advent is December 2, I always do my countdown with the kids from the week following Thanksgiving. We read the Christmas story from the Bible every day, broken into parts and then do "Pictures" of it for Mom and Dad... and eat candy. :)

      My crew this year is 2 1/2 years old.... so that will be some interesting "pics", right????

      So stinkin' cute, though.

  9. I love this type recipe! Can't wait to read the book, Ruthy!

    1. I love warm and cozy recipes, too, Missy... and with this kind of recipe, there's no way to mess up the ratio..


  10. You know that sort of jumpy breath you take when you can't really just take one big breath because there is just to much feeling inside? Well that's what reading your post did to me today Ruthy.
    No shame for the shameless plug, I'm going to read it again and do that jumpy breath thing all over aging, then I will buy your book as soon as I can.

    1. Oh, bless you! :) You just made me smile and made my day!!!!!

      Grinning in upstate New York!

      Countdown to turkey: four days. Suh-weeeet!