Friday, June 22, 2012

Favorite Friday!

Missy, here. It's Favorite Friday, and I thought I'd share a quick lunch that I like to make when the cupboard is bare. Tunafish Salad!

I always keep tuna on hand. I like the little packets that are single servings.

Put tuna in a bowl.

Here's the very technical part:
Squirt in a blob of mayo. Dump in a bit of pickle relish (I use sweet). And stir. :)

For those who've never made it and want to know measurements, I'd guess I use about 2 tablespoons of mayo. And 2 teaspoons of relish. I usually also add chopped boiled egg. No time on this day.

Sometimes I serve it on toast. Or on bread (not toasted). The day I made this, I decided to serve with crackers.

Something else I also like to add is finely grated carrots and celery. I used to go to a sandwich shop that made it that way. They also put in a touch of mustard. Really good!

And since I like to make fun of my hubby's food choices on occasion, let me share his plate with you the day I had the tuna. He saw me taking photos and told me I needed to take a photo of his to show y'all what's REALLY good eatin'. :) I beg to differ (I told him it should be cat food!) LOL But here you have it, anyway. :)

Hubby's sardines with Frank's Red Hot Sauce served with sesame crackers.


  1. cant say Im a sardines fan!
    I like tuna but I have a salad with tuna out of the can (one person serves also) and then add cheese, beetroot/beets, tomato, pineapple (of course with me nothing touches. yes Im weird). In winter I will often cook minute steak instead of the tuna.

  2. I love tuna. So easy. I do the carrots and celery thing, adding celery seed and a dab of brown mustard, too.

    I try to stay away from mayo for myself these days so just add the spices. The mayo that would have gone in my tuna goes in Man O's to make it really creamy. He wants a cup of mayo but that isn't going to happen!

    Peace, Julie

  3. Jenny, so you mean you put it on top of a lettuce salad? I've done that before, too! I'm probably weird, but I like to just eat the tuna out of a can/packet! :) My kids shudder when I do it. LOL

    Julie, you don't even use light or Fat-free mayo? You're a better woman than I am! :) But since I like tuna out of the can, then I should try your recipe to cut out the extra fat.

    1. Missy I dont do lettuce. (I am very basic.) I eat the tuna right out the can to with just the few other items. no dressings either. I dont mix the tuna into anything.

  4. I like my tuna salad with a touch of mayo, some mustard and onion. And I'm with you, Missy - on toast, bread or with crackers.

    Or open faced with a slice of cheese on top and stuck under the broiler to melt the cheese :)

    Jenny, pineapple would make an interesting flavor combination. I'll have to try it!

  5. Jan, yum! I haven't had a tuna melt in ages. Need to do that soon!!

  6. Nope -- no tuna or seafood for this vegetarian but my father traumatized me with sardines when I was little. He'd have them on toast for Sunday brunch. I sat next to him at the table and he'd line the little guys all up in a row with their tails dangling over the edge of the toast and they'd wiggle every time he brought the toast up to his mouth. I thought they were still alive and he was murdering them at the table. Shudder.

    1. I think we now know why Kav is a vegetarian. Childhood trauma.

  7. LOL!! Oh, Kav, you poor thing!!! Sorry to laugh, but I can just imagine how it must have looked!

    Yes, Jan. I think that explains it. :)

  8. We know I love tuna... I buy the gold label all white meat and keep it simple with celery and mayo.

    And then I serve it on lettuce or broccoli slaw if I'm going low-carb because there are no carbs in tuna, mayo, and almost none in broccoli slaw. And it's an amazing "Salad Sandwich". If I'm being NORMAL, I like it on a lightly toasted, lightly buttered bagel... with a MOUND of lettuce and tuna salad in between. And I put lettuce on both pieces of bagel so the tuna doesn't s-l-i-p through the hole. :)

  9. ruthy, what a smart idea to use lettuce to hold it in! I love sandwiches on bagels. My fav for sandwiches is the Everything Bagel! (garlic, salt, sesame seeds, dried onion...)

  10. Argh, sardines???