Friday, June 8, 2012

Favorite Friday!

Missy, here. I wanted to share with you a wonderful dinner we had last Friday at a restaurant we love but hadn't eaten at in a couple of years (since they relocated), 2 Dog in Gainesville, Georgia. They have a beautiful patio, and I would have snapped a photo, but my kids were already embarrassed to death that I had taken photos of my food! (They tell me they think I've gone insane since I got my iPhone, taking photos of everything. I always tell them it's for the Cafe blog!) 

So since they wouldn't let me stand up and photograph the patio, I found a couple of photos online. :)

The setting was beautiful, but the food was even better. They use locally grown and organic products. They make most items fresh, in house (as well as grow their herbs).

Here (above) is my spinach and walnut salad with bleu cheese, bacon and raspberry vinaigrette dressing (that had chunks of berries in it!). It was delicious!

Then the main course. A true southern dish, shrimp and grits. Their shrimp is in a somewhat sweet barbecue sauce that's amazing. And it's served with grilled asparagus.

On the menu, they say the shrimp is served with their "own 2 Dog grits." So I'm thinking maybe they possibly grind their own grits. They're the best grits I've ever had anywhere. ANYWHERE. I'm not kidding. When they were located on the downtown square, we would go up there to eat just so I could have those grits! Rich, creamy... Oh, my. Now I'm having a craving!

[Note, I did come home and make grits a couple of days after that meal! I'll share that with on another day.] :)

And then, we had the most amazing dessert. Peanut butter pie. Topped with chocolate that's been melted and poured/spread on top. Outstanding!! Do you see three forks on the plate? My daughter, son and I dug right in! I couldn't even photograph it before several bites were gone. (Again, to the kids' total humiliation and much complaining!)

It was a lovely evening! I hope if you're ever in the Gainesville, Georgia, area, you'll stop by and try 2 Dog.

Have you eaten anywhere lately that really impressed you? That you can't wait to go back to?


  1. That sounds like a great restaurant, Missy. But it's so far away...

    We found a new favorite, but I'll have to link their website since I don't have pictures to share:

    If you notice their dinner menu, they only serve one thing: Filet Mignon. You do have your choice of 6 or 9 oz., and it comes with a salad and baked potato.

    The prices are ridiculously low. I'm not kidding. It's the "go out to celebrate" kind of restaurant on Applebee's prices.

    Another great thing about it is its location - Hill City. That means we have to (sigh) bite the bullet and drive past Mt. Rushmore to get there. Oh, the sacrifices we make...

  2. How pretty! And man, Jan, you really have me craving a steak now!! (sorry, Kav!) :)

  3. Jan, I'm loving the idea of a restaurant that only serves filet mignon, LOL! Those are my kind of people!

    Missy, reading this post, I can read your joy at how nice the dinner was and the kids' embarrassment.

    Oh my stars, that's just a hoot and a half!

    Peanut butter pie. Decadent. And so good for you!


    Lovin' the whole package, Ms. Tippens!

  4. Ruthy, tonight we ate at Cracker Barrel and I got a piece of the Coca-Cola cake. It's sooo good. As we were leaving, I bemoaned the fact I forgot to take a photo, and my dear daughter had to give me a hard time all over again, telling me she was thankful I hadn't remembered! So I had her get on my phone to read the blog. :)