Saturday, April 28, 2012

Regional favorites!

White hot dogs.

That's what we had for supper tonight.

Over a nice low/medium flame, flame-broiled outside....

With chewy buns...

Oh Mylanta, delicious!!!!  

They're made from pork.... and seasonings.... and they just taste so good, but you don't find them in other places....

Sponge candy....

Melt-in-your-mouth amazing!

Abbott's Frozen Custard:

A chocolate single dip in a waffle cone.... They only make a few flavors fresh, each day... Always chocolate and vanilla and chocolate almond.... daily flavors might be pistachio pineapple... butter rum... strawberry cheesecake... Heath Bar Crunch....

And this isn't normal ice cream, it's velvet-smooth, like true custard. How??? I don't know. I've tried to figure it out and can't do it...

YET.  :)

So what kinds of cool things do you have where you are? I know Missy has catfish where we use North Atlantic Haddock.... and The Texan uses chilies like they're FREE.... 


Every region has something special. Tell us about yours? 

And if it's scrapple, you can tell us about it, but I'll never eat it again, LOL! Once was enough!


  1. You call those things hot dogs? What a plain-Jane name for a delicious looking food! I'd call them brats...or something!

    One of the things we've enjoyed about moving around the country is learning to know each region's specialty. Kansas City BBQ, Texas Tex-Mex, Indiana Amish (you just can't beat chicken and noodles the way my Indiana grandmother made them...), Kentucky Hot Brown, and South Dakota beef (oh man, roast it, grill it, grind it up and make it into's delicious).

    I grew up in Michigan, and because of the Detroit influence a lot of "Michigan" food is Polish. But I grew up on the west side where the Dutch live. Fruit has to be west-Michigan's food. Blueberry Buckle...Cherry

    And everywhere we've lived has had the town's favorite local ice cream place. The one here is owned by some friends of ours, and specializes in the same kind of ice cream you described, Ruthy. Soft-serve, wonderful in a waffle cone, and they have all kinds of combinations for sundaes and shakes.

    Now I'm REALLY hungry...

    1. Re-reading my comment, I think I misrepresented the South Dakota beef. I meant "roast it, grill it, OR grind it up and make it into hamburgers." I didn't mean to do all three things to the same piece of meat...

  2. Ruthy! I'm so glad I finally get to see sponge candy!! :)

    Your yogurt has me drooling. Like I said recently, it's my favorite addiction right now. I'm heading to the mall today to look for my daughter a dress (we have a mother-daughter banquet coming up!). I'm sure I'll hit Menchies!

    BTW, after we moved here I learned about red hots (the red hotdogs/sausages). I still haven't tried one though! :)

  3. You know what? Tofu hot-dogs are pretty gross so don't ever try them as your first tofu experience. :-)

    Special foods? Hmmm...well, we have beaver tails. They are are flat...thick, chewy -- um, well sour dough that's rolled out into the shape of a beaver's tail and deep fried (i think) then coated with whatever you want... I like cinnamon and sugar best, but they have jam and peanut butter and even savory ones which I've never tried.

    Oh -- and we have different chocolate bars then you do, I think. At least we don't get all the American ones. Do you get Bounty? Twix? Pep?

    1. We have Twix, but not Bounty or Pep.

      My daughter did a fun research project while she was in high school - it all stemmed from a book about regional candies. She sought out some of the more "exotic" candy bars for us...most were from Canada, Australia and Germany. Those were the ones available at the Meijers in Lexington, KY :)

  4. THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!

  5. And chocolate Buttons, I bet you don't have those. They're from the UK. To die for! Not that I'm gloating or anything.

    And I want to know what frozen custard is. Is it like soft-serve ice-cream? Like the Dairy Queen. Or is it actually frozen custard? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. I haven't found anywhere that does catfish like east Texas - I'm in Houston now and nope not here either though Razoos has some cajun version that's spicier and delish but where I grew up we had catfish village, catfish hut, etc...catfish and fries and hushpuppies - darned good stuff and simple - salt pepper aunt jemima cornmeal and deep fry those fillets (I got hold of a catfish steak in Ark once and my dad didnt' warn me in time - full of bones!)

    are we gonna get that amish chicken and noodles recipe mentioned in the first post?! :-) sounds yummmy. and why not roast, grill and grind the same piece of meat into burgers?! bet it would be good though hard to get to stick together huh?