Friday, April 27, 2012

Favorite Friday...Cravings!

Missy, here. It's Favorite Friday, and I started thinking about cravings I've had lately. I don't know if it's ever been proven scientifically, but I suspect we crave what our bodies need.

A couple of weeks ago, I craved eggs like crazy. And not my normal egg white omlets. No, I wanted the whole egg, yolk and all. Not only that, but I also craved the yolks runny! I hadn't wanted an over-easy egg in decades. It was all very strange. But I ate eggs several times that week, assuming I needed something in those runny yolks! :)

Then after than, I had cravings for greens.

I'd been on a kale kick already--remember the yummy kale chips? So one night recently for a quick recipe, I chopped up turkey smoked sausage and cooked it with kale. Dinner in ten minutes.

For lunch on two or three days this week, I made sauteed veggies to eat over pasta (which I toss with olive oil and keep in the fridge to eat on through the week). I included some garlic, broccoli, kale, shredded carrots and tomato. YUM! And it definitely satisfied my craving.

Then yesterday, I discovered something new at our grocery store. A mix of greens they call Power Greens! It's baby kale, baby spinach, and baby chard.

Tonight, I sauteed several hands full of the greens, garlic, broccoli and a can of chopped tomatoes. Oh, and I added a little bacon and pine nuts as well. I served it over linguine. Always, always, I top these dishes with shredded parmesan! Lots of it. :)

I'm thinking maybe I'll get my fill soon. But if not, at least it's a good thing to crave! What have you craved lately?


  1. I rejoined Weight Watchers so I'm starting to crave everything :-( I ate like a pig at my friend's while on vacation and realized the weight was piling on fast and I couldn't keep up with little dude - my knees are getting achey and I'm just too young for this. I may have to check in and leave if ya'll start posting desserts again LOL! that greens and sausage looks pretty good..but I NEVER like runny eggs no way - I used to be egg whites only but now I like scrambled or slightly scrambled but well done thank you very much!

    btw, a coworker and I were talking about 'green's the other day - I've thought 'greens' meant cooked greens like spinach, collards, turnip greens, kale.and 'salad greens' meant the different lettuces and lettuce type stuff and raw spinach..she says it means any veggie...she's not from Texas but maybe it's just my family that used those definitions?


  2. LOL, Susanna! I know what you mean about craving everything. :) :)

    I'd always used the same categories as you. Nowadays, though, I think of chard and spinach more with greens (things I think of eating cooked). And then I think of romaine in with the lettuces like iceberg (things I usually eat raw). But I never buy iceberg anymore.

    I have to say I sometimes use romaine like one of the greens, cooking it in dishes when I run out of spinach. It cooks up nicely!

    1. I'm with you guys. Iceberg is almost like eating water.

      The darker greens... and broccoli and cabbage slaw.

      Be still my hungry heart!

  3. I have to admit I've been craving donuts...and I blame it all on you, Missy! I broke down and bought some at Walmart this morning - a Friday treat for the boys - and bought one for myself. Mmm, but not as good as Krispy Kreme!

    But I know what you mean about healthy cravings - if we don't give our bodies what they need, they'll tell us to go out and get some!

    When I was traveling in Europe I was on an extremely tight budget - remember the "$5.00 a day" books? For me, $5.00 was a luxury day. Anyway, I remember one day at the market I just had to have liverwurst. Other than the meals the youth hostels provided (sometimes), I had been living on cheese, bread and an apple once in awhile (and chocolate, of course - this was Europe, after all), but that day it had to be liverwurst. I bought a package and ate the whole thing with my bread and cheese.

    I haven't had too many green cravings since I started eating my daily Ruthy salad - I use cabbage slaw, chopped broccoli, craisins, shredded cheese and sunflower seeds with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. In fact, I haven't craved very much at all since I made that my go-to lunch.

  4. Jan, isn't that salad the best? And I'm not sayin' it 'cause I posted it, but because it sticks to your ribs like oatmeal in January! :)

    And you feel like you've eaten something when you're done.

    I'm doing salad tonight with a White Hot from Zweigles... It's a pork hot dog, (sausage) that's popular in WNY... And sooooo good! Yankees baseball (Kissin' that stupid Texas team goodbye... Oh my stars we had our pride handed to us, didn't we, Tex???) white hots (porkers!!!) and broccoli slaw salad with almonds and sunflower seeds....

    I'm hungry right now thinkin' of it!

  5. My snack cravings are usually for something salty and crisp, and a quick fix has been topping Triscuits with a small square of cheese and popping them into the microwave to melt. Yummy good! My mealtime cravings have been stir fries -- a variety of any fresh veggies I can find in the fridge. I don't often think of adding tomatoes, but your pictures make me think I should. I chop everything, stir fry in a tablespoon of oil and serve over a bed of brown rice that's been cooked with some chicken stock. If I have some chicken around, fresh or leftover, I'll dice it into the mix, too.

  6. Jan, I don't think I've ever had liverwurst.

    You know, I got burned out on the cabbage salads. I need to buy a bag of the shredded cabbage asap and get back to eating them each day!

    Guess what I had for lunch today...yep. Leftover greens and pasta from last night. :)

  7. Carol, your cravings sounds similar to mine! I love cheese and crackers when I want something salty or crunchy. Although I never heat mine. I'll have to try that!