Friday, April 6, 2012

Favorite Friday!

Missy, here. And it's Favorite Friday! Today, I'm laying myself bare and admitting my newest favorite...

(imagine that spoken with reverb)

So, after years of ignoring it, I find myself with terrible cravings for frozen yogurt! And I blame it on all the fun places you can find now where you can pile the flavors in your bowl, then pay by weight.

And I tell you, my bowl ends up very expensive! LOL

I've discovered Polarberry (this one still has the yogurt behind the counter, it's not a weigh and pay place. I believe it's only a local, family owned shop) and FroYoLo. But closest to my house is Menchies (the one I'd heard the most about before I tried it).

My favorite flavors so far: 

at FroYoLo--red velvet cake
at Polarberry-- peanut butter
at Menchies-- dulce de leche and maple nut.

I included links so you can see if there's one near you. They have some that are low carb/sugar and non-dairy. Lots of options. But I suggest you try your best not to get addicted like I am! :)

Have y'all had any recently? What's your newest guilty food addiction?


  1. that froyo place looks familiar - a family friend took me there twice when I was up with my parents - guess I associate it with funerals now(it was in the same shopping center as Kohl's which was where I bought clothing for both funerals! 2 more hours of work..anyways i'm still amazed at how much I was able to pack in one of those cups and how I managed to balance all those toppings - even added fruit to be 'healthy'! :-) not sure what I weighed in at though but glad I tried on the clothes first...

  2. Hmmmm...yummy. We have Yogen Fruz up here. I love how you can really taste the fruit -- the frozen yoghurt compliments it instead of masks it if that makes any sense. They make it fresh each time from frozen fruit and frozen blocks of yoghurt. their blackberry!

    And lately my new addiction has been nibbling on bunny ears and lambs tails. Write a chapter get a bite. Talk about motivation!

  3. LOL, Susanna! I'm glad you bought the clothes first, too. :)

    Kav, that sounds amazing! I haven't heard of those places. I just checked, and they have one at a mall not too far away. I can't wait to try it!! :) (Shame on you. I'll have another place I'll always end up going!)

  4. Guilty food addictions? Like I need another one?

    It's not too guilty - even a little healthy - but we've found a sub shop here that makes the best gyros. I had been so hungry for a decent one for years! And what makes it great is this shop is close to the park where we like to go walking (now that the weather is too nice to stay cooped up in the mall)!

    I haven't found a frozen yogurt place here yet, but the directory for Menchies says they will be one in my state "soon". No info on where, though...

  5. Jan, I love gyros! I haven't had one in ages. May have to remedy that soon. Eating and then walking in the park sounds like a perfect balance! :)

  6. Oh Missy, You'd love this place near me called Culture. I'm going to link it just so you can see They serve homemade organic yogurt with really unique toppings.

  7. Mary, it looks wonderful! How nice to have that nearby! And some of the flavors they tweeted recently sound amazing. :)

  8. I havent had any yogurt recently..but it looks so good!

    My guilty pleasure is Chinese food..I crave a Sweet and Sour chicken dish ( that is close to where I live.. )