Friday, April 20, 2012

Favorite Friday--dessert!

Missy, here. Sometime a couple of weeks ago, someone mentioned a pineapple upside-down cake. And (thank you), I started having a craving.

Well, I saw a mix at the grocery recently and snatched it up!! I made it (the same night as the disaster potatoes! LOL) and wanted to share. It was amazingly easy and delicious!

I used the Betty Crocker mix. Pineapple and topping are included. All you have to add is an egg, butter and water.

You melt the butter in the oven right in the pan. Then you sprinkle the brown sugar topping mix and the pineapple over the butter.You mix up the cake mix, water and egg and pour the batter on top of the other ingredients. Bake 40-45 minutes.

Immediately turn pan upside down on serving platter. Wait 1 minute and then lift off (it came off easily!)

Here's the gorgeous cake. Looked so yummy I wanted to lick the topping right off!

Here are the scraps left in the pan which I also wanted to lick right off. I won't tell you whether or not I did. :)

It's not a very tall cake, but it sure was good. We ate it in about 24 hours. I had it for breakfast the next morning!


  1. Blogger messed up! This was scheduled to go up right after midnight, but it didn't. I had to repost. Sorry if you came looking early this morning! But I can honestly blame Blogger this time instead of me for forgetting. :)

  2. I was here, but I came back hoping for something yummy and you delivered! I love Pineapple Upside Down Cake. The recipe I have adds a half cut maraschino cherry in the center of each pineapple ring. Looks very fancy-smancy that way! I think you've just solved my company's-coming-for-Sunday-dinner-dessert-dilemma! I was going to go with Ruthy's fruity cobbler (which I make way too often now!)but I think I should branch out. And I'll add a dollop of cream just because it's company. :-)

  3. Kav, you'll be thrilled with how easy it is!

  4. It looks perfect! It's never a thick cake, but a perfect single layer with all that pineapple brown sugary goodness!!! Love it, Missy!

    And I just BOMBED (photo on facebook/ruthloganherne) a new recipe I'm trying to develop for banana muffins the way I imagine they should taste, and the texture I want...

    But the pic will get a few laughs, LOL!

    And Missy, I meant to tell you that I posted yours on Wednesday and mine on Thursday because it did the same thing.. Is our clock messed up? I didn't want to change internals, but we haven't gone live at midnight for several days.

    Fix that, won't you, honey???? ;)

  5. Missy, this is the perfect answer for me! Pineapple Upside-down cake is one I never make because it seems like too much bother - but this is easy peasy. My big boy will thank you :)

    And Ruthy, I did laugh at your muffin disaster. How did they taste?

  6. yum! I would NEVER lick the pan - I might miss some! I'd use my fingers to swipe every last crumb then lick my finger!

  7. Jan, I was very surprised how easy and good. I'll keep a box on hand from now on!

    Susanna, I ended up scraping it with a spoon! And yes, I may have used my fingers at the end. ;)

  8. Ruthy, I may have messed something up! I would NOT put it past me. LOL

  9. Hey! I just turned off word verification! I think I wasn't able to do that before. I hope people can comment more easily now!

  10. Missy, this is too funny. NY is all atwitter today because of an absolutely ludicrous passage on the 8th grade ELA state test called The Pineapple and the Hare.

    It had me wanting pineapple.