Monday, December 5, 2011

Potluck Monday with Guest Mindy Obenhaus!

Holiday Treats
Mindy Obenhaus

Hello! I am so excited to finally be back here at the Yankee Belle. Due do that little thing called LIFE, I haven’t been able to visit in a while and, boy, have I missed y’all. All I have to say is thank You, Lord, for comfort food.

I don’t know about you, but this is my FAVORITE time of the year. I LOVE Christmastime. The sights. The sounds. The aroma. Oh, and let’s not forget the treats. We all have those recipes we pull out once a year. Today, I’d like to share one of my faves with you. Best of all, it’s SO easy.

Peanut Clusters

1 package chocolate almond bark
1 package white almond bark
12 oz. semi sweet chocolate chips
1 - 4 oz. bar Baker’s German’s sweet chocolate
34.5 oz. dry roasted peanuts

Put chopped almond barks, chocolate, and chocolate chips in Crock Pot, high or low, stirring occasionally, until melted. Or, if you prefer to get it all done at once, melt the chocolates in the microwave, stirring every minute until melted. On this day, I put up Christmas decorations while the candies melted in the Crock Pot. Once everything is melted and smooth, 

Stir in peanuts.

Then drop by spoonfuls onto parchment or waxed paper. Honestly, they release easier from parchment paper, but I ran out.

Allow to harden and ENJOY.

Yes, this recipe makes a lot. However, they freeze wonderfully. Meaning they can last the entire Christmas season. Perfect to pull out and serve on a pretty plate whenever company arrives. They’ll think you slaved all day. And the combination of sweet and salty will curb everyone’s craving.
Merry Christmas, y’all and Season’s Eatings. :)


  1. Mindy, we're glad to see you back at the cafe! This is a great recipe! I never would have thought to use the Crock-pot! I think kids could help with this as well--if they wouldn't eat it faster than we could spoon it out. :)

  2. Missy, the Crock Pot is wonderful because it keeps the chocolate warm so it doesn't start to set up too soon. And this is a great thing for the kiddos. Just be careful the little ones don't burn themselves.

  3. Mindy, in my household, I'm the one who always burns myself! LOL Just did it last week while pulling something out of the oven. :)

  4. Mindy! Welcome back! We've missed you!

    Your life happenings have been in my prayers...

    This looks like my new go-to recipe when I need something super-easy. The crock pot is a great idea! I'm going to have to use it for all of my melted chocolate recipes.

    And yes, I have a lot of them.

    My crock pot is going to be busy over the next couple weeks....

  5. It looks easy and delicious, Mindy! I think I'll try these.

  6. Oh, I'm so glad your life is back in "DRIVE" again, honey!

    And I love making home-made candies.

    And then eating them. This is not always formulaic for BODY CONTROL, but at Christmas... In two weeks, right, folks???? We splurge. Eat. Drink. Enjoy. Toast. Wassail.

    Mindy, so glad to SEEE YOOOOUUUU! Super mega hugs to you and Richard.

  7. Jan, thank you for those prayers. They're definitely felt. And I was thinking the same thing about using the crock pot for a couple of other recipes that involve melting chocolate.

  8. Cara, they really are easy. Let me know how you like them.

  9. Ruthy, we don't talk about body control between Dec. 24 and Jan. 1. However, on Jan. 2, all the leftovers go in the trash.

  10. This looks amazing. Just the thing for a work party.

  11. Tina, these would be perfect for a work party. And you wouldn't be exhausted from making them.

  12. Tina is beyond exhaustion. We've just learned to LIVE WITH IT. 5 Hour Energy???/

    She invented the concept. Oy. Such a brat.

    A friend had on facebook a quick cookie recipe that then dips half the cookie into chocolate and mint sprinkles... or candies.... or something... I'm going to check that out, because how perfect-for-the-holidays does that sound????

  13. Hey Mindy, that sounds fun!

    Ruthy, is this the recipe you were looking for?