Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings to Die For

The Yank here.
This is big type because these apple dumplings are so worth it.
First, I do believe the recipe was from stolen goods when Ree Drummond FOOLED her sweet, sainted mother into leaving her recipe folders behind.


Ree's recipe uses Granny Smiths. I used Crispins. Either works well. What you want is a firm, tartish apple with great baking texture that doesn't go completely to mush. Note the name is not Applesauce Dumplings.


Okay, here's the link to Ree's site:
(and yes, she's cooler, but we try not to think about that. Too often. Missy does. But she's a worrier.)

This is a fifteen minute recipe and most of that is making the crescent roll triangles behave.

And I'm nice enough to share it with you here. Because it's New Year's Eve and I'm making these for Bethy's party this afternoon. (Daughter #2)

I will show you Ruthy-step-by-step as I make them, but Ree has a better camera.
And an amazing ranch.
And really cute kids.
But I have more grandchildren, so I win.


Pics of Ruthy making Ree's recipe... Because my family now thinks I'm the greatest. I'm okay with that. Note I did a DOUBLE BATCH...
Twice the love.

Basic ingredients... Nice pic, right?  ;)

Apples, peeled, cored and cut into 1/8ths...

Crescent roll dough wrapping unsuspecting apple...

Wrapped apple slices snuggling together, unaware...

I had to take a picture of this because I think this is the FIRST tube of crescent rolls I've ever opened that didn't tear in the middle.
Isn't it a thing of beauty????

Butter, sugar, vanilla sauce... Ruthy note: These ratios of butter to sugar and vanilla are very similar to the old fashioned "butter balls" we used to make when I was young. You didn't melt the butter, just softened it and then worked a 3/1 or 3/2 ratio of sugar to butter with a teaspoon of vanilla for every 1/2 cup of butter. Then you'd roll this into "balls" and chill. The balls were then thrust into hot bread pudding when it came out of the oven.
Just a little historical Ruthy fun!

 Ruthy's Secret stash... Yes, this pan  holds a double batch MINUS TWO...

So guess who gets those two when she comes home later from her daughter's cute lil ol' New Year's Party???

Yup. Me. While I play in Seekerville with my Skrvl buds.

Two views of pan full of apply-pastry-buttery-goodness

Ruthy's coming home treat.
And I don't know why my font just reverted but this is the first time I've gang-loaded pics into the blog on Google Chrome and IT WORKED!!!!
My Firefox wasn't happy with Google anymore...
But the new Firefox didn't like my HP4500 printer.

I love my printer, therefore Firefox had to go in favor of Google Chrome which is VERY HAPPY with me.

And I with him. It. Her. Them.



  1. Oh, I can't wait! Thanks for sharing this, Ruthy! And yes, in our book, you win. :)

  2. For anyone stopping by here first, don't forget to come over to the Seekerville blog today to help bring in the new year and enter to win giveaways! (see link at the side bar for group blog)

  3. Oh yes - grandchildren, cute dogs, stinkin' fabulous wood stove - you win, Ruthy!

    Love easy recipes, and love all the ones I've tried from Ree's site.

    Not trying this one today, though. Yesterday was cooking day, today's cleaning day.

    And tomorrow afternoon I'm putting my feet up and watching the Broncos win a football game. Maybe. They had better beat the Chiefs (says this former resident of Kansas).

  4. Jan, I'll be pulling for my Atlanta Falcons. :) We've had season tickets for over 20 years. But about 4 years ago, my daughter declared she was done with it. LOL So now only the guys go. And she and I have girls day out while they're in Atlanta. Funny, though, we just about always end up somewhere watching the game! Lately, we've stayed home and watched from the couch. :)

  5. Happy New Year's Yankee Belle friends.

    Ruthy, my Healthy Writer post today is the absolute antithesis of this recipe. But it looks soooooo amazingly good.

    Can't wait to see your pictures.

    Ree's comments on throwing out the whole pan because they were so good - they scare me. I don't have that kind of willpower.

  6. Okay, I'll begin in about an hour because they're due at my daughters at 4:00 PM and I want them hot, hot, hot....

    Mary C... (not that I'm competitive or anything, we GET that, right????) THESE BABIES MADE ME THE HIT OF MY FAMILY CHRISTMAS PARTY AND TOOK ME 15 MINUTES TO PREPARE....

    I was "Most Popular" for two and a half hours. I am so "Down" wi' dat!!! ;)

    And when I told them how easy it was, they didn't believe me, but seriously a can of crescent rolls, some apples, some butter, sugar, cinnamon, Mountain Dew....

    Oh my stars.... Intoxicating.

    But only for this ONE LAST WEEKEND, then the broccoli slaw salad bowl takes up residence again! But aren't we glad we did a bit of "pre-emptive" strike in early December???? Because my Christmas sweaters FIT... Not bulged. And sweaters do not look awesome when they bulge.

    I'm just sayin'!

    And that brat Mary Connealy said I SHOULD NOT send the lot o' youse over to Ree's site because YOU MIGHT NEVER COME BACK....




    Um... you guys won't desert us, will you? Please say no.

  7. No worries, Ruthy. And when the Food Network makes Tina's predictions come through, everyone will be flooding the cafe because it is THE place to hang with friends.

    My New Year's resolution may be to reserve a corner table to work at my #1k1hr each evening.

  8. Love the pictures, Ruthy!

    I use Firefox, but sometimes pictures just don't show up. It's the only problem I've had with it, but I may have to do a try out of Chrome.

    My biggest problem with today's recipe? I have all the ingredients, but it isn't on tonight's menu.

    Maybe tomorrow, for a treat.

    Before the "it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle" post-holiday reboot.

    Of course, the boys will be happy to eat my share as well as theirs.

    Oh, and I'm not completely outnumbered - our daughter's home until Jan. 9. The testosterone levels have already begun to mellow...

  9. Mary, I like the idea of a reserved corner table!

    Jan, gotta love that female companionship! :) Last night my daughter declared we needed some snuggle time, so we spent the evening watching TV. :) Enjoy!

  10. I love that, Missy. My daughter asked me to sit and watch Love Actually with her on Christmas Eve. It was hard to stop in the middle of all the bustle but I'm so glad I did.

  11. I spoke too soon - my dear daughter is taking her father's side. They're whispering behind my back.

    :( I've been betrayed.

    Until dh goes back to work next week - then I get her all to myself. Hee hee.

    She's going to help me paint my office. :)

  12. Mary, I agree. They grow up too quickly!

    LOL, Jan! Well, enjoy her next week, then. :)

  13. Jan, a painting partner??? SUHWEET!!!! And Mary, yeah, it's tough in the middle of the hustle and bustle, but how nice that you did that! Go, you!

    Oh my stars, lovely party down the block, isn't it? And I thought I saw Jack creeping between numbers 18 and 22 Main Street... Um, that's Tina's place, actually.

    But I'm not ASSUMING ANYTHING BY THAT, right???

  14. Jack, Jack, Jack... He was by here about an hour ago, looking none the worse for wear.

    But I think he crept off to sleep part of the day away yesterday, so OF COURSE he looks good.

    But then... He always does, LOL! Even in the weird shirt.


  15. I'm claiming a back corner table. It's raining out so a cozy cafe table sounds like just the place to set up shop. I have 1100 words in already today but I'm going for a second round.

  16. Thanks for letting me hang here today. I got in 2500 words. Maybe I can get an engraved plaque with my name on the table. ;)