Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Red Cabbage Slaw?

Yesterday Mindy brought you greens and today I'm bringing you red - as in cabbage.

This is only part one of some experimenting, so let me give you the background.

On Mother's Day, my daughter took me to Dinosaur BBQ for lunch by ourselves. I had the most delicious pulled pork sandwich, but what really captured my interest was their coleslaw. It was to die for!

So, last week, to celebrate the end of school, I picked up a brisket sandwich with extra sides of cole slaw. I made one really big tactical error. I dumped the coleslaw onto the brisket before I noticed the jalapeno pickles.

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Fortunately, I 'd saved the second side to go with my fried haddock on Friday night. Seriously, that was one of the best meals ever!!!!!

But I can't keep going to Dinosaur and only buy coleslaw.

I was in the market the other day and saw a beautiful head of red cabbage. Iremembered there had been some red in the coleslaw, so I decided to experiment.

I only had red cabbage so it was a very simple experiment. 

I decided to mix some honey mustard in water and simmer the cabbage briefly, then chill.

I did and it was good.
Honey mustard thinned with some water.

Nothing at all like the Dinosaur coleslaw, but tasty nonetheless.

I remembered that there were seeds of some sort in it and I researched recipes. They looked like flax seeds, but the recipes say to use celery seed.

Honestly, I was going to try some variations like adding caraway seeds and grated carrots. But when I got home with the carrots and peeled the first one...YUCK.... It smelled like swamp water.

So, I give you honey mustard cabbage slaw and the promise of more variations to come.

Mindy shared her recipe here  and Julie shared a favorite restaurant version here.

What's your favorite coleslaw recipe?

And in the meantime, here are some pretty photos I took in my neighborhood when the sun came out Saturday morning right after some FIERCE storms.

I wish I could have captured how magical these looked. The rain was caught in the feathery leaves and shimmered like hundreds of miniature rainbows.

Except for the rain droplets, who'd ever guess these had just been half drowned in a deluge.

My church garden. The gardening committee does such an amazing job!


  1. Love the flowers and gardens and your flowers are a week or two ahead of ours... that little bit of latitude sure makes a difference!!!!

    And the rains, oy, the rains... it's time for Mother Nature to turn off the spigots for a while. On a farm you can add water... but you can't take it away, so I'm hoping for a slow down in rain and some more sun and warmth to grow these pretty veggies!

    I love cole slaw variations, so I'll watch for your experiments. Some folks like the chopped tiny cabbage, some like the shredded... me? I just love cole slaw! With mayo/sweet dressing or oil dressing, with pineapple, with celery seed... (I love the tang of celery seed in slaw!)

    What a fun post, Cate!

  2. Glad you're finally out of school for the summer! I also love trying different kinds of slaw. I'll have to try the honey mustard version. But I've never had partially cooked cabbage in slaw! I'll have to give that a try. I guess it's easier to chew. :)

  3. We've been having torrential downpours as well. Every. Single. Day. My flowers in my garden are growing like weeds but the weeds in my garden are growing like....weeds on steroids! I can't keep up.

    My favourite coleslaw of all time is from a restaurant up here -- St. Hubert. It's creamy and delish and I can't make coleslaw to match it so I've stopped trying. :-)

    Happy summering, Cate!!!!

    1. I guess you're in the same boat, Kav. Needing to go to a restaurant for the coleslaw.

      I think I found a recipe for yours.

  4. What beautiful flowers, Mary Cate. And the slaw. You know I like it creamy, but hubby has been bugging me to make a vinegar based slaw to put atop sandwiches. I have yet to relent, however that may be happening very soon.

  5. We love coleslaw at our house, and hubby NEVER wants me to fool with my recipe. Have I not shared it here at the Cafe before? I'll have to do that later this summer!

    And rain - send some our way! We're 5" down for the year, and winter and spring are supposed to be the time we get water! We're semi-arid, so every drop of water counts!