Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Partying with Baby

Guess who paid Grammy and Big Daddy a surprise visit this weekend?
Yes, the delightful Miss T came to wish Big Daddy a happy birthday.
And watch the BIG GAME.

Grammy served up her famous meatballs (recipe here).
Along with Big Daddy's all-time favorite, grape salsa (recipe here).
And then to finish things off on just the right note, lemon bars (recipe here).
Some of the commercials had Miss T trying to smile.
While others put her to sleep.
But, oh, the fun we had.

So what did you do this weekend? Did you watch the BIG GAME? It was a pretty good match, even if I had no interest in who won.  
And then there were the commercials. Have you seen any of them? I got a kick out of the Jack in the Box/Martha Stewart one and couple of others. Which one(s) did you like best?

Mindy Obenhaus lives on a ranch in Texas with her husband, the youngest of her five children and two dogs. She's passionate about touching readers with Biblical truths in an entertaining, and sometimes adventurous, manner. When she’s not writing, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her grandchildren. Learn more at www.MindyObenhaus.com  


  1. I am in love with this baby.....

    I watched the entire game, first time in a long time because it was that good!

    And Philly won, and I had two boys go to college in Philadelphia, and I love that city!

    SO MUCH HISTORY!!!! LOVE!!!!!!

    Give this baby kisses for Auntie Roofie..... so stinkin' adorable!!!

    1. I will happily give her those kisses, Ruthy. Today is her bday. Six weeks old. I love how big her eyes are getting.

      As for the game, was that Nick Foles little baby girl not the cutest thing? I also loved how he gave the glory to God for their win. And you could tell it was heartfelt, which makes it mean even more.

      I've never been to Philadelphia, but I would love to go for the historical aspect. And if I went with my history buff husband, I'd have a built in tour guide.

  2. Favorite commercial was my new BFF Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr and their spoof on "Dirty Dancing".... It was marvelous!!!!

    Eli and Odell Dirty Dancing

    1. Oh my goodness, yes! That one had me laughing out loud, Ruthy. Actually, I think that was my favorite, too. Can't imagine how I could have forgotten about it. Except maybe for that thing called sleep. :P

  3. Oooohhhh ---what big eyes Miss T has! She's a heart melter for sure.

    So, no Super Bowl watching in this house. So not a football fan (another reason I wouldn't fit in in Texas.) I spent the weekend reading...what else is new? lol

    1. Hey, there's nothing wrong with reading, Kav. And yes, she is definitely a heart-melter. Her and Max have this grammy in puddles.

  4. That baby! Move over Auntie Roofie, Grandma Jan wants some of those baby snuggles!

    We didn't watch the game. No commercials. No spectacular touchdowns. I don't even know who won...

    I used to love football, but since Peyton Manning retired...well... *sigh*

    Actually, I missed the game to spend time with hubby. He's been working long hours lately, so every minute I get with him is precious. I'd rather spend time with him than football teams. :-)

    Happy Birthday to Big Daddy!

    1. Jan, I was watching a Nationwide insurance commercial with Peyton and Brad Paisley the other day and thinking how much fun they must have doing those. I mean, they're both cut-ups, so I bet they have the crew howling. Either that or exasperated. I think it would be a blast, though.

      And you need to click on that link Ruthy provided and watch the Eli Manning commercial. I've always felt that we don't see his personality as much as his brother's, but we definitely get to see a different side of him in that commercial. It was great.

  5. We didn't watch the Super Bowl either. Not even the puppy bowl! Instead we started a movie and once we nailed down first anniversary plans I want shopping for a masquerade ball dress! The dogs did who knows what with their human dad. We will make time to watch commercials some other time.

    1. Katie, nailing down first anniversary plans sounds pretty fun. And shopping for a masquerade ball dress is absolutely fun, though not near as fun as a masquerade ball. Congratulations and I hope you have a blast.