Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sweet Potatoes and Pomegrantates for the Win!

One might say I'm lazy about cooking as Christmas approaches (not really true), or that I'm adrift in a sea of possible holiday recipes with the vegan daughter (VERY true, so expect some new ideas in January), but the real reason I'm resharing this post is that this may be one of my most favorite side dishes of all time.

I want to share it for anyone looking for last minute Christmas ideas because it's JUST.SO.GOOD!

My daughter found the recipe several years ago on this website - Keepin' It Kind.
I wouldn't want to steal credit for her recipe, so I'll just show you two quick photos of our batch in progress and then refer you  back to her for the glorious finished photos.

 three large sweet potatoes cut into medallions, pomegranate arils, orange juice, maple syrup, sea salt, chopped pecans, coconut sugar or brown sugar, and ground cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg.

You may notice in the picture that my daughter chose an assortment of colored sweet potatoes. Who knew there were purple ones?

 Sprinkle with pomegranate arils and shopped pecans.



Okay, go on over to the site and look at the glorious after photos taken by her husband. Pomegranate Orange Sweet Potato Bake.   Kristy tells a lovely story too about getting recipes from her grandma. I love family stories like this, so I was sold even before I tasted the deliciousness.


  1. Okay, pay very close attention to this Mary Cate as this meat-loving Texan says...wait for it... THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!

    Really and truly. The sweetness of the sweet potatoes, the tang of the pomegranate, the texture of the pecans and the cinnamon, ginger and cloves make this a perfect accompaniment to any holiday meal. Yep, this one is a keeper.

  2. Yum!! This looks wonderful! Thanks, Mary Cate. I may have to try this one for Christmas!

    1. Be sure to have lots of the sauce. It's so delicious spooned over the potatoes!

  3. This is really a neat twist on the baked yam side dish. Can you believe that I've never had a pomegranate? This vegetarian is hanging her head in shame. You always find the most interesting food adventures!

    1. I hadn't until my daughter introduced me to them a few years ago. Now I LOVE pomegranate season!