Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Gingerbread Waffles and Puzzles and Such

Stop the presses!!!

Before I share today's post, CONGRATULATIONS are in order.


to Mindy and the Obi family on the birth of their precious new grandbaby!

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled post. 


My eldest requested a waffle maker for her apartment. Santa delivered it to her at our house, so we were able to enjoy homemade waffles for Christmas breakfast.

But it was Christmas, so no ordinary waffles would do.

We had gingerbread waffles and they were sooooooooo good.

We based ours on this recipe but substituted buckwheat flour for half of the teff. (It helps to live with a vegan who always has this stuff on hand.) Gingerbread Waffles with Maple Cinnamon Drizzle

For those who love appliances - she got a cool one that is a griddle most of the time, but you can insert waffle iron plates when you want to use it for them.

Once the waffles were done, it was time for some family fun. Fenway watched with a wary eye as we assembled the gingerbread house.


Or maybe he was still too shell-shocked from the Fox sweater a daughter gave him! Note: normally he would have been clawing off the jacket, but said daughter also gave him a treat ball!


Lately, we've gotten in the habit of doing puzzles. My oldest and I actally had a puzzle date night a few weeks back. I bought her this one for Christmas. It's a map of the world done in floers. She began to tackle it last night.


Looks rather challenging
 I went for a slightly less challenging one. Actually, I'm only doing it because it's in the 20s outside and this beautiful beach scene is warming my soul.

I just noticed Fenway watching me here too!
Making progress. #shouldbewriting

 I remember as a kid going to my aunt's house. The cousins always got really cool, mind bender type games for Christmas so we were always playing them on Christmas night.

Does your family have traditions that involve some sort of activity like this?


  1. I had to laugh at Fenway's sweater! He's wearing it like a champ, though!

    And the waffles! They look delicious. :-)

    But the puzzles...we have a long-lasting family tradition of doing jigsaw puzzles. My mom and grandmother both loved them and had one up and going all through the year. I don't love them as much, but I always set one up to do during the week between Christmas and New Year's. Sometimes someone will join in and help, but most of the work gets done late at night. Then it's just me and memories of Christmases past!

    1. I have similar memories of my grandmother always having a puzzle going. I did buy one for us to do in the days leading up to Christmas, but it was challenging, and everyone was so busy, that we decided to save that one for next year.

      It's definitely addictive. Poor Fenway waited a long time for his evening walk yesterday as I kept muttering, "Just one more piece."

  2. Ah, now I understand Fenway's mournful looks as he watches you. It's not that he wants to join in --- he is mourning the fact that his walks are going to be short-changed all week! lol I don't know how you can resist those puppy eyes!

    That griddle is super cool and that recipe looks yummy. I haven't experimented a lot with different flours but that's one of my goals for the new year.

    1. Kav, it is so cold (though not by your standards). In 17 degree weather, he's not anxious for long walks.

  3. Oh, laughing as the puzzle bug bites your house and mine... So funny, Cate!

    And it's WEDNESDAY???? Oy vay, I forgot it was Wednesday! Yikes!!!!

    Congrats to the Obi clan on this happy arrival/addition/sweet baby! Such a blessing!!!!! I'm happy dancing for them.

    I would love these waffles. I haven't made waffles since last spring, so clearly it's time to break out the waffle maker, Cate!!!!! I'm running to the cupboard right now!!!!

  4. Mary Cate, what a beautiful puzzle!! And those waffles look yummy.

    Fenway is so cute!