Thursday, October 19, 2017

Winding Down Pumpkin Mania!

Wind-down on the farm comes with mixed emotions.

Peeking through the trees from the side porch at the cars on the road....

Parking area... overflow!!!! Yes!!!

Folks parked out on the road... and down the road!!!
We're thrilled by a record-breaking year.

We're already making notes about next year.

We've had kids here on field trips...

We've let folks walk donkeys, we've sold tens of thousands of pumpkins and decorative corn and gourds and... oh my stars, everything...

But now when I take apart a display, we pack it away.

We keep consolidating, bringing more things from the second yard and filling the front yards... and then clean up the second yard for baseball, soccer and football-playing kids...

We're ordering a snow-blower.

The seasons are changing, even though the warm fall has let leaves linger green longer than usual.

But still the change is here.  Although this baby mouse thinks it's spring! That's Morgan Blodgett holding her... she named the mouse "tiny" because it was a tiny mouse. :) The sensibility of children should teach us so much!

We're cleaning out the garage to make room for firewood because we heat with wood.

We're putting things in basements, sheds and crawl spaces... and I haven't finished the second chicken coop yet!!! YIKES!

Step by step, sale by sale, the season closes. And that's okay.

But in the meantime, I'm playing with a beautifully stewed Silver Moon pumpkin which is going to turn into something delicious today... Along with Double Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies for customers!

We've had more infestations of yellow jackets (yes, in the house) than ever before, so our exterminator has been kept busy!

The minute the night gets cold, the yellow jackets seek indoor facilities!

And two little blondes helping with customers...

And posing by the photo-op we've got under the big old box elder tree...

It's time to put away the porch swings and stack the firewood...

And then, come March, when the sun tips upward once more, it's the BEST FEELING to bring those rockers and swings back out!

What's fall like in your life? In your town? In your home?

I always feel the need to nest in the fall. To fill the freezer, the cupboards, the jelly jars.

Is that silly or normal???

Please say normal!!!!

There'll be time for cooking and writing and planning in just a week or so... but as much as I appreciate that, saying goodbye to the frenetic selling season is always with some regret.

Of course once we build a barn, then we'll be open two more months, and by then I may kill my husband, but that's another blog! :)

Who retires to a busy, working farm???


And it's crazy fun to see just how far we can take this dream... I think Farmer Dave needs a rest.

But I see that gleam in his eye when he talks about "next year"...

And maybe that's a secret to staying young. To plan ahead and hang onto the dream!

Multi-published author Ruthy Logan Herne loves to write sweet books, tell stories, pretend to be other people, and snuggle little kids whenever she gets the chance which is fairly often... and she's okay with that! Visit her website, friend her on facebook or follow her on Twitter... and mostly, she'd love to hear about the things that make your life special... or challenging!


  1. Ruthy, fall at your place is a flurry of fun activity before the long winter rest. And with all that activity, you will need to rest. Oh, wait. For a moment I forgot who I was talking about. You never rest, Ruthy. But, oh, I can see why parting with autumn is such sweet sorrow. But just think of the excitement that will build is your plan for next year. Goodness knows it is growing by leaps and bounds. Perhaps you should add a Christmas tree farm.

    And don't get me started on yellow jackets. They have been horrible here this year. Outside, but still. Richard got nailed quite a few times. Throw in the red wasps and it's every man for himself.

    Oh, and thank you very much for teasing us with that Silvermoon pumpkin. I hope you're planning to share what it is you're going to do it. Because I can't wait to find out.

    1. The first time I saw a red wasp, I was sure Texas was NOT part of the real world! The biggest wasp I had ever seen, and bright red! My oldest son, six at the time, wavered between panic and "that's so cool!"

    2. Jan, I had a red wasp sting me last year. It was in the spring, I was picking dewberries, and I literally watched as that stupid bug came toward me in what seemed like slow motion and plunged his stinger into the soft flesh between my forefinger and thumb. I still can't believe I watched the whole thing. I yelled at that stupid bug all the way back to the house. Two days later my hand was double its normal size. Definitely not a pleasant experience. And one that will probably end up in a book one day. :P

    3. Mindy, I've never seen the red wasp, but I would be SO MAD AT HIM/HER!!!!! And isn't it true that it seems like slow motion... but it's really in real time.

      And Mindy, I get such a kick out of winter, I get to do things I can't do from May-October... Writing, fixing, planning, writing.... :) That's when I get caught up on my next year/2year plans!!!! A cozy fire and the Ruthinator!

      But I'm glad we don't have red wasps.

      Our house is old. It's all cedar sided, even the new addition because I couldn't go cheap and do that in anything less than the rest of it. So there are always gaps forming in the old parts where roofs come together. And yellow jackets don't need much space. The brats!!!

  2. This post is just full of grins!

    All those cars! And cars = people. People who come to find a family-friendly place to turn into a fall tradition. :)

    Those field trips! What FUN!

    Thousands of pumpkins, and squash, and mums and corn... I remember when you shared the picture last winter, a chart of everything you were going to plant in the spring!

    And it has all come to fruition in a BIG way!

    It just goes to prove the equation: Planning + hard work + family working together = success!

    Looking forward to next year with you!!!

    1. Jan, that is so true... and we've been rating the pumpkins, there are a few that disappointed in production, but was that the pumpkin or a rain-filled July? It's hard to know.

      Truly a family project.

      AND WE ONLY QUIT THREE TIMES THIS YEAR!!!! That's not too bad, right????

      On those bad days when Dave strides in and says, "That's it. We're done. Everything's dying, I can't do it all, blah, blah, blah...."

      And we all breathe, exchange looks, then we give him some time and realize that maybe a dozen plants died, and the other 25,000 are doing okay....

      Ay yi yi.

      But only three times this year, so that was good! :)

  3. Ruthy, you make my head spin with all your activity! I tend to blink and then fall is past. I guess maybe because I'm busy holding on to summer.

    Once cold weather hits, I'm ready for soups and stews and heavier foods. I'm ready to snuggle on the couch under my lap blanket and turn into a homebody. :)

    We turned on the heat in the morning this week. And I pulled out my warm house slippers today!! No more going out on the deck with bare feet at night or early morning (waaahhh, I miss warm weather already).

    1. It's been in the 70's here during the day (and a couple of 80's) and 50's overnight, so we're having our August weather now! One fire so far, three nights ago... Isn't that so funny? But it's spoiled me because I should have had that chicken coop done! I worked on the nesting box side this afternoon, that's the hardest side for me.... and I need one more piece but didn't have a big enough sheet of plywood and I can't carry it on my own... After this side, the other sides are easy by comparison, but learning how to build a nesting box has been an experience!!!

      And Missy, I think I've been this way like forever. I am a total annoyance, but I like doing things. It makes me happy.

      There are days when a quieter nature might be welcome, my friend!

  4. You live me dream job! Being outside, around people, and creating smiles! WAY better then sitting on the phone at a desk and getting chubby from snacks. Saw the pumpkin and thought you might share a stew made of pumpkin......maybe that would be a little strange, but I bet some have tried!

    1. Katie, we should try that sometime! I've yet to make pumpkin soup when PIE is the other option! :)

      I hear you. You and that cute hubby of yours would probably love this. I love working with people and baking, so that's my end of it. And donkeys, of course!!! :)