Monday, July 10, 2017

Jan's Deviled Eggs, Instant Pot Style

I'm recycling this post from several years ago for a very good reason - I've joined the ranks of the Instant Potters, thanks to an early birthday present from my dear husband.

I don't often get all the bells and whistles on my appliances,
but this thing rocks. Go here to learn more.

Missy was right - this appliance is a dream.

One of my favorite ways to use it is to boil eggs!

I know, I know. It's a pressure cooker, so I'm not really boiling the eggs. But when they turn out like this?

Every time?

And peeling them!?!

It's time to bring back deviled eggs!

Jan's Deviled Eggs

Jan here, sharing the ultimate mid-western summertime dish…

                  Wait a minute…maybe corn would take that honor…or grilled burgers…or…

Oh well, we’re sticking with this one: deviled eggs.

What summer picnic would be complete without a dish of deviled eggs?

One of the great things about this dish is that it’s so versatile. As long as you have the basics – eggs, mayo and flavoring – the rest is up to you.

First, basic deviled eggs.

Boil six eggs.  Cool them down and peel them. Cut each egg in half and gently pop the yolks onto a plate.

That’s right. Plate, not bowl. It’s so much easier to crumble the yolks and mix the ingredients if you use the back of a fork and mash them on a plate.

Mash them well. Nice and crumbly.

Now add a couple tablespoons mayonnaise (or salad dressing, if you prefer), minced onion, about a teaspoon of mustard, salt and pepper. Mix that all up together (add more mayo if it’s too dry), and then fill your egg halves with the seasoned yolks.

If you have a pastry bag, use that. I don’t, so I just scoop the stuff in with my fork.

Voila! Deviled eggs!

But now the fun part begins. This is where you can be as creative as you want to be.

These are my Southwest Deviled Eggs. Instead of regular mustard, I added Southwest Spicy mustard and a bit extra onion. The seasoning on top is Chipotle Chile Pepper.

Wowsers, they were good!

Another fun spice to use is wasabi. Be judicious with it, though – too much wasabi and the yolk mixture tastes bitter. I think I used ½ teaspoon for six eggs.

And let's chat about picnics.

I love this quote - it's on my July desk calendar:

"Bread and butter, devoid of charm in the drawing-room, is ambrosia eaten under a tree."
~Elizabeth von Antrim

Here's one of my favorite picnic memories - lobster on the coast of Maine.

Don't you love the look on my Mom's face? And of course, Grandma gets right down to business. One of her favorite dishes was souse, so lobster didn't faze her at all. And that cute kid on the left? That's me :) If you ask nicely, I might even tell you what year this was...

What's your favorite picnic memory?


  1. Designed by Canadians,eh? Must be a good product. :-)

    I love Deviled Eggs!!!!!! I haven't had any in ages. You have inspired me.

    Picnics!!!! So, I was an inner city kid and raised my daughter in the middle of the city so our picnic experiences involved trooping to the neighbourhood wading pool with a packed lunch. My daughter would get so excited you'd think we were heading out to the beach. I think that's what makes the memories for me. Such a simple pleasure -- we usually packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a piece of fruit and a couple of cookies and the park was only few blocks away -- but Ally acted like we were heading for a five star Hawaiian resort. We'd spend the day lounging on a blanket, reading books, dabbling in the water, making crafts the life guards set out. Sigh...those were some happy summer days.

    1. Such good memories!

      I've never lived in the inner city, but when we lived in Indiana, our house was just a few blocks from the center of our small city, and a few blocks (in the other direction) from the park and swimming pool. I'd put the gear in the wagon, children in swim suits, and we'd head out for an afternoon at the pool. Yes, wonderful memories!

  2. What fun photos! I love picnics. As for memories... We used to go buy fried chicken or sub sandwiches and take the kids to a playground. The kids had a ball, and hubby and I would practically have a dinner date since the kids ate so quickly and then took off to play. :)

    1. That's a great frugal date for couples with young children! They have fun, you and hubby get some quality time to chat, and everyone is happy. :)

      I used to keep a "picnic pack" set to go - a bag with paper plates, plastic silverware, and a roll of paper towels. All we had to add were sandwiches and drinks, and we were set to go on a last-minute picnic.

    2. We got two really nice picnic baskets for wedding gifts. They were great before we had kids. After that, we went the simpler route. :)

  3. Jan, you are taunting me with images of lobster on the beach and deviled eggs. At least I can manage the deviled eggs. Love those things, picnic or no picnic. Never would have imagined you could make hard boiled eggs in an instant pot, though. I guess I never got on the instant pot band wagon. I think the infomercial turned me off. Everything they cooked was the same weird tannish color. That said, the speed at which it cooked was definitely a plus.

    1. One advantage of avoiding the television is that I rarely see infomercials anymore...and I think weird tannish color food would turn me off, too!

      But I do like my Instant Pot. I cooked a chicken breast for lunch today - frozen to done and tender in 30 minutes. I paired it with a big salad for a THM E meal.

      The chicken breast wasn't browned, but it was delicious. :)

    2. I need to try that for lunch! I ate a salad today and was craving chicken to go along with it.

  4. I thought my comment was going to be about Insta Pot UNTIL I saw Maine and lobsters!!! Do you remember where in Maine you were, Jan?

    More lobster to come on Wednesday!

    Back to INsta Pot. I was just commenting to my husband that we should get this. I read Carla Laureano's FB post that said 20,000 reviewers can't be wrong. SO very intrigued.

    1. I remember that trip to Maine so clearly, and it was 50 years ago this summer! We camped in Acadia National Park, climbed (scrambled) up Cadillac Mountain to watch the 4th of July fireworks, and saw The Sound of Music at a drive-in. And then there were the lobsters...There's nothing like a lobster picnic. Every time I read "One Morning in Maine" by Robert McCloskey, I think of that trip!

      I've been wanting to go back ever since, but we just keep moving farther away!

      And you'll have to look at the Instant Pot. I haven't tried steaming veggies in it yet, but I've heard it's great for that. :)

    2. Be sure and come back Wednesday, Jan. Lots of Maine pictures for you. My daughter camped in Acadia for her freshman orientation years ago. What an intro to college in Maine.

  5. You got the pot!!! I've been remiss these past couple of weeks, but I had to get over here and see what you were talking about mid-summer... and you got the pot!

    It looks wonderful.

    It does not look romantic.

    I have to mull that a little.... ;)

    But it sure does look useful and those deviled eggs look amazing... and the eggs themselves look marvelous. They are not green, LOL!

    Now I'm wondering why the yolks sometimes green up.

    I have no idea.

    You'll have to tell us as you use this for other things. But I am impressed, Jan!!!