Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dragonfruit Smoothies

I was away for the 4th so not much cooking was getting done. Lots of fried clams, lobster rolls, haddock, blueberry pies, ice cream... you get the drift.  Not cooked by me = vacation.  :)

But a girl can begin to crave healthy food after so much decadent deliciousness, so when my daughter suggested we try out the new smoothie place in town, I was game.

Loveshack Juicery is a new addition to Ogunquit this year.  The array of smoothies, smoothie bowls, juices, etc. is staggering. My daughter has been looking forward to going there ever since it opened.

When I saw her drink, I knew it would be today's post. Remember when Missy blogged about her daughter's smoothie bowl and everyone wanted to know about Dragon fruit? My daughter chose the Flamingo. It had a mix of Pitaya, strawberries, pineapple, agave & coconut water. The perfect drink for the 4th and for the hot day we had. 

They had cards at the register that explained what all the fuss is about Pitaya.


There were so many great choices (See the menu here). I think they've inspired some of my smoothies for the rest of the summer:

SURF SHACK has Pineapple, strawberries, banana, coconut butter & coconut water


LOCAL BERRIES is made with Maine blueberries, strawberries, banana, agave & cashew milk

Since I'm currently reading The Beekeeper's Ball by Susan Wiggs, I was intrigued by this one: 

BEE KEEPER: Maine blueberries, oats, banana, agave, bee pollen & cashew milk

They make their own cashew milk. 

So why Dragon fruit?

If you couldn't read the fine print above, watch this video.


Okay, I'm putting 2 videos because this lady is just SO excited about Dragon fruit.




So, does dragon fruit tempt you?

Or are you sticking with the fried clams and lobster rolls?


4th of July in Ogunquit, ME

There are flags everywhere!





  1. Dragonfruit is tempting. Our grocery store carries them, and I've considered trying one. I might pick one up this week after your review!

    I'm so glad that you are finally on vacation! It seems like your school year was awfully long, but it looks like you're making up for it!

    1. It did feel that way, Jan. A long time coming. But next year feels exciting, so I'm already energized.

      I haven't seen that pitaya in my stores, but I may just not have been looking. That will change.

  2. Mary Cate, I'm so glad y'all are getting to take your trip again this year! That place sounds wonderful!

    Dragon fruits is so weird looking yet so pretty and colorful! I would love to try that smoothie.

    The other that really made my mouth water was the Bee Keeper!

    1. Thanks, Missy. We missed it last year due to Fenway's surgeries. It's like coming home.

      The Bee Keeper sounds good!

  3. Bwahahaha! The contrast between the computerized voice in the first video and the passionate human voice in the second is hysterical!!! The computerized one wouldn't sell my on dragon fruit but that woman -- I'm totally sold!!!!!! She's just way too excited. And I want to know where she's growing these plants -- especially after dumpster diving for the cuttings! Clearly not the type of thing we can grow up here. I just have one question -- If dragon fruit catches on and we all start eating dragon fruit then there won't be any more dragon babies and that means dragons will become extinct! (I just came in from the garden and I think I might have a little heatstroke.)

    1. Hope you've cooled off by now, Kav. I should have added a disclaimer that no dragon babies were harmed in the making of this smoothie. ;)

      I totally agree about the contrast in voices. That's why I just had to add the second video in. Most of the other videos I watched had even worse computerized voices.

  4. I can do without the fried clams, Mary Cate, however put me down for lobster rolls and a dragonfruit smoothie. Oh, but tell them to leave out the banana, please. Why does everyone put bananas in smoothies? Don't get me wrong, I like bananas, just not in my smoothies. The banana flavor always seems to drown out the other fruit. And if that's the case, why not just get a banana smoothie.

    Stepping off my smoothie soap box now. :P

    1. Mindy!! LOL! I feel the same way!! I don't like the texture (mouth feel) the banana gives the smoothies. It's almost powdery. And I do love bananas, too.

    2. Mindy, have you tried substituting an avocado? I find it gives body, but doesn't change the flavor much.

    3. Missy, my "texture" problem always comes from the addition of protein powder - which kind of destroys the point of having it as a protein boost. :(