Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cool Summer Lunches for a Hot Summer Day

Last Maine pictures for awhile (well until next week anyway).

It got stormy when we were ready to leave.

So we got home late Saturday and I've been in workshops for school for the last three days.

All together now - no cooking being done.

That's not entirely true, but I doubt anyone really wants recipes for hamburgers and gravy which is my dear husband's Monday staple.

But good news - this workshop I've been attending - they're giving us really good food!

I wish I'd thought to take a photo before eating yesterday, but I think the recipe is easy enough to figure out.

They had salads, including a delicious pasta salad with olives, sandwiches, and wraps. The wrap is  my focus.

Quinoa, Couscous and Corn with a bit of cilantro and dried cranberries. All wrapped together.

I didn't eat much of the wrap itself, it was nothing special. But the inside was delicious. On a brutally hot day here, the chilled couscous, corn and quinoa mix was perfect. The corn gave it a little crunch, the grains were filling, and the sprinkling of dried cranberries was just the right touch of sweetness.

My only complaint was the cilantro - too strong.

I was hoping we'd get the same lunch today so I could figure out if there was any dressing, but we got a salad instead.

I did remember to take a photo.

Quinoa, Couscous, tomatoes, cucumbers, and mint on a bed of spinach.

Refreshing and light on a hot day!

And just for fun since there is corn in the first recipe - my neighborhood "corn field" is thriving.

A sunflower hiding amidst the corn stalks.

Confession time - I'm not a huge fan of the taste of quinoa, but mixed with the couscous it was delicious.

How's your summer going?


  1. It's amazing how well grains and semi-grains (is that a term?) go so well in salads. I remember the first grain salad I ever had (back in the '70's), and I still like that one - I'll have to share it here if I can find the recipe!

    And I'm with you on quinoa. Alone and plain, it's "meh." But pair it with some tasty veggies and spices, and I love it.

    I'll have to try it in a salad!

    1. I found out what they used to bind it - apple cider vinegar. Interesting because it didn't have a strong vinegar flavor. But maybe it countered the quinoa meh-ness.

  2. I feel the same way with quinoa. I'd raise Jan's 'meh' to a 'yuck' though. I remember trying a truly revolting quinoa pudding -- supposedly a healthier version of rice pudding. Not. Gag.

    How is Fenway coping without his beach? You might have to get a recording of waves to soothe him...or would that drive him crazy trying to hunt for the beach? LOL

    It's gotten yucky humid and hot here so my summer right now is pretty sluggish. I so don't do well in the heat. But I can't really complain (though we all know I will) because we really haven't had a prolonged heat wave this summer yet. And it's breaking Saturday. I hope. :-) Getting lots of reading done in meantime while my front yard is becoming a jungle.

    1. Kav, I'm laughing at the thought of Fenway learning to cope without a beach. Me too!

      He came back from his walk in the hot, humid city and headed up the stairs and waited outside the door to the only room that has AC. Smart dog!

  3. Mary Cate, I'm sorry I missed your post yesterday! These both sound yummy. Gives me some ideas for ingredients to combine. And for me, you can never use too much cilantro! haha